Dodger Stadium visitor guide: everything you need to know

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Dodger Stadium visitor guide

Opened in 1962, Dodger Stadium is the oldest Major League Baseball stadium west of the Mississippi. When the Dodgers first relocated from their original home in Brooklyn, they played at Los Angeles Coliseum, a stadium that dated back to the 1932 Olympic Games. However, after a few years, Dodger Stadium was built to house the baseball team, and it has been their home ever since.

Dodger Stadium remains a historic and iconic place to catch a ball game, and although several renovations through the years have kept it up to date, it still retains some of that old-fashioned ballpark charm. As well as hosting the Dodgers, Dodger Stadium is sometimes used for other events, including concerts throughout the year. But whatever event brings you to the stadium, it’s a good idea to have some information on the Dodger Stadium bag policy.

Alternatively, you can avoid the hassle of dealing with the stadium’s bag policy by taking advantage of bag storage at Dodger Stadium. Bounce offers multiple luggage storage options in Los Angeles, so you can leave your things behind in secure luggage lockers and enjoy the game.

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Dodger Stadium bag policy

Dodger Stadium bag policy

Dodger Stadium operates a clear bag policy during MLB baseball games. That means any bag you bring inside must be clear so that security staff can see what’s inside at a glance. Your clear plastic bag must be equal to or less than 12” x 12” x 6” in size.

Bags that are not clear are also permitted, but they can only be 5” x 8” x 2” in size. For reference, that’s half the size of a standard sheet of paper. Essentially, that’s not much more than the size of a wallet or purse.

Anything else will not be allowed inside. That includes backpacks, coolers, beach bags, or anything else.

And if you do bring a bag that doesn’t follow the rules, don’t expect Dodger Stadium to have lockers where you can store your things. They don’t.

Instead, the best thing to do is leave any non-compliant bags at a Bounce luggage storage and don’t bring anything to the stadium.

Dodger Stadium food policy

The Dodger Stadium food policy does allow you to bring outside food in with you. Of course, you’ll need it to fit inside your clear plastic bag of not more than 12” x 12” x 6”. Note also that glass bottles and metal cans are not allowed inside. If you want to bring drinks, they need to be nonalcoholic and in an unopened plastic factory-sealed bottle of less than one liter in volume.

If that doesn’t work for you, don’t worry. There are tons of options for food and drink at Dodger Stadium, so you certainly won’t go hungry. Food options include

  • AMPM: snacks and drinks
  • Fan Fare: corndogs, pretzels, chili cheese fries, and other fast food
  • CPK: personal pan pizzas and salads
  • Dodger Dogs: traditional ballpark hot dogs
  • Plant-based Dodger Dog: Vegetarian hot dogs
  • Think Blue BBQ: Nachos, pulled pork sandwiches, and hot dogs
Dodger Stadium transportation

Dodger Stadium transportation

By car

Dodger Stadium is located at 1000 Vin Scully Avenue, not far from downtown Los Angeles itself. If you’re wondering how to get to Dodger Stadium by car, you can take Freeway 101 to the Grand Avenue exit if you’re coming from the south or the Alvarado Street exit if you’re coming from the north. Either exit will bring you to Gate A of the stadium.

Dodger Stadium offers several different parking options. There are 15 different parking lots surrounding the stadium, and staff will direct you from your entrance gate to the nearest available parking. You can also save time by purchasing your parking in advance and using the prepaid lane to access the parking areas. This also allows you to choose your parking lot, so it can be a good idea to get you closer to the stadium.

By public transit

The Dodger Stadium Express provides one of the best Dodger Stadium public transportation options. Free for anyone who has a ticket to the game, the Dodger Stadium Express is a bus that runs from Union Station to the stadium along a designated bus lane. The buses run every 10 minutes, starting 90 minutes before the game begins.

You can also take the L line of the Metro to Chinatown Station, which will leave you with a walk of three-quarters of a mile to reach Dodger Stadium. Bus routes 2 and 4 connect downtown LA with Dodger Stadium. 

Dodger Stadium camera policy

The Dodger Stadium camera policy allows you to bring both still and video cameras into the stadium - provided they are for personal use. Professional camera equipment is not allowed, and the security staff have discretion as to what they determine to be professional or not.

Lenses above six inches in length are not allowed, which rules out telephoto lenses. Other photographic equipment, including tripods, monopods, and lights, are also forbidden. Instead, you can leave them behind in a convenient Bounce luggage storage near Dodger Stadium.

Dodger Stadium rules

Dodger Stadium rules

  • Signs and banners of any kind are not permitted inside Dodger Stadium. And make sure you don’t hang any clothes on the railings while you watch the game, as this is not allowed.
  • Cash is not accepted anywhere inside Dodger Stadium. If you don’t have a credit or debit card or a payment app you can use to make purchases, the stadium offers five Cash-to-Card kiosks that will provide you with a prepaid debit card you can use.
  • Clothing with obscene language or imagery or that promotes any form of discrimination against either an individual or group of people will not be allowed inside.
  • Being visibly under the influence of alcohol will get you ejected from the stadium.
  • Facemasks are not currently required, but you are welcome to wear one if you choose. Dodger Stadium policies closely follow any Covid rules established by the Government of California. All payments in the stadium are cashless and contactless to reduce the spread of disease.


The bag policy at Dodger Stadium is fairly easy to understand. In common with many sports arenas throughout the US, Dodger Stadium prefers clear bags no bigger than 12” x 12” x 6” in size. Bags that aren’t clear, along with glass bottles, metal cans, banners, foam fingers, laser pointers, and large cameras, are not allowed.

For that reason, you may be better off leaving your bags behind at a Bounce luggage storage close to Dodger Stadium. Not only will this make it easy to get past security in the stadium, but it also means you can travel light while you’re in town. Whether you want to enjoy the best hikes in Los Angeles, the city’s best museums, or some of the most exciting shopping you’ll find anywhere, it’s always easier to visit a new city with Bounce taking care of your belongings.

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