Best Coffee Shops to Work From in Melbourne

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Best Coffee Shops to Work From in Melbourne

If you are heading to Melbourne CBD for work, you might feel slightly bummed. It can be hard to hear that you are going to a really cool city and that you have to work while you are there. Thankfully, there are some ways that you can make the most of your time in an exciting city like Melbourne, even if you have to do a little work. Whether you are heading to Melbourne with plans to enjoy the best shopping in the city or whether you have planned to see museums and other interesting attractions, there is plenty to do here when you get off work each day.

When you need to go to Melbourne for work, you will want to check out these great coffee shop locations for your working hours. You can easily work right in the heart of the city all day long in comfort and avoid sitting in your hotel room alone. Being right where all the action is going on is easy when you decide on one of these coffee shops for your work hours while you are in Melbourne.

No matter which coffee shop you choose to work at in town, you will want to be sure that your bags are in secure storage as soon as you arrive. Drop everything off at a Melbourne luggage locker, and then you can focus entirely on your work and sightseeing when you finish your tasks for the day.

Once your bags are safe and secure, it is time to pick the right coffee shop to help you have a little fun while still being ultra-productive.

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Melbourne coffee shops for digital nomads

Best Coffee Shops For Work in Melbourne

The Melbourne area lost some of its best cafés during the pandemic, and places like the Queensberry Pour house have shut down. That doesn't mean you can't find excellent places to sit down and work in South Melbourne, North Melbourne, or even downtown. These great coffee spots will allow you to get your work done with a delicious coffee in hand, and you will find that most of them even have full menus of food offerings after the breakfast hour is over.

Here are our top choices for working solo and remotely in this vibrant city on Australia's southeastern coast.

Dukes Coffee Roasters

Service is really fast here, and the cafe culture vibe intoxicating. You can sit down in comfort at a spacious table here and enjoy really good coffee during your work day. They offer almond milk and other alternative milk options if you have an allergy or a preference, and you will love that you can get breakfast items as well as lunch.

This is the flagship store of this coffee shop brand, and it is by far the best of the shops in this family. The fast and free wifi coupled with the option to sit at communal tables or in small, private corners of the shop make this a very work-friendly environment. Being immersed in Melbourne's local culture is easy when you choose to sit down for your workday at this cozy coffee café.


247 Flinders Lane

Patricia Coffee Brewers

Patricia's is the right place to visit if you love silky-smooth coffee that is served with style. The staff here is friendly, the service is fast, and the food and drink are excellent. The pastries and hot drinks here are a bit spendy, so you will need to budget a little if you plan to spend multiple hours and multiple meals here. At least what you get is top-notch from this café and artisan bakery, which somewhat justifies the higher price.

The only downside to this location, other than having to spend a few more dollars, is that you will have to set up at a table outside. Inside, it's a standing-room-only coffee bar. Luckily, the sun shines year-round in Melbourne, so this won't be too much of a hardship.

If you want to get a really good cup of coffee and a delicious pastry before moving on to another place with large communal tables or other working spaces, this is a great option for your caffeine-fueling needs in central Melbourne.


Rear of 493-495 Little Bourke Street

Melbourne coffee shops to work from

Poolhouse Coffee

Poolhouse Coffee is a great place for long communal tables, as well as good coffee and even better pastries. You will appreciate the simplicity of the menu and the comfort of this shop, as well as the speedy free wifi. This coffee shop has a welcoming atmosphere and lots of natural light, making it a great place to get your work done. You will also be in a great part of Melbourne's CBD if you need access to other central locations during the day or after work. Many freelance workers come here to take care of business, and the environment is perfect for enjoying coffee and working in peace.


6 Franklin Street

Workshop Brothers

While the seating inside is limited here, you will still be able to take advantage of the free wi-fi outside at the comfortable tables. The food is tasty, and the prices are also excellent. This is a hand's-off kind of place where you can drink coffee and work in peace. If you are looking for a nice experience with outdoor seating and great food, this is the right coffee shop for you to pick.

The best location for remote work is on the edge of the CBD in Southbank, just over the Yarra River. They also have a central CBD location on Queen Street, but this is more of an intimate space focusing on grabbing a top-quality espresso shot to go and isn't really conducive to setting up a work area.


a/2 Riverside Quay, Southbank

Mr. Tulk

Named after the first Librarian at the State Library Victoria, Mr. Tulk was actually part of the library itself at one time, and the motif and design of the entire shop if based on this history. This is a low-key and really enjoyable place to sit down and work, and the library atmosphere is perfect for those who need to get some work done in peace and quiet. The free wifi works really well here, which also makes sitting down here a hot tip if you have a lot of virtual meetings to attend that requires fast internet.

Swanston Street is also a really nice part of the city, and you will be near many of the best things to do when you visit Melbourne. This means that these fun activities are steps away when you get off work.


328 Swanston Street

Coffee shops in central Melbourne

Sun Moth

This is a great place to hang out when you need to get some work done because you will be sharing this location with lots of RMIT students that are hard at work as well. The free wifi is excellent here, and there are lots of places to sit down in comfy seating. While not a huge shop, you will still have good access to plug-ins if you arrive in the morning and get your seat picked out. The coffee is reliably good, and you will love that there are options for lunch if you plan to stay for your whole work day.

This is one of the best cafés for working in peace and quiet, and it's even more ideal if you are working solo and don't want to feel totally alone all day.


28 Niagara Ln


This is a really great coffee shop with free wifi and big windows that let in lots of light. Melbourne offers lots of beautiful sunshine, and this is a great place to sit down and get your work done. Whether you are working solo or you are enjoying a work trip with a group, you will have the space that you need to be comfortable here.

The morning at this coffee shop can get really busy, so you might need to plan to make this your afternoon work spot, or you can choose to come early and just put up with a little bit of noise during the peak time due to those dropping in to get their caffeine fix. The menu here is perfect, with a little bit of everything, and although friendly, the staff will leave you in peace to work for the whole day if you choose to stay put.


1 Exhibition Street

Otherside Coffee

While this is another of the smaller coffee and breakfast stops in Melbourne, you can count on this great spot to be perfect for your work needs. This is one of the best cafes for chai teas and creative coffee drinks. They also roast their own beans, and their breakfast fare is locally made and fresh daily.

Just like the State Library, this is a great spot for peaceful working conditions, and you will get access to lots of plug-ins as well as free wifi. The prices are a little steeper here than at some of the other locations in this guide, but the location is excellent for work, and you will be able to work without distraction here.


Shop 3/188 Little Collins Street

Restaurants to work from in Melbourne

Auction Rooms

Located in North Melbourne, Auction Rooms is a cool, trendy shop that offers a sunny courtyard as well as lots of indoor seating and free wifi. You will have the room to share power points or outlets, chat with coworkers in Zoom meetings, and enjoy delicious coffee and food. This part of Melbourne is not as commonly selected for work functions, but that doesn't mean that you have to struggle to find a place to enjoy quality wifi and a prime work location.

The coffee is a little better than the food here, but this is one of the best cafes in Melbourne, and you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and even dinner at Auction Rooms. Having the space to work comfortably with your laptop is easy here, and you will love the prompt service and the ability to get a lot done.


103-107 Errol Street

Coffee House Project

This is a very simple spot to sit down to your favorite coffee and to get your work done in the most comfortable office away from home. Choose your spot and sit down to work in peace, and you'll be surprised just how productive you can be here. Coffee House Project offers counter service exclusively, so you won't have to worry about anyone disturbing you or flagging someone down to get another drink.

While this is not the fanciest coffee shop in the world, it will more than meet your needs for a great place to set up your laptop and get some things done. The menu is not that big, but you will be more than comfortable here with your coffee, your laptop, and the sunshine coming through the windows.


Shop 1/114 Flinders Street

Best Melbourne coffee shops


From coffee shops and artisan bakery locations to laptop-friendly cafes, there is no shortage of great places to work while you are visiting Melbourne. These shops offer free fast wifi, communal tables or small private seating areas, and lots of access to what makes Melbourne fun and special. You will love working in the heart of all the action in the city, and these shops will allow you to do just that while you enjoy good coffee and great food.

Whether you are staying in Southbank, South Melbourne, the north side, or in the center of the city, you will find that these coffee locations will serve your working needs perfectly. You can enjoy all of the best cafes in the city with breakfast dishes, coffee, lunch, and a fun atmosphere while you work. Allow us to take care of your bags while you are hard at work so that you can have the peace of mind needed to travel and work without stress.

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