Hollywood Bowl visitor guide: everything you need to know

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Hollywood Bowl visitor guide

The Hollywood Bowl is located in the Hollywood Hills of LA. This amphitheater is one of the most famous locations to see stage performances on the west coast of the US. The Hollywood Hills loom over the stage majestically, and many very famous performers book shows here each year. The theater itself is set in a bowl-shaped area, which is why the location was named Hollywood Bowl. The shape of the area also enhances the sound of the music played here.

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Hollywood Bowl bag policy

Hollywood Bowl bag policy

If you are going to be attending an event at the Hollywood Bowl, you will need to follow the Hollywood Bowl bag policy. All containers and coolers that are brought with you to the venue have to be able to fit under your seats or inside your rented box.

All containers and baskets will need to be 15” x15” x 22”, or they will not be allowed entry. You are not allowed to tailgate in the parking lots, and no kegs are allowed on the property.

Some events will not allow any glass items into the venue, in which case only reusable plastic items like Nalgene bottles will be allowed. No aluminum cans are allowed, no matter what they contain.

No alcohol is allowed to be brought to many events, but there are some concerts that do allow alcohol and also allow glass bottles. You will need to check your ticketing information to see which items are allowed for your event.

Hollywood Bowl food policy

The Hollywood Bowl Food policy can also vary per event. As stated above, some events allow alcohol and your own personal food to be brought on-site, while others do not. You will need to verify the information that is sent out with your unique tickets to see what you are allowed to bring in as far as food and drink.

Any food and drink items will not be allowed to be brought in loose. You will need to follow the cooler or basket rules in order to bring in your own food and drink.

The venue offers access to alcohol and food truck vendors’ wares at each event. You can also pre-order food to be catered to your box seats before you arrive for your event. All ticket-holders can also pre-order a picnic box for pickup at the Plaza Marketplace.

You can also mobile order at the various food vendors that are located at the Marketplace in the venue. You can then pick up your food when it is ready. The Hollywood Bowl is entirely cashless, so you will need to be prepared to pay with other payment methods for your food and drinks.

Hollywood Bowl transportation

Hollywood Bowl transportation

Traffic in LA is famously tough to navigate. When you need to know how to get to the Hollywood Bowl, park and ride is a great option. The Bowl Shuttle and Park & Ride locations are scattered throughout the LA area. You can check out the Bowl’s website to find out where to park and be picked up. Rides on the shuttle are very inexpensive, and you will be delivered right to the ticketing office.

You can also use Metrolink to be dropped off at the amphitheater. This public transit option can also bring you back to the airport when you are done with your trip, which can be convenient.

Parking is free at the Bowl Shuttle lots, but Ovation LA charges a fee. You can park around downtown LA, but this can be difficult, and you will need to allow a lot of extra time to be able to park and then get to the Hollywood Bowl location.

Hollywood Bowl camera policy

The Hollywood Bowl camera policy is very easy to follow. Cameras with monopods or selfie sticks are not allowed in the park. You will also not be allowed to bring in cameras that have extendable lenses. You can bring in your personal cellphone and take a video. However, if you are interrupting anyone’s viewing of the event, you might be asked to leave or to stop recording.

The event itself might not allow specific recording actions. You will need to look at your tickets for information about recording video and cellphone use during your event.

Hollywood Bowl rules

Hollywood Bowl rules

Hollywood Bowl policies can vary per event. You will need to look at the information that was sent with your ticket to be sure that you are following the rules for your specific concert or other activity. Everyone who is given access to the Hollywood Bowl will be required to be respectful of patrons and staff at all times. No throwing of objects or fighting or obscene gestures are tolerated.

You cannot jump onto stages or stand on chairs inside the Bowl. Guests must comply with all fire regulations as well. Latecomers who arrive at an event will not be seated until there is a pause in the activity on stage in order to be courteous to other patrons.


The LA area is a great place for shopping or hiking, and you can have a great time seeing historical sites as well. The Hollywood Bowl is a famous place to go to see concerts and other events. This is one of the most notable locations near LA. If you are going to be visiting this area and there is an event going on, you might want to consider heading here to experience it for yourself - especially the view of the Hollywood Hills.

Bounce can make it easy for you to have fun without worrying about your personal items. Let us care for your possessions while you have a great time at your event.

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