Where To Find The Best Street Food In Melbourne

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Hit the streets of Melbourne and enjoy checking out the sights and sounds that make this city so fantastic. While you are out, you will notice food trucks and food carts hawking delicious smelling dishes and when your stomach starts rumbling, grab a snack at one of the street food vendors. No need to spend time at a sit-down restaurant or café when you can grab some food on the go!

When you are exploring the city, you will definitely stumble upon some great street food vendors. But, in order to make certain you find the best street food in Melbourne, keep reading. Before you hit the streets, drop large bags and backpacks in a Melbourne luggage locker. Then spend time munching your way through the street food of Melbourne!

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The best street food vendors in Melbourne

While there are tons of street food vendors in Melbourne, finding the best ones can be difficult if you do not know where to look. Whether you are in the mood for local fare or more international flavors, there is definitely a vendor serving up something delicious that will hit the spot. Check out these street food vendors in Melbourne, they are some of the best in the city.

South Melbourne Seafood Peddler

Location: Corner of Cecil and York Streets, South Melbourne

Located inside the South Melbourne Market, this street food vendor is serving some of the best seafood in the area. You would not think fresh seafood would be on the menu of a street food vendor but the octopus and grilled fish are fresh and flavorful. Order the grilled fish sandwich served on Turkish bread with chili on the side.

The Ascot Lot

Location: 448-466 Mount Alexander Rd, Ascot Vale

With large outdoor seating areas that are covered, you can sit out in the nice weather and enjoy live music while dining on delicious street food. There are several great bars nearby where you can find craft beers and yummy cocktails. Bring your friends and make an evening of hanging out at the Ascot Lot.

Lusty Fine

Location: 163 Commercial Rd, South Yarra

Head over to the Prahran Market in South Yarra for the heavenly pulled pork at Lusty Fine. The pulled pork is juicy, spicy, and bursting with amazing flavors. It is served with tomato salsa and sour cream. Order the breakfast taco which is really an egg that is wrapped around the pulled pork topped with sour cream and your choice of sauce. The pulled pork sandwich on a toasted roll is also a fan favorite.

Boss Man Food

Location: St Kilda Road, Melbourne

Caribbean flavors in Australia may sound a bit odd, but when two guys from Trinidad and Jamaica start offering street food in Melbourne, you can bet it will have a Caribbean twist. The jerk chicken is spicy and delicious.

Boss Man Food can also be found at some of the festivals held in Melbourne and the Queen Victoria Night Market. Check them out on Facebook to find where they will be next. Drop in for some quick bites when you are in the area.

Ghost Kitchen

Location: Queen Victoria Market, North Melbourne

Are you out and about testing Melbourne's transportation system? Head over to the central business district of Melbourne and find the Ghost Kitchen for some of the best Taiwanese food available from street vendors in the city. You will want to get there early, as often, they do run out of popular dishes. The mini black pepper sausages are delicious as is the deep fried chicken. You will want to visit often and enjoy the fantastic flavors offered here.

Where to find the best Melbourne street food spots

While there are so many fantastic street food vendors throughout Melbourne, there are specific areas in the city where several vendors tend to set up shop. This makes it easy to take a quick tour and sample several different dishes from around the world without having to go far. Next time you have a craving for street food, check out some of the street food spots we've listed below.


Address: 520 High Street, Northcote

This was the first permanent food truck area in Melbourne and has been booming since 2015. Thornbury has grown to include street food carts and stalls along with food trucks and Melbourne’s second largest beer garden which is located in the old Morris Minor Factory.

Food is cheap and delicious and with enough outdoor seating for over 700 people, it is a very popular place to hang out. There are over 40 food trucks vying for a spot in Thornbury, so they do rotate every few weeks. Be sure to come back often and sample the different dishes from the food trucks and stalls.

QVM Wednesday Night Market

Address: Queen Street, Melbourne

Queen Victoria Market is a great place to hang out and even find delicious street food from around the world including Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese. Sample sandwiches, tapas, wine, and even gelato. The Wednesday Night Market held at Queen Victoria Market is strictly for street food vendors.

The night market is open summer through winter with over 30 international and 50 specialty food vendors on site each Wednesday night. During the winter months, there are roaring fires near the outdoor seating and warm drinks are also available to keep you toasty. Live music and street performers give this market a lively festival feel.

The Food Truck Park

Address: 518 High Street, Preston

When looking for a must-try food truck park, head to northern Melbourne and visit this festive street food area. The Food Truck Park hosts several terrific themed block parties such as All American Feast, Sausage Fest, Gluten Free Fest, and Pizzafest. You never know what they are going to come up with next!

You will love the large yard that has been turned into an outdoor dining area decked out with fairy lights, wooden crates, and even a stage for performers. There is indoor seating but the best fun is found outdoors. Head over the Barry’s Bar for craft beer or cider, and remember this the Food Truck Park is a family friendly place that also allows your four-legged friend to come too.

Yarraville Gardens

Address: 139-147 Hyde Street (at the corner of Somerville Road and Hyde Street)

There is a long row of food trucks serving up fantastic street food in Yarraville Gardens, next to the Hanmer Reserve. You will find Australian classics, international favorites and sweet desserts. The food trucks typically set up early evening and then close up and pull out by midnight.

Bring along a blanket and have a picnic in the grassy areas near the reserve or bring along your lawn chair and spend some time visiting with friends and neighbors. Some of the regular food trucks that show up are Maple Leaf Foods, 3 Lil Monsters, Senor Churro, Mr. Burger, and Just Like Nonna’s. Enjoy a yummy meal and finish it off with a sweet dessert.

Street food festivals in Melbourne

 Festivals are great fun for all, a terrific free thing to do, and a wonderful way to get to know a community. Melbourne has several festivals throughout the city each year and many center around food, specifically the street food that defines each area. Whether you are planning on visiting a specific festival or just looking for something fun and exciting to do, check out some of these great street food festivals.

Night Noodle Market

Location: Birrarung Marr

While this is called a market, it really is a festival, albeit, a month-long festival. Every November the Asian Hawker Market springs up to celebrate Good Food Month. The market comes alive with foodies searching for tantalizing eats. The Night Noodle Market is a part of the Asian Hawker Market and offers Asian and Australian culinary delights.

If you do not get here early, the long lines may have you salivating while you eagerly await the goodies that are offered. With over 30 different food stalls, there is definitely something for everyone. Be sure to check out Hoy Pinoy, Chin Chin, Wonderbao, and Red Spice Road. These are some of the most popular street food stalls in the market.

Sizzlefest Melbourne

Location: Prahran Market

Usually held at the beginning of February, Sizzlefest celebrates all things related to barbecue. This isn’t just about the grilling of meats and veggies, it is about the sauce and the sides, too. The event does have a Facebook page that details the food vendors that will be on hand each year. You will dine in style when Sizzlefest is going strong.

Bring your appetite and eat your way through Sizzlefest. From mild and smoky to spicy and savory, vendors will be showcasing their barbecuing techniques, their wonderful sauces, and delicious sides. Don’t forget to search out a grilled, mouthwatering dessert to round out your experience.

Sweet Tooth Food Truck Festival Melbourne

Held at the end of July, the Sweet Tooth Food Truck Festival is truly a marvelous gathering. Who wouldn’t love seeing bakeries on wheels rolling into town for a weekend of yummy treats? Kids of all ages will flock to this festival for chocolates, churros, waffles, crepes, and ice creams. You can even find terrific vegan baked goods.

Bring a few extra reusable bags so you can take home extra sweet treats to save for later. Kick back and enjoy live music and interesting street performers while giving in to your sweet tooth and sampling some of the best sweet confections that street food vendors have to offer. Spend three days in sugary heaven when you come to the Sweet Tooth Food Truck Festival.

Bollywood Food Truck Festival Melbourne

Also held near the end of July, the Bollywood Festival celebrates Indian street fare where you can come enjoy some of the spiciest Indian food in Melbourne. While the festival celebrates Indian food, it also celebrates all things Bollywood.

The glitz and glam of Bollywood come to Australia where you will see dancers and musicians perform, watch Bollywood movies in the park, and of course, eat mouthwatering spicy dishes. The lineup of food trucks does tend to change each year, but there are plenty to choose from and you will have a wonderful time at this festival.

World Flavors in Melbourne

Melbourne has become a melting pot of restaurants, cafes, coffee houses, and street food vendors. You can find anything from dishes made with local produce to high-end French cuisine to Middle Eastern fare. Whether looking for a quick lunch or a relaxing dinner, you will want to head to Chapel Street or Lygon Street to find some of the best eateries and fantastic shopping.

But when looking for street food, you will want to head to Queen Victoria Market or the Food Truck Park. Live entertainment, fresh local produce, hot pizza, and great tapas are just a few things to be found here.

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