Is Manchester safe to visit? A comprehensive safety guide

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Have you ever thought of traveling to Manchester? This city is located in north west England right in the center of Greater Manchester, the county metropolitan area. It is a popular place because of its sports teams and music scene, but also has plenty of cultural entertainment and shopping opportunities. It is a place in the UK that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Manchester Airport is the second biggest in the United Kingdom after London. This is an entry point for many tourists to the area. Greater Manchester welcomes over 1.6 million tourists per year. The majority of them are here during the summertime, usually between the months of June and August, since the weather is pleasant and there are lots of festivals and events going on. The city itself is home to a bit under 600,000 citizens.

Found in the area called North West England, we know that Manchester sounds like a great place to visit, and before you pack your suitcases there are some things that you should know about the city. We'll tell you all about Manchester safety, including storing your bags in a secure luggage locker when out and about in this lovely locale. Bounce luggage storage in Manchester will take great care of your things with a reliable protection plan and convenient partner locations.

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Is Manchester safe to visit right now?

Currently, some countries have a travel advisory in place suggesting that everyone who enters the United Kingdom exercise caution. That being said, the United Kingdom ranks 33rd on the 2021 Global Peace Index and is typically a very safe place to visit. We suggest looking at the restrictions put in place by your own government before making a decision on if you want to travel here since advisories often change over time.

Considering the overall low rates of Manchester crime, tourists can be on the lookout for pickpocketing and scams while they explore the city. Generally, safety is unique to the individual and will depend greatly on how prepared you are and what you choose to do while in the city. You can definitely have a safe trip in Manchester if you plan everything out right, and we'll help you out with terrific Manchester safety tips. It is smart to be informed, and even if you're an experienced traveler you'll want to do your research.

Top petty crimes and scams in Manchester affecting tourists

Want to know what to look out for in Manchester? Here are the most common crimes that tourists experience.


This is the most common type of street crime in the entire city and something that you should look out for during your whole vacation. Petty thieves love to frequent tourist attractions and other busy places like public transport hubs since it is easier to get away with stealing in a crowd.

Your most valued items should be stored in your hotel room. Your wallet and smartphone will be safest deep inside your bag or in the front pocket of your pants. As a smart tip, tie a thick elastic band around them so that you can feel if someone is trying to pull it from your pocket.

Traffic and roads

Manchester is not a dangerous city but the road conditions are not ideal for people who are new to the area or unaware of their surroundings. Keep in mind that the locals drive on the left side of the road, and you should always look both ways before stepping out onto the crosswalk.

Is Manchester safe to travel alone

Looking at the crime statistics, a solo trip to Manchester is definitely possible as long as you take the necessary precautions and stick to safe areas. Usually, most places inside the Manchester City Centre are quite safe, but we don't recommend walking around by yourself at night if possible.

The United Kingdom places 26th on the Bounce Women Travel Safety Index meaning that women can feel comfortable traveling alone here too. Women should avoid walking in certain areas altogether and try to stick in groups when traveling at night. If you take these extra steps to stay safe, you'll not be at risk of any danger or crimes and can have the time of your life exploring this fun city.

Safest neighborhoods in Manchester

If you have never been to Manchester before you'll probably want to see it all, here are some safe neighborhoods that you can enjoy.


This is the safest neighborhood since it has the lowest crime rate. If you find something fun to do here, don't hesitate. The Victorian architecture here will catch your eye.


Chorlton in South Manchester is another great neighborhood that is completely safe to visit. Look for everything from quaint bookshops to bakeries with tasty delights.


You should have no reservations about visiting Fallowfield while in Manchester. This is a safe neighborhood where tourists can feel safe and comfortable walking around. A nice selection of bars and restaurants make this a favorite place in the city.

Is Manchester public transportation safe?

As we mentioned earlier, the roads can get pretty busy and you might not want to drive yourself around this town. So you're probably wondering, is Manchester safe for tourists using public transport? This is a big city that has a significant network of buses, trams and trains that can bring you from one place to another. The main thing is to be aware when ridding public transportation.

Any bags that are being brought onto the buses and trains with you should be securely closed and kept with one hand on them at all times. The safest spot for your personal belongings is in a luggage locker but unfortunately, some stations, like Piccadilly Gardens bus stop, do not offer this service. There is known to be one at some train stations, like Piccadilly Station, but the hours can be inconvenient. For all of your luggage storage needs, Bounce offers easy to find locations.

Important emergency numbers in Manchester

You never know what might happen while you're out and about in Manchester, even if you keep our Manchester safety tips in mind. If you need help from a police officer or medical attention, these are the numbers to call. Know your embassy number as added security.

  • Emergency Fire, Police, Ambulance: 112 or 999
  • Non-Emergency Greater Manchester Police: 101 or 0161-856-8229
  • NHS Medical Services: 0-845-4647
  • Non-Emergency Greater Manchester Fire Service: 0161-909-0326/27

Is Manchester safe for a tourist?

How safe is Manchester? This UK town has a constant influx of vacationers, international students and business workers travel here regularly, making it a safe destination. As long as you stay aware of the busy streets and try to not walk around by yourself at night there is not much that you'll need to worry about.

You're almost as ready as you can be to explore Manchester, but first, read up on How to Get Around Manchester and Where to Stay in Manchester: The Ultimate Guide. From the gay village to the Northern Quarter, Manchester is one of the places in the world that everyone should put in their travel plans.

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