Lisbon Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Praça do Comércio in Lisbon

Portugal has been a popular country with foreign visitors for decades now, and the capital city of Lisbon is the gateway to the nation for many of its millions of visitors. Spread over a series of hills in the southwest of the country, Lisbon lies on the Tagus estuary that opens up to the Atlantic Ocean.

As a result, Lisbon offers a little bit of everything. History buffs marvel at the ancient streets and historical architecture of the capital. Outdoor lovers will revel in the many beaches and abundant sunshine. Fans of culture will be thrilled by the museums, art galleries, and vibrant musical traditions of the city. And everyone can enjoy the reliably excellent food.

Whatever brings you to Lisbon, you're all but guaranteed to have a great time. Drop off any heavy bags at a Lisbon luggage storage service and head out to explore the Portuguese capital for yourself.

A weekend in Lisbon

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tram on lisbon street

10 Best Ways To Experience Lisbon In 2024

If you want to find the true essence of Lisbon and discover what makes the capital city of Portugal so unique, you need to explore it in depth. That's not always easy if it's the first time you've been there or if you're traveling alone. This list of tour companies has been specially compiled so you don't have to spend time searching to find out the best ways to experience Lisbon. Have a look at them before you go and when you get there, you'll already know what's the best thing to do and with who, so that way you won't waste one minute of your precious vacation time. And don’t forget to make things easier on yourself by dropping off any unneeded bags at a Bounce luggage storage in Lisbon. The light you travel, the easier it will be to have fun.

Best Bike Tour – Lisbon Cycle Tours

Don't expend any of your holiday energy and cycle around Lisbon on an e-bike rather than a conventional one. Lisbon is a city, just like Rome, that was built on seven hills, so get an e-bike from Lisbon Cycle Tours and join them on an electrically powered tour of the city. Lisbon Cycle Tours have a total of eight different tours, each of which will show you a different aspect of the city and the bonus is - you can do it all without having to pedal too hard.

Get more information about Lisbon Cycle Tours by emailing them at or give them a call on 35-191-629-0189.  

Best Food Tour – Cooking Lisbon

Whether you want to go out for the night nibbling on tasty local dishes while their intricacies are being explained to you by a guide or you want to discover how the local Portuguese food is actually prepared, you can do it with Cooking Lisbon. They have you covered on both scores so the choice is yours. Let someone else do the prep and you can just enjoy eating it, or go the whole hog, do all the hard work and be in the know about how to cook great Mediterranean food when you get home.

Get involved in Portuguese cuisine with Cooking Lisbon by emailing them at or give them a call on 35-191-604-7883 for more details and availability.  

Best Helicopter Tour – Lisbon Helicopters

Take to the air on a short helicopter ride with Lisbon Helicopters and you're guaranteed to see Portugal's capital from a bird's eye angle. While it may be a brief experience, it'll definitely be a unique one where you'll see the city and it's outstanding landmarks from above. Whether you fly over the city center, Sintra, the cliffs of Caba Roca or the coast of Estoril, the flight will leave you agog.

Plan on taking to the air with Lisbon Helicopters by calling them on 35-196-296-6834 or drop them an email at for more details.

Best Free Tour – Discover Lisbon

Make the most of your holiday budget by exploring Lisbon on a free tour with Discover Lisbon. If you're not an early bird or hate sightseeing in the sun, don't worry, this company has night tours too. Their tour of the Alfama will show you the architecture and history of the older parts of the city. All it will cost you is whatever you decide to tip the guide when the two-and-a-half-hour tour is over.

Book your place on a free tour of Lisbon with Discover Lisbon by emailing or alternatively, give them a call on 35-193-206-0800.  

Best Photography Tour – Lisbon Photo

Sometimes it can be more fun practicing your photographic art with someone like-minded. Go on a tour with the guide from Lisbon Photo and they'll show you where and how to get the best pictures of the city. They're super flexible and offer half or full-day touring and day or night – whichever you prefer.

Prepare to capture social media-worthy shots of Lisbon with Lisbon Photos by emailing them at or call them on 35-196-308-6494 for more details.

Best Segway Tour – Lisbon Segway Tours

One of the best ways of touring a city, especially when it has a large network of cycleways, is by Segway. You can do just that in Lisbon with Discover Lisbon who offer a variety of tours ranging in length from one and a half to three hours. They take you to all the main sights, tell you lots of interesting info and the great thing about segway touring is, you won't be exhausted when you finish sightseeing.

Find out more about touring Lisbon on a Segway by contacting Lisbon Segway Tours at or by calling them on 351913008027 for more information.

Best Running Tour – Lisbon City Runners

You could choose a different route every day of the week if you decided to combine your morning exercise with a run organized by Lisbon City Runners. They start early to make the most of the cooler morning temperatures and won't wreck your brain at that hour by rabbiting on about history and architecture. They will encourage you to keep running though and the more mornings you join them the less you pay. They can also supply you with a running partner for a private or customized run.

Get ready to run around Lisbon with Lisbon City Runners by calling them on 351917504421 or by emailing them at for more details and place availability.

Best Small Group Tour – Lisbon Riders

If you're traveling with a bunch of friends or with family and don't number more than eight, Lisbon Riders is the perfect tour company for you. They run a selection of private tours in small minibuses that cover every part of Lisbon and a lot of the more interesting places in the surrounding area. They'll combine an outing with food or wine tastings too so you really will get the best of both worlds.

You can chat with Lisbon Riders about small group tours of Lisbon by calling 351910201020 or drop them an email at and they'll send you more details.

Best Boat Tour – Lisbon Sail

Lisbon looks as good from the water as it does when you're standing on dry land. Sail out of the harbor on a yacht with Lisbon Sail and not only will you have the sea air blowing through your hair, you'll have some fantastic photo opportunities too. Lisbon Sail also sails in the evening so you can catch sight of a stunning Portuguese sunset or join others on a fun booze cruise.

Find out more about a boat cruise with Lisbon Sail by emailing them at or call 351939122430 for more information.

Best Walking Tour – Lisbon Point

Get to know every corner of Lisbon on a walking tour with Lisbon Point. Their guide will stroll around the city streets with you at a leisurely pace while sharing lots of information about the main historic events and eras of the city. If you're not into walking or have mobility problems you can take the same tour while riding in a tuk-tuk or in a motorcycle sidecar.

Call Lisbon Point on 35-192-447-8387 or drop them an email at for details on pricing and availability.

With only a weekend to spend in the city, you won't be able to do more than see some of the top sites. Luckily, the center of Lisbon is relatively small and easy to get around, so once you drop off your belongings at a luggage locker in Lisbon, you'll be ready to get your first taste of this vibrant town.

  • Explore the history of the city and the country at the Castle of St. George. This astonishingly well-preserved fortification dates back to Portugal's Moorish period in the 10th century. However, archaeological remains found on this site go all the way back to the 8th century BC. The on-site museum explains the long history of this castle and its importance to the city it defends.
  • See Europe's largest indoor aquarium at Lisbon Oceanarium. Located in a striking building on the waterfront, this huge facility is one of only a few in the world that houses a sunfish. It's also home to sharks, rays, seahorses, and adorable sea otters. It's a great place to learn more about the natural world and the importance of the ocean.
  • Marvel at the wealth of Portugal's Golden age at Jeronimos Monastery. This world heritage site is the final resting place of famed explorer Vasco da Gama, and the stunning building was built with the wealth the country obtained from its foreign colonies. No longer a religious institution, it functions instead as a memorial to Portugal's history as a powerful seafaring nation.

Lisbon lockers

Lisbon isn't short of top attractions. But in this stunning and reliably sunny city, one of the best things to do is just go for a wander through the charming old streets and see what you find. With its fascinating mix of architectural styles and endless ocean views, this beautiful city is made to be explored on foot. Drop off your heavy bags at a suitcase storage shop in Lisbon to make things easier on yourself. The hills of Lisbon are no place to carry heavy bags, but they are a perfect place to stretch your legs and explore.

Off the beaten path in Lisbon

Lisbon gets millions of foreign visitors every year, and it's not hard to see why. The most popular attractions can get extremely busy, especially during the summer months. But if you're willing to look a little deeper, you'll find plenty of things to do away from the crowds.

  • See some of Asia's most stunning artifacts at the Oriente Museum. Portugal's history as a colonial power in Asia has left it with a rich legacy of artifacts displayed at this stunning museum. Marvel at Indonesian puppets, Japanese samurai swords, and other fascinating relics of Asian culture.
  • See more contemporary art with a street art stroll through Lisbon. Works by local and often anonymous artists butt up against those by international stars, and it's all free to visit on the walls of Lisbon. While you can explore for yourself, it may be easier to take a tour to see some of the most impressive murals and graffiti.
  • Rub shoulders with locals instead of tourists in the Cais do Sodre district. This up-and-coming area is home to trendy restaurants, bars, and nightclubs where Lisbon's young and beautiful party until the early hours. During the day, it's also a great waterfront district to explore while you enjoy the scenery and treat yourself to some of the city's best restaurants.

What to do alone in Lisbon

park in lisbon

As popular as it may be with families and couples, Lisbon is also a great place to travel by yourself. A remarkably safe city, Lisbon is a very welcoming place. Exploring it for yourself means you can tailor the trip to exactly what you want to do.

  • Take a ride on tram 28 through the Alfama district. This is one of the city's most charming districts, full of quaint squares and delicious restaurants. The famous tram is not a tourist attraction but a part of the city's transit infrastructure. As crowded as it gets in the summer, you may be glad you came by yourself so that you can squeeze on and enjoy the ride.
  • See a Fado show. This artform is part of the rich cultural heritage of Portugal, and you'll find plenty of bars where you can see a musical show at night. The aptly named Clube de Fado is a great place to admire this artform.
  • Visit the Lisbon flea market and lose yourself among the stalls. Drop off any unneeded bags at a Lisbon luggage storage and see what unique bargains you can find at this sprawling outdoor market. Make friends with the traders, and you might find yourself coming home with a bargain or two.

The best souvenirs in Lisbon

Portugal is known for its cork products, and you'll find all manner of souvenirs made from this material. Shoes, wallets, bags, and even clothing can be found in gift shops throughout the city. Alternatively, you may want to pick up the famous blue-and-white Portuguese tiles known as azulejos. Or, for a truly unique souvenir, check out Mundo Fantástico da Sardinha Portuguesa. This unusual store sells nothing but a staggering variety of canned sardines. The cans are decorated with famous events from years going all the way back to 1916, so you can pick up a can displaying the year of your birth or any other year that means something special to you.

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