UCLA Los Angeles Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Sports field at UCLA Los Angeles

The UCLA in Los Angeles is a prestigious university that while it is thoroughly modern, is also a historic learning establishment. The University of California, Los Angeles, or UCLA in its abbreviated form, was founded in the early 1900s which makes it one of the oldest universities in the United States.

UCLA is comprised of multiple schools, colleges, and halls distributed over a campus that covers more than four hundred and fifty acres of ground. It's not all studying at UCLA though and there are several festivals such as the JazzReggae Festival and the LAHacks held there as well as numerous sporting events throughout the year.

The sheer size of the campus at UCLA means it’s no place to try and get around with baggage. If you're waiting to check in at one of the on-site hotels, visiting someone studying there or even going for a job interview, you won't want your bags with you. Drop your belongings off at a luggage locker at UCLA and you'll find getting around suddenly becomes an awful lot easier.  

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Bag policy at UCLA, Los Angeles

The bag policies at UCLA are being continually updated so always check the official website for any alteration to the rules about carrying bags on campus. At present in places like the Pauley Pavilion, it's not permitted to enter with a bag. Any belongings you wish to take with you should be stored in a gallon-sized clear plastic bag. If you're taking binoculars or a camera they cannot be carried in their cases. If you try to enter a venue with a bag where they are not allowed you will need to go back to your car to store it. Considering the size of the campus that can be very time-consuming.

Food policy at UCLA, Los Angeles

You won't go hungry when you visit UCLA as there are multiple options for guests to eat while on the university campus. To find the various restaurant locations you may want to print off a campus map from the UCLA website before you go so you don't get lost looking for them. There are four buffet-style eateries where you can eat as much as you want and four quick-service restaurants as well as a late-night online pizza pickup service. The majority of dietary requirements are catered for at all of the eight establishments including vegan, halal and gluten-free.

Camera policy at UCLA, Los Angeles

You can take photographs when you are on the UCLA campus, but you should be aware that there are zones where photography is prohibited, especially inside the faculty buildings. If you're attending a festival or sports event, taking shots of participants you don't know personally requires previous permission. All photographs you take should be for personal use only. If you want to film or take photographs for commercial use you will need to request authorization and pay a fee, although even then there will be locations on campus where you won't be permitted access.

Rules at UCLA, Los Angeles

The UCLA in Los Angeles is a public learning institution and therefore there are rules in place which govern the behavior of students and visitors to the campus. The UCLA is a total no-smoking and vaping zone, regardless of if they are indoor or outdoor areas. Drinking alcohol in outside public places is not permitted unless it is on the terrace of a bar or restaurant. Carrying open containers of alcohol anywhere on campus is also prohibited. Any behavior that can be classed as threatening or abusive in any way is reported to and dealt with by the LA police force.

Lockers at UCLA, Los Angeles

The luggage lockers at UCLA are reserved for the use of resident students and occasionally visiting students if there is adequate locker space available to be allocated. Suitcase storage is not available to campus visitors, so if you want to leave your bags somewhere you will need to do it away from the facility.

You will find the Bounce luggage storage site near UCLA an economic and convenient option for dropping off your bags before heading to the campus. Bounce also has over twenty-five more baggage storage sites in and around West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. All the luggage lockers provided by Bounce cost the same to use and while the service includes comprehensive protection cover, so you'll never pay more than a very affordable token daily per bag fee.

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