Is Melbourne safe to visit? A comprehensive safety guide

Published by: Bounce8 March, 2023
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Melbourne is located in the Australian state of Victoria near the Yarra River and is arguably one of its top destinations for vacation. With plenty of art galleries and museums, Melbourne has earned itself the title of the Cultural Capital of Australia. It also has a significant list of tourist attractions and world-famous landmarks like the Eureka Tower, the National Gallery of Victoria, the Queen Victoria Market and the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Did you know that Melbourne is the second biggest city in all of Australia? Right now the city is home to just over 5.2 million citizens. That's a small number in comparison to how many people the Melbourne airport welcomes, with close to 39.5 million domestic and international yearly visitors arriving in the city. The high season between December and March is when Melbourne will be the absolute busiest since that is when most people tend to travel here.

But don't head out to Melbourne right away, because first, you should learn a bit more about the city so that you can feel safe when you explore it. For peace of mind and easier walking, we recommend storing your belongings in Melbourne when out and about. Bounce has an unbeatable protection plan and guarantee for each and every bag.

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Is Melbourne safe to visit right now?

Home to the second busiest airport in all of Australia, Melbourne is clearly a popular place to travel. That means that it is a safe city with lots of things for tourists to do, but you should be aware that crimes still happen here. Melbourne crime statistics show that scams sometimes happen and tourists are also at risk of pickpocketing as well. Our Melbourne safety guide will give you some useful information on how to stay safe, but doing some additional research is a great idea, too.

Australia is ranked highly on the 2021 Global Peace Index in 16th place out of 163 countries, meaning that you can feel comfortable traveling here. There are also no travel advisories or restrictions in place right now so you're safe to explore Melbourne without any worries, as long as you use common sense. It is always a good idea to see what your own government suggests as well.

Top petty crimes and scams in Melbourne affecting tourists

In Melbourne, there are very few natural disasters experienced by tourists aside from sunburns and the occasional flooding during the rainy season. However, there are some other things that you'll need to look out for. Here are some problems that add to the crime rate in Melbourne.


Even the safest cities have pickpockets and there are a couple of things that you'll need to do to protect yourself. You should be on high alert in certain areas, most notably the Flinders Street Station since that is where most instances of petty theft happen.

For your personal security and to protect your belongings, never leave your things unattended and keep one hand on your bag at all times, especially when riding on public transport. Your most precious valuables should be left in a safe place, like a Bounce luggage locker, and anything that is with you should be in a cross-body bag or money belt. These make it harder for thieves to snatch and run away, plus they are more comfortable to carry around, too.


You might not encounter any scams while in Melbourne, but it is a good idea to be aware of them. In fact, if you know what to look out for the chance of you falling for them is lower. Be cautious of people who offer to carry your luggage for you since sometimes they might try to take something from your bags or even run away with them completely.

We suggest always double checking the change that you get back from street vendors, or even bartenders because they may try to get away with overcharging tourists. Similar precautions should be taken when using taxis; always make sure the meter is running as soon as you start the trip in the cab.

Transport risk

When making your way around this beautiful city you'll most likely be using the public transport system a lot. These services are generally pretty safe but there are some areas in the suburbs that can be dangerous, and you should definitely stick to the places that are considered safe.

If you do end up riding the trains and buses on the outskirts of town you'll need to be careful to not attract attention to yourself by wearing flashy clothing or jewelry, or by taking out expensive electronics and money. We recommend avoiding certain places entirely when it is late at night, and we'll introduce them to you later on.

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Is Melbourne safe to travel alone

Some people prefer to experience a new city on their own, and if you want to try solo traveling yourself then this is the country to do it in. Melbourne has a low risk of danger for solo travelers and you should not encounter any trouble as long as you stick to the Melbourne CBD and other safe areas. Our only Melbourne safety tips for solo travelers are to be careful of the climate, especially if you're traveling during the hottest months since the sun can be intense.

The people who live in Melbourne are usually very friendly and respectful, so women can feel safe walking around by themselves too. In fact, Australia ranks 24th on the Bounce Women Travel Safety Index meaning that solo female travelers should keep it on their list of travel destinations. As with any other place around the world, we recommend you avoid going out by yourself during the night time, or if you do, try to stick to well-populated streets and well-lit areas that have security cameras.

Safest neighborhoods in Melbourne

Melbourne is a very safe city but there are a few places that are not as secure. It is best that you stick to the neighborhoods below which have some of the lowest crime rates in the city.

South Yarra

The Yarra Valley is a beautiful place, and this neighborhood on the city's south side is one of the best places to hang out. Here you'll find plenty of shopping opportunities and community centers, as well as restaurants and cafes.

Carlton North

According to the crime statistics, Carlton North is the safest neighborhood in all of Melbourne. You can feel confident exploring it as a tourist.

South Wharf

Consider spending some time in South Wharf; this is another one of the safest suburbs in the city. Here you can enjoy attractions like the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre, and since it is so safe you can even stick around until after dark to enjoy the views of the Seafarers Bridge.

Melbourne definitely isn't a dangerous city but that doesn't mean it is completely free from crime. Just like all of the other cities in the world, you'll need to avoid a couple of places, and this includes Frankston North and Pines Forest to the south east of the city, as well as Clyde, Cardania, Rockbank and Plumpton.

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Is Melbourne public transportation safe?

Most vacationers enter the city from the Tullamarine Airport, but there are actually three more airports in the city as well; the Avalon Airport, Essendon Airport and the Moorabbin Airport. Melbourne is a populous city with both local and foreign people navigating its streets, and without public transit, the roads would definitely get too crowded. The good news is that you won't need your own car to get from one point to another since the public transport services are safe.

The Victoria state government works hard to provide efficient and safe services to get around, but if you ever feel uncomfortable you can get help from the Protective Services Officers that patrol the transit network. As we mentioned earlier, keep a close eye on your belongings while using public transit and avoid sketchy areas.

Important emergency numbers in Melbourne

Even the safest cities experience criminal incidents, and Melbourne is no different. Luckily, Australia is a safe country with emergency services available to protect your health, security, and property. Here are the numbers that you can call when in need of help, but remember that you'll need your embassy number as well.

  • Emergency Fire, Police, Ambulance: 000 or 112
  • Nurse-On-Call: 1300 60 60 24
  • Non-Emergency Police: 131 444
  • Victoria State Emergency Services: 132 500
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Why Melbourne is a safe city

There are lots of great places to visit around the world, but they aren't always safe. Luckily Melbourne is not one of those places, and tourists will definitely not be in danger here as long as they use common sense and are prepared. To get more familiar with the city, read up on Where to Stay in Melbourne: The Ultimate Guide and How to Get Around Melbourne. Be informed and enjoy this spectacular destination.

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