Allegiant Stadium visitor guide: everything you need to know

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Allegiant Stadium visitor guide

Allegiant Stadium is one of the newest sports and event venues in the US, and many people have a visit to this location on their list of things to do in the near future. If you are headed to Vegas and you want to visit the stadium, you will want to know a little more about how to plan your visit. This is the home of the Las Vegas Raiders, and gamedays here are always a special event.

Allegiant Stadium only allows certain items into the venue, so you will want to be sure that you have a plan for your luggage and other items. Bounce offers luggage storage near Allegiant Stadium, which is affordable and easy to access. Being able to avoid issues at the gate when you arrive can offer you lots of peace of mind.

Allegiant Stadium bag policy

The Allegiant Stadium bag policy allows you to have one clear plastic or vinyl bag that is no larger than 12” x 6” x 12”. The only exceptions to this rule are bags for medical items. All bags are searched prior to entry into the stadium, no matter if your bag is clear or not.

Seat cushions, coolers, and other kinds of items will have to fit within the permissible size and could be confiscated at the gate. There is a $20 bag check fee for items that need to be held until the end of the game. There are no storage lockers on-site at the stadium, which means that it would be wise to take advantage of Bounce’s affordable and secure storage services before you head up to the gate with a ticket in hand.

There are three bag check locations at the stadium, which means that this part of the entry process can take a little time on busy game days. Save yourself a headache and get your luggage into secure storage before you head to the stadium or get into the ticket line.

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Rules and regulations at Allegiant Stadium

Allegiant Stadium food policy

The Allegiant Stadium food policy allows you to order food via the mobile app, which can then be brought to your seat. You can also place drink or water orders from your seat. There are various concessions available in the stadium as well, and you can often stand near these venues and eat if you don’t wish to bring your food back to your seat.

Alcohol cannot enter or leave the facility. All guests who are under 30 years of age will have to show ID for purchases of alcohol. Each person is limited to two alcoholic drinks per purchase.

Hard-sided beverage containers or cans are not allowed into the stadium. All drinks are served in plastic cups within the stadium premises.

There are gluten-free and dietary restriction-friendly food offerings at all of the various dining locations inside the stadium.

Allegiant Stadium transportation

If you need to know how to get to Allegiant Stadium, there are some great options for you to arrive. The stadium is right on the strip, which means that you can actually walk to the stadium from various locations near the venue. There are shuttle buses that can bring you from Hacienda Blvd. over to the stadium, and there is a dedicated drop-off and pick-up area west of the stadium near Diablo and Procyon.

You can get single-event parking passes for events, but you will need to allow some time to get parking and walk up to the stadium. The stadium is cashless, so you need to buy parking tickets online before the event.

You can also walk over to the stadium from the connected bridge in the Mandalay Bay casino. Many people choose to stay at this venue prior to a game to make access to the stadium easy.

The Las Vegas Monorail will also take you to MGM Grand Station, which offers you the chance to disembark and walk from this spot to the stadium. This can be the best way to get from one end of the strip to the other without getting sunburned or too hot.

Allegiant Stadium - home of the Las Vegas Raiders

Allegiant Stadium camera policy

Hand-held cameras and still cameras are allowed on site according to the Allegiant Stadium camera policy. You will need to check on the rules related to your unique event before you arrive. NFL rules and various other events rules limit actions like taking video during events that you attend.

Cameras cannot have lenses that are longer than 6”. Cell phones are allowed as long as you are not using them in a way that negatively impacts the experience of others who attend the game.

Allegiant Stadium rules

There are various Allegiant Stadium policies that you need to follow when you attend an event here. There is no re-entry to the facility, so if you leave, your ticket becomes invalid for re-entry. Flags and signs are allowed within certain size limitations and within content requirements. You will need to verify with the gate personnel any items of this nature before you will be allowed inside.

Fireworks are not allowed near or inside the venue. Having possession of these items or firearms will lead to ejection from the stadium immediately.

Player safety is very valuable to Allegiant Stadium. Anyone who violates the safety of the players might be subject to arrest and removal from the stadium. You could also lose your season ticket privileges for engaging in this kind of behavior.  


If you have planned a trip to Las Vegas, you need to consider heading to Allegiant Stadium for a game or other event. Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps, so the Las Vegas nightlife is second-to-none, and you can have an amazing 3-day weekend or mid-week trip here with ease.

Following the rules related to access and enjoyment of Allegiant Stadium is a must. If you have large bags with you or you do not have a clear plastic bag, use Bounce to secure your personal items while you enjoy a game or event.

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