SoFi Stadium visitor guide: everything you need to know

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SoFi Stadium visitor guide

SoFi Stadium is one of the primary attractions in the Los Angeles area, and it is used to host sports events as well as entertainment of various kinds. The stadium was built on the site of the Hollywood Park Racetrack, and it is located right by the Los Angeles International Airport. Open since 2020, this beautiful stadium is a great place to go watch an NFL game, a concert, or another event.

Before you start having fun at SoFi Stadium, you will need to think about where to put your bags. We can offer you SoFi Stadium luggage storage all over Los Angeles so that you can have a great time at the venue. Having peace of mind that your bags and other personal items will be safe can make your day at the stadium much more fun. Now, let’s get into all the policies enforced at the stadium:

SoFi Stadium bag policy

The SoFi Stadium bag policy is very clear, which makes it easy to plan a trip to the stadium for an event. No matter what kind of event you are attending, you will be allowed to bring one clear plastic or vinyl bag into the stadium. This bag cannot exceed 12” x 6” x 12”. Freezer bags that are made of clear plastic are also allowed.

Coolers, backpacks, briefcases, and non-approved seat cushions are not allowed. The stadium refers back to the NFL policies surrounding arena safety with regard to seat cushions and other kinds of comfort items that you can bring with you. Bounce will be able to keep all the items that you are not allowed to bring into the stadium safe and secure while you watch a game or attend an event. Since there is no cloak closet or other storage option offered within the stadium, Bounce is the best option for affordable storage for all items not on the approved SoFi Stadium list.

SoFi Stadium food policy

SoFi Stadium food policy

There are various food offerings within the stadium, and most of the restaurants are open for every event that is hosted inside the stadium. There are vegan and vegetarian locations, as well as family dining options and quick grab-and-go food. LA Eats is present on levels 3, 4, 6, and 8, as is Olvera Street. You can also enjoy food at San Vicente Blvd or Sawtelle Blvd within the stadium.

The SoFi Stadium food policy says you are allowed to bring food and drink back to your seats with you. During some events, there might be wandering snack and drink sales offered to those already sitting down to watch the game as well.

Absolutely no outside food or drinks are allowed entry into the stadium. The single exception to this is one empty refillable water bottle that’s not made of metal.

SoFi Stadium transportation

If you are wondering how to get to SoFi Stadium, there are various transportation options. The stadium recommends that you arrive early to any event to ensure that you have time to park and get into the stadium itself. NFL game parking on site is very limited. You will instead want to use the Inglewood Park and Ride program, which allows you to park offsite and book a shuttle to bring you to the stadium.

Public transport on the Metro C Line will also take you right to the stadium area, where you can grab a shuttle on the day of your event. You might also want to use GTrans from the Harbor Gateway Transit Center to get to the stadium. You can park for free here and will just need $4 for your round-trip ticket to get to and from the stadium on the shuttle.

There are various parking zones that you can use to park your car for various rates if you arrive early. You cannot park on the street anywhere within Hollywood Park for events at the stadium. Uber and other rideshare companies are allowed to drop you off at Kareem Court and Manchester Boulevard.

SoFi Stadium rules

SoFi Stadium camera policy

The SoFi Stadium camera policy says that you can use cameras at the stadium, but there are limits to the size of tripods and selfie sticks that you can use. These items cannot be any longer than 6”. Video recording and other video capture devices are prohibited at the stadium. Lenses that are longer than 6” are also forbidden.

SoFi Stadium rules

SoFi Stadium policy states that you need to have your mobile ticket ready to scan on the devices at the gates in order to avoid delays when getting to your seat. The ticketing box is open at Entry 7 on non-event days, Wednesday through Friday, and four hours before the start of each event. You will need to provide your ticket through the Ticketmaster app or the provided ticket that you received at the ticketing office. No other items will be accepted to gain entry into the stadium.

The stadium encourages visitors to use ridesharing and public transportation when traveling to the stadium to help with parking issues and reduce greenhouse emissions. Tailgating is only allowed in the Pink Parking zone for select events.

Animals other than service animals are not allowed. You also can’t bring in any banner or sign that is not pre-approved or balloons, balls, frisbees, or throwable items, as these may impact the viewing of the event for other spectators.

There is a complete code of conduct that is posted on the stadium website, which requires that you refrain from foul words and gestures, respect team members and other fans, and not engage in illegal or unruly behavior.

Everything you need to know about SoFi Stadium


If you are planning to visit SoFi Stadium or the Hollywood area but you are worried about the luggage or other personal items that you have with you, Bounce can help! The policies related to items that are permitted in the stadium are very clear, and you will need to comply with them to be allowed access to your seats. Be sure that you let Bounce take care of your extra bags and personal possessions so that you can enjoy your visit to SoFi Stadium fully.

Plus, with your bags already in storage, you can explore the fantastic nightlife in LA after your event or even do some sightseeing if you don’t already live in the city.

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