Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Madrid

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Whether you are visiting Madrid for business or pleasure, you have to eat. And if you are vegetarian or vegan, it can be difficult to find a good place in an unfamiliar city. Even the Spanish capital of Madrid can be a bit confusing if you have never been there.

Like any other city in the world, Madrid, Spain has its own favorites and specialties. For example, you will find a ton of Spanish foods like paella, gazpacho, churros, and tortillas filled with anything from avocados to zucchini.

But Madrid also has a lot of vegetarian restaurants and vegan restaurants to cater to the local vegetarians and vegans. Many of these places focus on one type of food and make vegan dishes or vegetarian dishes to satisfy every taste.

One of the local vegetarian dishes, Pisto, is a variety of vegetables cooked for hours over low heat. It is also known as Spanish vegetable stew and typically features eggplant, tomatoes, and onions. But they usually serve it with an egg on top so make sure you tell them you want your dish sin huevos, which means no eggs.

Patatas bravas is another fantastic vegan tapas. These spicy potatoes are fried in oil and served with a spicy sauce. Fideua is a pasta similar to vermicelli and is often found in seafood dishes. But you can get it vegetarian or vegan if you ask.

Pimientos de Padron is also a naturally vegan dish served at all restaurants in Madrid. This is just green peppers fried and salted, served with sauce. Store your bags safely in Madrid first though, and enjoy your meal hands-free. There are many luggage storage spots in Madrid to choose from.

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Thunder Vegan Food

This is one of the most popular vegetarian restaurants in Madrid, Spain and you will see why once you have tasted their fried chicken or jumbo burgers. The quaint atmosphere is accented by the cozy space filled with vegans and meat-eaters alike.

It is difficult to recommend anything because everything on the menu is scrumptious, but the delicious vegan burgers are the most popular. Their fried chicken is also a spectacular vegetarian food, crispy and juicy at the same time. But don't miss the vegan brownies. Facing a rainy day in Madrid? Come here and try a dessert!

The address here is 4 de Don Felipe and it is located in the city center of Madrid. Near the National Museum of Romanticism and Dos de Mayo Square, you will be in the perfect spot to use as a central hub for your Madrid exploration day.

Viva Burger

In a vibrantly decorated eatery with wall paintings and hanging plants, Viva Burger will lure you in with the fresh scents of delicious spices and keep you there because of the awesome staff. But when you taste the food, you will want to keep coming back!

Everything they make here is vegan, gluten-free, and cooked in coconut oil. We recommend the Arabe burger with spearmint, walnuts, plums, and orange sauce on a corn and spelt bun served with potato wedges. They also have five decadent vegan desserts.

Viva Burger is a vegan restaurant found at 16 Costa de San Andres at Paja Plaza next to the San Isidro Museum and Church of Saint Andrew the Apostle. If it is too crowded inside, which it often is, you can take your delicious food and sit outside in the square.


Artemisa has two locations within a few blocks of each other, and you will see why when you visit either one. They are both popular, so it takes two spaces to feed all the hungry visitors. This was one of the first vegetarian restaurants in Madrid in 1990, and in 2016 was the first gluten-free vegetarian restaurant.

In either location, we recommend the Persian-style vegetable pie. The Vegan Middle eastern cuisine is fabulous. The Greek Moussaka with aubergine and shitake lasagna is filled with feta cheese, eggplant, and creamy soy. For dessert, try their rich chocolate cake or tiramisu.

Artemisa Sol Gran Via is located at 4 de las Tres Cruces right next to the lovely Plaza del Carmen. The other location at 4 de Ventura de la Vega is just to the west of El Retiro Park with gorgeous views of the lake and garden as well as the Neptune Fountain.

La Encomienda

In a nice relaxing little cafe, you can get vegetarian cuisine of traditional dishes, delicious vegan pastries, and homemade vegan dishes. They serve brunch, dinner, and dessert that is so good, that you will not even know you are eating vegan.

We recommend the pad Thai with veggie prawns and rice noodles or the Suadero tacos with pico de Gallo and green mojo. The bolognese lasagna stuffed with seitan and veggies in passata sauce with smoked bechamel is incredible as well.

Located at 19 Calle Encomienda in central Madrid with a stunning view of the Plaza Mayor, La Encomienda serves a fusion of Latin, Asian, and Mexican cuisine. If you enjoy the theatre or the arts, visit Nuevo Apolo Theatre or the El Pavon Theatre.

Mad Mad Vegan

For a casual and cool ambiance featuring bar seating, a dining room, and an outdoor seating area, Mad Mad Vegan is a vegetarian restaurant in Madrid that will satisfy everyone. They have a variety of foods from wings to burgers as well as beer to enjoy.

This is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Madrid, featuring six different kinds of vegan hamburgers, and a variety of menu options featuring avocado toast and other traditional dishes you would expect in Madrid. We recommend the Mad Tacos or the Toronto Wraptor.

Mad Mad Vegan has two locations in Madrid with one in Lavapie at 16 Calle Lavapies and the other in Chueca at 19 Calle Pelayo. The Lavapie location is located right next to La Escalera de Jacob in Central Madrid. The Chueca venue is off Calle de Hortaleza in the heart of town.

Avocado Love Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant

The stylish decor, which is all nature themed, adds a creative flair to this pleasant and elegant restaurant. This amazing vegan restaurant brings something new to the table with every dish. Every vegetarian food on the menu is made with some kind of avocado.

This is both a vegetarian and vegan restaurant with a wide variety of staple vegan dishes enhanced with creativity and avocados. We recommend the Jack Daniel's Smoked Avocado Grill. This is a grilled avocado filled with sauce, beet pickled petals, and coconut cream glaze.

You can find Avocado Love on the corner of Calle Marqués de Santa Ana and Calle del Espíritu Santo by Plaza Juan Pujol in northern Madrid. It is not far from the National Museum of Romanticism, which is a great place to see some gorgeous art.

VegAmazing Doughnuts

If you want homemade vegan doughnuts, VegAmazing Doughnuts is where to go. They concentrate on one thing, so you know you are getting the best here. It is a nice sized bakery with plenty of seating and glass cases full of delightful pastries to choose from.

You cannot go wrong ordering anything here because every single doughnut is delicious as well as photographic. That might be why their Instagram is so full of luscious pics. From chocolate cream filled to maple nut delight, you can find every kind of sweet here. This is one of the most popular vegan restaurants.

You will find VegAmazing at 31 Calle del Duque de Sesto between the WiZink Center and Retiro Park. Near Ibiza in Northeastern Madrid, you will also have a sensational view of the Puerta de Alcala Arch and Plaza de la Independencia.

Pizzi & Dixie

Whether you want pizza or pasta, you should probably try a place that serves Italian food like this one. The colorful dishes match the dynamic atmosphere and vivid decor. The dough is made with activated charcoal for that insanely Italian pastry flavor.

At Pizzi & Dixie Plant Based Pizza & Pasta, Their pizza flavors range from the simple vegan cheese to the special Mortadela and Pesto de Pistacho. Try the Dixie Pizza, which has San Marzano tomatoes, vegan cheese, red onion, dolce Lagrima peppers, candied french onions, and asparagus.

You can find this vegetarian restaurant at 16 Calle de San Vicente Ferrer, right next to Avocado Love, you also get a splendid view of Plaza del Dos de Mayo as well as the National Museum of Romanticism and Plaza de Barcelo.

Yerbabuena Vegetarian Food

From traditional healthy food to the kind of food you get at tapas bars, you can get all that in this light and airy vegan cafe. The comfortable atmosphere and friendly staff make you feel like family throughout the whole experience.

This one is unique though, with a menu of the day featuring something for everyone. The tortilla quesadilla is a wheat tortilla with veggies, beans, tomato, onion, and capers. But we really recommend the homemade Seitan Steak fillet with blue cheese sauce.

They also serve a wide array of vegan desserts like plain yogurt, chocolate covered coffee mousse, and vegan cheesecake. Near Plaza de la Paja at 3 Calle de Bordadores, Yerbabuena Vegan Restaurant serves vegan options for just about anything you like.

Distrito Vegano

It may be a bit more expensive than many other vegan restaurants on our list but this one is definitely worth it. The decor alone is worth the trip with walls full of artwork they call vegan art. It is a lovely place with linen tablecloths and real crystal but what is the best is the food.

First, we want to recommend the Cesarina Salad. It is amazing and comes with fresh vegetables, walnuts, black olives, cherry tomatoes, blue cheese, and popcorn nuggets. The lasagna marinara will go great with this salad. The pasta with beechwood smoked cashew mozzarella will have you coming back for more.

Distrito Vegano is located at 10 Calle del Conde de Romanones. It is right in the middle of Madrid surrounded by the Plaza Mayor, Plaza de Jacinto Benavente, Fuente de la Plaza de la Cebada, and the Pontifical Basilica of St. Michael.

BLoved Veggie Corner

For something a bit more formal, try the BLoved Restaurant at Veggie Corner. Voted the best of the city's vegetarian restaurants in Madrid, you can choose from a variety of foods or enjoy a tasting menu of healthy food with many vegan options.

You can start with eggplant mousse with raspberry brunoise and a BLoved salad with peppers, carrots, tomato, cucumber, and more. Then, move on to the chipotle curry rigatoni with asparagus and field peas. Our favorite was the Vegan Quarter Pounder with vegan cheese.

Located at 13 Calle del Caballero de Gracia, Veggie Corner is surrounded by beauty. BLoved has stunning views of the Buenavista Palace, Linares Palace, and the 18th century Cybele Fountain on one side and the Gaviria Palace and the 16th century Descalzas Reales Monastery on the other.

Enjoy Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Madrid

No matter why you are in Madrid or how long you stay, you will likely need to eat at some point. Being a vegetarian in a new city can be rough too, especially if you don't know the language. We hope we helped with this list of great vegetarian and vegan restaurants.

Some have an entirely vegan menu while others are vegan friendly restaurants. A few even serve vegan brunch foods and many of them are great for vegetarian burger lovers. Side dishes like fried sweet potato fries, veggies in olive oil, and other mouthwatering vegan options can be found here too. After a day of shopping or enjoying the sounds of a music festival, be sure to try a fabulous vegetarian eatery in Madrid!

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