Milan Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Known for its chic fashion, famed art, and ancient architecture, Milan is among the best places to visit in Italy. The second-largest city in Italy, Milan is a center of industry and is among the wealthiest settlements in Europe. With so many world-class attractions on offer, Milan is a city which is sure to please jet setters of all ages. 

Milan has been an important global city for hundreds of years. As well as being one of the fashion capitals of the world, Milan is regarded as one of the strongest economies in the EU. From the Duomo di Milano to Pirelli Tower, Milan is the perfect mix of modern ingenuity and old-world charm. Check in with Bounce and store your belongings at a Milan storage locker, leaving you free to explore this fascinating metropolis. 

A weekend in Milan

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Milan canal at night

8 Best Ways to Experience Milan in 2024

The northern Italian city of Milan combines fashion, art, history, and food into one incredible destination. There is so much to see and do here that you could spend a lifetime in the city and still discover new aspects. But if you’re pressed for time, a local tour guide can be your best friend in helping you get to grips with the city. Check out the companies below to see another side of Milan. And don’t forget to drop your bags off at a Bounce luggage storage in Milan so you won’t be weighed down with heavy luggage while you explore.

Best fashion tour — MFT - Milano Fashion Tour

Milan is a city synonymous with fashion. But behind the luxury brands that have become household names, Milan’s fashion industry runs far deeper. This tour gives you a glimpse of the lesser-known side of the Milan fashion world as you visit the hidden ateliers and showrooms of the city. You’ll get to see a master tailor at work and understand more about why the city occupies its dominant position in the fashion world. Fashionistas will love this one hour tour, and you can book by contacting them at or 39 349 477 1773.

Best food tour — Bella Milano Tours

Italian cuisine is famous around the world, but the truth is, each city has its own distinct culinary traditions. This is certainly true of Milan, and a tour by Bella Milano will give you a better understanding of this history. The company offers multiple walking tours based around food. You can explore the world of olive oil or visit some of the city’s top cafés and get acquainted with the city’s coffee culture. Alternatively, you can take a tour that focuses not only on food but also on culture and fashion. This locally owned company can show you so many aspects of Milan’s culture, you may want to take multiple tours to really get to grips with the city. Contact them at or 39 338 301 2220.

Best cultural tour — Milan Walking Tours

These regularly scheduled walking tours can give you an understanding of Milan you’re unlikely to get any other way. Guided by a resident of the city, you can explore both the ancient and modern culture of the city. Visit the charming Brera district, or enjoy aperitivos in glitzy Porta Nuova. Or you could sample Asian cuisine with a tour of Milan’s Chinatown or uncover the city’s secrets on the Secret Milan tour. Tours are offered every day of the week except for Thursday, and private tours are also available by contacting them at or 39 388 798 0059.

Best cooking class — Cook in Milano

Nothing will help you understand and appreciate the local cuisine better than learning to make it for yourself. This fun activity will teach you about the products and techniques used to create Milanese dishes. Bringing home a new skill is the best souvenir of all, and you’ll be able to treat yourself and your friends to a little taste of Milan wherever you are after taking this class. Book a slot at or 39 335 805 9852.

Best vintage car tour — Vintage Tour Milano

Touring the city in a classic car is one of the most elegant ways to enjoy this most elegant of cities. With tours in both English and Italian, you can learn more about the city in style. The company offers 10 different tours, including night tours, and they last from half an hour to three hours. So if you’re looking to fill a specific amount of time, this is the company to call. You can reach them at or 39 346 835 3403.

Best rickshaw tour — Veloleo

The rickshaw may not be the first mode of transport you think of when you picture Milan. But these electric rickshaws are a fun and unique way to get around, and allow you to see more of the city than you otherwise would. You can sightsee at the major attractions of Milan or go on a spending spree with a shopping tour. Relax in the back while the tour guide drives the vehicle and explains more about the city. The company also offers tours of Parma if you want to see more of the region. Contact them at or 39 342 975 2617.

Best day trips — Zani Viaggi Day Tours

There’s enough to do in Milan to keep anyone busy. But if you want to see the wider area, Zani Viaggi can help. They offer excursions to local attractions such as the stunning Lake Como, an unforgettable place to visit on any Italian vacation. They also offer hop-on hop-off tours in the city, and are a great option if you’re pressed for time. Book a tour at or 39 02 867 1331.

Best free walking tour — FollowMi Around

If you want to see the best of the city on a budget, this company offers a free walking tour that can help you see the major sights. They also offer a tour that helps you discover more hidden gems that most tourists remain unaware of. Of course, you should always remember to tip your guide well for their efforts. The company also offers paid tours that let you explore different aspects of the city a little deeper, and these are well worth considering if you have the time. Contact them at or 39 3664968257.

With dozens of landmarks worth discovering, planning a weekend away in Italy's second city isn't easy. Unburden yourself of your bags at a Milan luggage storage service, and head to one of these world-class attractions. 

  • The Duomo di Milano is a must-see while on a short trip to the city. The second-largest cathedral in Europe, the Duomo di Milano boasts intricate Gothic architecture and stunning artworks. A tour of the cathedral will even take you onto the roof, which affords spectacular views of Milan.
  • Another religious building you should visit during your trip is the Santa Maria delle Grazie. This beautiful church is renowned as it houses one of the most famous pieces of art on the planet, The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci.
  • History-buffs will love taking a tour of Sforza Castle. Dating back to the 14th century, this citadel was once home to the Sforzas, rulers of Milan, and contains remarkable paintings, frescoes, and furnishings.
  • Sample some delicious Milanese cuisine at one of Milan's best restaurants. You'll find lots of great dining choices across Milan, including Pescaria, Ratanà, and Piz.

Milan lockers

While the center of Milan is simple to get around on foot, you may not want to lug any heavy bags through the city's bustling streets. Many of the best attractions also prohibit large bags, meaning you might want to check in a Milan luggage locker before touring the city. Bounce offers the best luggage storage services in Milan, where you can quickly and securely stow your bags before taking in the sights. Just book through the Bounce app, and within minutes you'll have somewhere to unload your cumbersome belongings. 

Off the beaten path in Milan

Looking to avoid the large crowds? You'll find there's plenty of quiet parks and less popular attractions across Milan, where you can spend your vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. Drop your bags at a Milan suitcase storage service, and head off the beaten path to one of these locations.

  • Covering over 95 acres, Sempione Park is one of the biggest parks in Milan. Positioned next to Sforza Castle, Sempione Park is ideal for a picnic in the shadow of several famous monuments.
  • Hike through the Italian countryside at Parco Agricolo Sud Milano. This rural park consists of over 100,000 acres and is ideal for birdwatchers, with kingfishers, great herons, and hen harriers frequenting the region.
  • One of Milan's best hidden gems is Leonardo da Vinci's Vineyard. Six hundred years after Leonardo da Vinci, this vineyard has been restored to its former glory and is a great way to learn about one of the world's most famous artists.  

What to do alone in Milan

aerial view of Milan

With tons of museums and landmarks to admire, Milan is one of the best places for individual adventurers. Whether you're in Milan on business or you're looking to kill some time during a lengthy layover, add one of these attractions to your solo itinerary. 

  • Go on a shopping spree at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Milan is the ultimate shopping destination, and the stunning Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II boasts many of the city's best fashion boutiques. 
  • The art collection at Pinacoteca di Brera is among the best in Italy and is ideal for solo travelers. You'll find works by many of the biggest names in fine art on display here, including Anthony van Dyck, Raphael, and Titian. 
  • Climb to the top of Branca Tower. Located in Sempione Park, Branca Tower stands at over 350 feet and affords some of the best views of Milan's skyline. 

The best souvenirs in Milan

Milan is a spellbinding city that's among the best vacation spots in Europe. Towards the end of your trip, you might want to pick up a memento. As the "Fashion Capital of the World", the perfect souvenir from Milan is a designer bag, leather goods, or a new outfit from one of Milan's classy stores. 

If you're looking for traditional souvenirs or something unique, head to the markets and souvenir stores at Piazza Mercanti. Alternatively, you could pick some local delicacies to impress your friends back home. The top food items to bring back from Milan include classic Italian coffee and traditional panettone. 

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