West Hollywood Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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West Hollywood, California

If there's one city in Los Angeles County where there's a party happening all the time it's going to be in West Hollywood. While the neighboring district of Hollywood may be all about stars of the film industry, West Hollywood is more like Las Vegas and has been all about gambling and glitzy nightlife since the beginning of the 20th century.

Sunset Boulevard, one of the most renowned streets in North America, runs through West Hollywood. The two-and-a-half-kilometer-long stretch of the broad avenue known as the Sunset Strip is infamous for its deluxe hotels, casinos, live music venues, glamorous nightclubs, and exclusive boutiques. It's a part of West Hollywood that's always thronged with people who flock there to shop and party until they drop. 

The one thing you don't need with you when you're doing either of those is your bags. Store them at a West Hollywood luggage locker facility so you can go out and paint the town red.

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West Hollywood, USA

Bag policy in West Hollywood, Los Angeles

There are many reasons why you might want to attract attention when you're in West Hollywood, but you won't want it to be because you're dragging suitcases around with you. It's really not chic to be seen humping luggage around and you may find it difficult to gain access to certain establishments when you have big bags in tow. The busy streets of West Hollywood aren't the right location to leave your baggage unattended either as someone will pick them up for you, but rather than being taken to the local lost and found, you'll probably never see them again.

Food policy in West Hollywood, Los Angeles

Imagine the most obscure type of food you can think of, then hit the streets of West Hollywood and you'll find it. There really is every style of cuisine under the sun being offered in one restaurant or another in the city and if it's not in a restaurant it'll be in a bar, food court, or being sold from a stall. You can eat food from a different country every night of the week in West Hollywood, but be sure to save some room for a bowl of California's favorite seafood soup, cioppino.

Camera policy in West Hollywood, Los Angeles

While you're strolling around the streets of West Hollywood you may well consider having your camera at the ready just in case you spot a celebrity. If you do, as tempting as it may be, don't use it. It's not allowed to snap photos of celebrities without their knowledge or permission. Not only does that apply to well-known faces but also to other members of the general public. Taking shots of people without asking first goes against the data and privacy protection act and using them on your social media or for commercial purposes could land you in serious hot water.

Rules in West Hollywood, Los Angeles

The governing authorities in West Hollywood have issued a set of rules which they expect residents and visitors to comply with. Smoking is prohibited in public spaces and it's forbidden to light up unless you're at least five feet away from the outdoor seating areas of bars and restaurants. Drinking or being in the possession of an open container of alcohol on the streets will also land you with a fine. Aggressive or abusive behavior is not tolerated by the police and if you're caught in the act of doing it then you'll get arrested. Spending time in jail is not the best way to enjoy your time in West Hollywood.

Lockers in West Hollywood, Los Angeles

Lugging your baggage around West Hollywood will take all of the fun out of your day. If you've just arrived and can't check in at your hotel because you're too early or you've checked out and it's ages before your flight takes off, don't worry. It's not difficult to find a luggage locker in West Hollywood.

Bounce has over twenty-five luggage storage sites in West Hollywood and the surrounding areas. You'll find one close to either where you are staying or where you want to visit. They are that conveniently distributed. Bounce even has luggage lockers on Sunset Boulevard. No matter which area you decide to store your bags in, the fee is the same. All you pay for a Bounce luggage locker in West Hollywood is a small daily charge for each bag which includes a protection coverage for up to $10,000.

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