Rooftop Bars in Lisbon: 9 Places to Drink with a View

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Rooftop bars in Lisbon

Lisbon is one of those cities that can be appreciated in a million different ways. Whether you like to follow the map to the most popular destinations or prefer to aimlessly wander in and out of small shops, you will no doubt find that one experience that sticks with you for years to come. 

Sao Jorge Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Lisbon. The castle is located on a hill in the central part of the city and offers panoramic views of Lisbon and its surroundings. Visitors can explore the castle grounds, which include a museum, gardens, and an observation deck. Other popular daytime activities include taking a ride on the Santa Justa lift, strolling the Belem district, and relaxing in one of the city's many parks.

And after a long day spent touring and shopping in Lisbon, there is nothing like enjoying a good drink surrounded by the welcoming atmosphere and panoramic views of a rooftop bar. Enjoy cocktails while watching a beautiful sunset, or find a good rooftop restaurant with a great menu and fantastic views. The food at the various rooftop bars in Lisbon runs the gamut from classic Portuguese tapas to sushi and traditional bar food. You'll always find something appetizing to go with your cocktail!

And as you can expect, some of these rooftop bars may not have an elevator handy in this old city. So go ahead and drop off those heavy bags at your local Bounce luggage locker in Lisbon because who wants to drag extra luggage up several flights of stairs? Here is our list of the best rooftop bars in Lisbon to hit up on your next trip:

Drinks with a view in Lisbon

CARMO Rooftop

What's it like:

Located on the terrace of the Carmo Archaeological Museum, this rooftop bar is an interesting combination of drinks, music, and culture. The rooftop is spread out over three levels, the Upper, Intermediate, and Lower Terraces. Each terrace has seating and lounges spread out around green areas and a great view of the Chiado district. 

Almost every day, a live DJ is running the music and keeps the vibes going from noon to late into the night. The venue also hosts a market on Saturday afternoons, where you can find a variety of things, from clothing and accessories to decorations. 

The restaurant also offers a wide selection of food and drink, with options for lighter salads and appetizers, or a hearty hamburger or pizza. 

Our Recommendation:

During the summer months, you can also buy tickets for the rooftop cinema that takes place on select weekdays. You may also want to book a seat ahead of your visit. This is definitely a unique experience, and if the timing works out, it's totally worth a little planning.


Terraços do, Largo do Carmo

Okah Restaurant and Rooftop Bar

What's it like:

Called the most original rooftop bar in Lisbon, a visit to this rooftop is certainly a wonderful experience with fantastic views of the Tagus River. Built out of refashioned cargo containers and divided into an outdoor cocktail bar and restaurant, the Okah rooftop is without a doubt one of the most unique bars you will visit in the city. 

Our Recommendation:

Okah’s menu is as distinctive as the premises, with many international meals dished up with a more Portuguese flair. You can spend a wonderful evening in this vibrant atmosphere with one of their signature cocktails and some Japanese cuisine while appreciating the breathtaking views of the Lisbon rooftops and the stunning Tagus River. 

Be sure to check the hours before your visit. While both are open year-round, the weekly hours of the restaurant and bar can vary.


Cais Rocha Conde de Óbidos 4°Piso

Best rooftop bars in Lisbon

Javá Rooftop 

The Java Rooftop is a trendy restaurant and bar near the Santa Catarina neighborhood and the Tagus River. It’s a great place to go and watch the sunset as you enjoy a cocktail or relax inside the restaurant with the Mediterranean-inspired menu. 

They also offer brunch on the weekends in the blue velvet and marble dining room, or you can really take advantage of the stunning midday views and dine on the fifth-floor terrace.

Our Recommendation:

Java Rooftop doesn’t require reservations for the outside seating and bar, but you will want to call ahead if you are hoping to hang out inside the restaurant. If you're in town on the weekend, their brunch is a great option.


Praça Dom Luís I 30

Entretanto Rooftop bar and Restaurant

What's it like:

Located on the roof of Hotel do Chiado, this is a high-end bar with a more expensive menu, and reservations are required. However, the view is quite spectacular as you look out over Lisbon’s rooftops. 

The atmosphere at the Entretanto Rooftop Bar is quite comfortable, with both indoor and outdoor seating. They also boast a large cocktail menu, as well as light meals and snacks. If you are looking for a more substantial meal, just head on into the restaurant. 

Our Recommendation:

Definitely reserve your seat ahead of time. The restaurant is open from 12 noon to 11 pm and offers a 5 o’clock tea. The Aperol spritz is always a safe bet, but for something a little more daring, try the garden gin sour.


Rua Nova do Almada, 114

Lisbon rooftop bars

Sky Bar Tivoli Oriente

What's it like:

Take the elevator to the 16th floor of the Tivoli Hotel and embrace the breathtaking view that the sky bar provides. From this tall vantage point, you can look out over most of the Lisbon rooftops and the Tagus River. 

The panoramic views aren’t the only reason to visit either, as the rooftop bar has quite the cocktail menu. Food isn’t scarce or boring here, with options ranging from nachos to sushi, with plenty of classic Portuguese tapas in between. 

Our Recommendation:

Try visiting when the evening is young and enjoy some sunset drinks on the outdoor terrace while the DJ sets the mood. After all, there is nothing like hanging out with some friends as the night comes alive with people. You can split a few plates and head out from here to other venues or just relax and keep things simple by staying here as long as you want.


Avenida D. João II, 27 - 16

Sky Bar by SEEN

What's it like:

Sky Bar by SEEN is a sister bar to Sky Bar Oriente and is located closer to the historic centre of the city atop the hotel Tivoli Avenida Liberdade Lisboa. It is a great place for pre-dinner drinks, as the hotel’s restaurant is also right on the roof. The bar menu itself is full of appetizing bar bites as well.

During the earlier hours of the evening, the rooftop lounge has a very relaxed atmosphere but becomes a bit more of an upscale bar as the night wears on. Although it can skew upscale, the service is always friendly, and the servers are approachable.

Our Recommendation:

Booking a table isn’t necessary here, as seats are usually available, especially on weekdays. The bar opens at 5 o’clock, which is usually about the right time to show up, particularly if you plan on doing dinner at the restaurant. Most locals will dine later, so you'll have a better shot at a good table if you like to dine early.


 Av. da Liberdade 185

Dining with a view in Lisbon

The Park

What's it like:

Who would have thought that a rooftop bar on the top floor of a parking garage could be this cool? Sitting six stories above the streets of Lisbon, you get a fantastic panoramic view of the city. Decorated with wooden tables and an abundance of plants giving it some tropical-style vibes, you can kick back and relax with one of their signature cocktails or a nice glass of wine. 

The crowd here is pretty laid back, the prices aren’t exorbitant, and the cityscape is breathtaking. From the top floor of the car park, you get some beautiful panoramic views of the Lisbon rooftops.

Our Recommendation:

The Park is a pretty popular place that doesn’t take reservations, so make sure to get there with plenty of time in case you have to wait for a seat. 

To find the rooftop from the parking garage, just look for the elevator. 


Calçada do Combro 58

Terraco 23

What's it like:

Terraco 23 is certainly a more upscale and ritzy rooftop bar but still provides a relaxing experience. A bit off the beaten path, this is definitely one of the best rooftop bars in Lisbon.

The bar is very much of a tropical style; from the plants and decorations to the drinks menu and bar bites, you will find many great light and fruity options. There are also coffees and lattes available on their alcohol-free menu. 

Our Recommendation:

To get the whole experience, try spending a night at the hotel itself. Hotel guests are welcome to use the rooftop swimming pool, which is itself enough to make someone want to move in for good. 

This is also a great spot for a blended group due to the varied drink menu and selection of bar food they offer.


 Rua Câmara Pestana, 23

UpScale Rooftop Bar

What's it like:

On the eighth floor of the Epic Sana hotel, you will find a luxurious place to unwind after a long day of exploring Lisbon. The UpScale Bar offers many delicious drinks and light meals to appease your appetite. You can hang out in the small bar or head on up to the ninth floor, where you will find the hotel's infinity pool and another lounge bar. The pools (both the infinity pool on the top floor and the swimming pool inside the hotel) are exclusive to hotel guests. But an overnight stay at the Epic Sana Hotel is by no means a bad thing.

Set yourself up on one of the shaded loungers, choose your cocktail, and try a few tapas or a more filling sandwich for the full UpScale experience.

Our recommendation:

With its central location, the Epic Sana Hotel is a great place to spend a night or two during your stay. Near to the hotel, you will find shopping centers and public transport stations, and within the hotel, there are spas and a gym for guests.

Plan your trip to this rooftop bar accordingly - the ninth-floor space is only open from May to September.


Av. Eng. Duarte Pacheco 15

Rooftop views in Lisbon


There are many rooftop bars in Lisbon to experience, and you will find that each one has its own unique take on entertainment and cuisine. Some will have live music, while others have found their claim to fame with DJs. Some have long lists of light meals, while others specialize in a few great dishes and signature cocktails. And while you may have to try a few different locations, you will no doubt find your niche in one of the many great rooftop bars in Lisbon. 

To take your Lisbon rooftop bar experience to an even higher level, consider staying at one of the hotels that feature them. In most cases, you'll also get the use of their swimming pool and other amenities.

And before you embark on a rooftop drinking adventure in Lisbon, make sure your bags are looked after by Bounce. It's so much easier to enjoy tour time in this lovely city when you're not worrying about your belongings.

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