Is Las Vegas safe to visit? A comprehensive safety guide

Published by: Bounce8 February, 2023
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Most people might know Las Vegas as Sin City or the Entertainment Capital of the World, home to over 150 casinos, at least 150,000 hotel rooms, and more than half of the twenty largest hotels in the world. But behind the glitz and glamour is a city that began with a 1905 land auction and transformed into a world-class destination, welcoming over 41 million visitors each year.

Las Vegas is the economic center and largest city of Nevada, with roughly 645,000 inhabitants. It’s a place of magnificent architecture, a rich food scene, and million-lightbulb signs, making it the brightest spot on Earth. Although it’s a favored tourist spot year-round, its high seasons are from March to May and between September to November, when festivities abound, and the weather is most pleasant.

Visiting Las Vegas will surely be a fantastic experience if you plan well. Part of your preparation should be protecting your belongings using the Bounce luggage storage platform in Las Vegas. It allows you to explore the city without any burden or fear of losing your valuables while sightseeing and enjoying everything Las Vegas has to offer.

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Is Las Vegas safe to visit right now?

Fear not—Las Vegas is a safe tourist destination with no travel restrictions or advisories. Although its crime rate is higher than the national average, Las Vegas has a noticeably lower crime rate than the average crime rate of other communities of similar popular sizes, based on Neighborhood Scouts Las Vegas crime stats.

Therefore, visitors can enjoy top-notch entertainment in “America’s Playground” without significant safety risks. Casinos have tight security, and you’ll find illuminations and security cameras everywhere, especially on the famous Las Vegas Strip, allowing you to visit Las Vegas with confidence. Other popular areas like Fremont Street and Las Vegas Boulevard have a strong police presence.

As with any major tourist hotspot, extra caution should be taken when strolling the streets and going to busy public places, as pickpocketing and bag snatching are not uncommon. Although tourists are less likely to become victims of violent crime, you might want to treat Las Vegas as a medium-risk city. Avoid attractive unwanted attention and exercise common sense.

While we'll do our best to educate you on Las Vegas safety, protecting yourself against danger and the security of your belongings are up to you. Do your homework and be familiar with your destination, especially if you’re heading off on your first international or out-of-town travel. You should also check out your government’s travel guidelines for the country or city you decide to visit, regardless of whether you’re an experienced traveler.

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Top petty crimes and scams in Las Vegas affecting tourists

Although a lovely place to be, Las Vegas isn’t perfect. Below are a few Vegas tourist traps and scams you should be aware of and ways not to get ripped off in Sin City.

Taxi scams

Police officers have started to crack down on taxi drivers taking unnecessarily long routes. If you’re traveling to or from McCarran International airport, make sure the cab driver does not take the tunnel route, which takes a long way to get to the Strip. This long-hauling tactic is a common taxi scam in Vegas targeting tourists.

Don’t make it obvious it’s your first time in the city. Educate yourself on the fastest route to your destination. You can also check out the Nevada Taxicab Authority website to calculate how much you should pay for your ride.

Pickpocketing and bag stealing

Unfortunately, the bright city of Las Vegas is a mecca for pickpockets and bag snatchers. But don’t make it easy for them to steal from you by leaving your valuables in a Bounce luggage locker. You’ll still need your wallet or cell phone, so you can either invest in a secure travel wallet or a small purse you should keep close to you. No matter where you go, be mindful of your personal items. Don’t carry large amounts of cash; only bring what you’ll need for the day.

Welcome to Las Vegas sign photographers

No visit to Vegas is complete without snapping photos in front of the famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. The tricky part is that you need someone to take a picture of you. Here come the opportunists who will take advantage of tourists by positioning themselves as the “official” photographer.

They’re not employees or commissioned by the city as photographers asking for tips. You aren’t obligated to employ their services, so don’t give any amount more than you’re comfortable giving, or skip their service and have someone else take a photo of you or your group.

Is Las Vegas safe to travel alone

Good news for solo travelers and female nomads! Traveling on your own in Las Vegas is a safe and exciting adventure worth taking. It’s easy to sightsee and discover Las Vegas by yourself, meet good people, and have a blast without feeling a threat to your safety.

The United States generally has a good safety rating on the Bounce Women Safety Travel Index, ranking 32nd on the list of the best travel safety destination for women. So if you remain vigilant and stay in well-lit areas, you’ll definitely have a great time in Las Vegas.

It’s not Sin City without alcohol and loads of cash, but these can take anyone into a compromising situation if you’re not careful. Avoid showing off your winnings, and do not overindulge in alcohol. You also shouldn’t keep your guard down when walking at night, even in famous areas for locals and tourists like the Strip or downtown Las Vegas.

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Safest neighborhoods in Las Vegas

Despite the notorious image of Las Vegas, with the many crimes circulating on the news, the city isn’t as dangerous as the media makes it out to be. At least, this is the case with most Las Vegas neighborhoods. For a trouble-free trip to America’s entertainment capital, here’s a list of the safest neighborhoods to stay in the city and unsafe areas you’ll want to avoid.

Sun City Summerlin

Many would agree that Sun City Summerlin is one of the safest neighborhoods in Las Vegas. In fact, its total crime rate is 39% lower than the national average, which is excellent for an active adult community. Residents of the neighborhood can also enjoy recreational activities with its golf courses, theatres, and fitness centers. There are many shops and restaurants in the area as well.

Sheep Mountains

One of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Las Vegas is the Sheep Mountains, with a crime rate 46% lower than the city’s average. It’s famous for its semi-rural ambiance and stunning view of the mountains. It also has many parks in its vicinity, which are commonly visited for picnics, community yard sales, and walking pets. There are even several shopping and dining options.

Kyle Canyon

Another safe neighborhood in Las Vegas is Kyle Canyon, which has a 14% lower crime rate than other areas in the city. It’s located in Spring Mountains National Conservation Area’s high mountains and is famous for its hiking and trail camping sites. You’ll also be in awe of its stunning mountaintop views and excellent dining options.

Avoid waiting alone at night, especially in the more dangerous parts of town like Huntridge, Meadows Village, North Las Vegas, and West Las Vegas. The east side can also be rough.

Is Las Vegas public transportation safe?

Public transportation options in Las Vegas include the Las Vegas Monorail, taxis, rental cars, ride-shares, and buses. When traveling, plan your route ahead of time to avoid wasting time and money. Stay in well-lit areas if you’re going by train or bus, but at night, take a taxi or get a ride with Uber or Lyft.

As with any other place, the rule of thumb when getting in a taxi is to ensure it’s licensed. Las Vegas has many cases of cab scams, such as long hauling, where drivers take the longer alternative route to your destination to charge the passenger higher rates. Even licensed taxis may resort to this, so check the map on your mobile device before the ride to see the route and estimate your expected fees.

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Important emergency numbers in Las Vegas

Keeping a list of emergency numbers with you can be your lifesaver. While we hope you don’t have to use them while visiting Las Vegas, it’s always best to save your embassy number on your phone.

  • US Country Code: +1
  • Las Vegas city code: 702
  • Emergencies: 911
  • Non-emergency: (702) 795-3111
  • City of Las Vegas: (702) 229-0770
  • City Marshals (non-emergency): (702) 229-6444
  • Las Vegas Fire & Rescue: (702) 383-2888

Planning a safe Las Vegas adventure

Safety has increased in Nevada’s largest city as entertainment centers, famous attractions, and casinos tightened their security with more security cameras and advanced systems. Although it may not have the lowest crime rates in America, it’s easy to organize a safe trip to Sin City by following Las Vegas safety tips and staying away from crime-ridden areas.

Get additional tips on How to Get Around Las Vegas or check out our guide on Where to Stay in Las Vegas: The Ultimate Guide to help you find the best spots in the city for you and your loved ones.

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