Best Brunch In Montreal: The Definitive Guide

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Welcome to the Quebec city of Montreal, the second largest French-speaking city in the world. Most of the citizens are bilingual and the local population is made up of a diverse community of people from different cultures and backgrounds. Montreal has earned its nickname as Festival City because of all the events that are put on every year and you can get around to most places quickly and easily thanks to the vast Underground City. Being Canada's second largest city, Montreal is big and there is something going on around every corner.

The city is home to some unique food like the famous poutine and Montreal bagels. If you are spending a while in Montreal then you will get to try all of their signature dishes and there are some great options for brunch that you just need to taste. Before going out to a local cafe, leave your luggage or shopping purchases at a suitcase storage service in Montreal. Then you can relax while you dine!

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This beautiful restaurant offers great food, excellent service, and a tasty brunch menu made with fresh ingredients. They are a top choice for a weekend brunch since they only serve it on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 2 pm.

Some of the meals that you can order here include basic pancakes served with fruits and maple syrup, a breakfast sandwich made with bacon or ham with harissa mayo and arugula, classic breakfast dishes of eggs, a beet salad or endive salad. Find them on rue William in Montreal.

Maison Boulud

If you are in the mood for some fine dining, stop by Maison Boulud which is located in the Ritz-Carlton hotel on rue Sherbrooke Ouest. Although the prices are expensive here the great service and delicious breakfast and brunch options make it all worth it.

The menu is created by professional chef Daniel Boulud who has experience with traditional French cuisine but also has some restaurants in New York. You can enjoy your meal while sitting in the elegant restaurant, bar or lounge that overlooks the stunning gardens. Ask for their brunch menu and try your best to decide what to eat.

Arthurs Nosh Bar

Arthurs Nosh Bar is a popular spot for brunch that is steadily growing in popularity around Montreal. They open at 9 am and can serve you until 4 pm on weekends and 3 pm on weekdays, with the exception of Tuesdays when they are closed.

They have some pretty tasty meals on their brunch menu, like the Moroccan Toast, the Grand Slam or the challah French Toast. Make sure to try The Shah Special which is made with a poached egg, house-smoked salmon, caviar, latke, sour cream, and an arugula salad on the side. They are located on rue Notre-Dame Ouest in Saint-Henri and a great place to eat, especially if you are staying in the area.

Le Passé Composé

This brunch spot in Montreal is great for tasting some of the city's signature dishes and everything is prepared perfectly by their chef Arnaud Glay. Both citizens and tourists line up outside of the restaurant's location on St Catherine Street downtown and once you try some of their meals you will see why.

Their menu is composed of the best brunch meals like a Foie Gras Poached Egg which is made with goose egg, prosciutto chips, a black beer and onion compote as well as pan-seared foie gras and brioche bread. Other meals include the Passé Composé Bagel and Panko French Toast that can be complemented by your choice of sides and a smoothie or glass of freshly squeezed juice. They are open from 12 pm on Saturdays and Sundays and from 11:30 am to 9 pm the rest of the week.


You will find Larry's on Boulevard Saint-Laurent in the Mile End of Montreal and it is one of the places to go for basically anything. You can order breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner here, or just meet up with friends for a few drinks in the evening. Lots of people have chosen this place to be a gathering spot and a place to grab some delicious food. It is popular among nearby neighborhood citizens and the younger population too.

Their breakfast menu is made up of a selection of small plates so you can choose several to fill your plate with whatever you want. The choices include scrambled eggs, toast with butter, bacon, sausage and other basic breakfast foods. They also have a great menu of burgers and sandwiches if that is what you are in the mood for.


Réservoir is a pub and restaurant in Montreal that can serve you some truly tasty brunch meals as well as drinks. They are open from Wednesday to Saturday between 12 pm and 7 pm and you can find their restaurant on rue Duluth Est in Montreal.

Their brunch menu includes several choices for entrees, main dishes and dessert so you can treat yourself to a whole three course meal. We suggest trying their deviled eggs to start and pair it with a French toast, or maybe have a rice pudding with a scone and a bloody Caesar to start the day off right. They also have fresh juice if you don't want to have cocktails in the morning.


This restaurant is named after its own chef, Marcus Samuelsson, and is located inside the Four Seasons Hotel in Montreal. They have an excellent choice of dishes for every meal of the day and you can enjoy friendly service and tasty food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even high-tea.

If you stop by for brunch you can choose from a menu with several choices that are all worth trying, like an eggs Benedict or fried chicken waffles. You can also choose to build your own bagel with your choice of fillings and toppings.


Junior serves some intense Filipino brunch dishes that are all well worth trying so make sure that you bring an appetite. They have big portions and excellent food that ranges anywhere from sweet coconut waffles to savory pork belly, and cocktails are included in the menu too.

If you are having a late brunch you should order their fried chicken sandwich or seafood palabok. They are affordably priced and open between 11 am to 9 pm so you can also stop by for lunch or dinner too. The restaurant is found on rue Notre-Dame Ouest.

Olive et Gourmando

At Olive et Gourmando you will find a café, restaurant and bakery all under one roof. This place is where you can find some of the classic dishes as well as exciting new creations. They have a selection of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made breads, croissants, muffins, as well as other baked goods and salads too.

You can order a nice tea to go with your brunch and they offer several flavors like chai, sencha, chamomile and earl grey. Olive et Gourmando is open from 9 am to 5 pm and they are located on rue Saint-Paul Ouest in Old Montreal.

Bird Bar

This place is called Bird Bar for a good reason since the menu mainly consists of chicken and other related dishes. They have succeeded in creating the perfect brunch meals that lots of people rave about, with options like a chicken and waffles combination.

They also serve more traditional breakfast food like eggs Benedict, breakfast burritos or shakshuka. They also have some great coffee and dessert options for after your brunch so you can finish off your meal with a sweet churro, brownie or cheesecake. Visit them on rue Notre-Dame Ouest and keep in mind that they only serve brunch on weekends.

Kim Fung

This is just one of the restaurants serving Chinese cuisine in Montreal but many agree that it is one of the best. Their menu has all of the best traditional dishes and is a great spot to grab brunch. They are located in the city center in Montreal's Chinatown.

Their menu has dim sum, sticky rice, steamed dumplings, spring rolls and eggplant filled with shrimp, just to name a few. Treat yourself to a comforting warm tea to go with your brunch meal and then head outside to explore the rest of Montreal.

Beauty's Luncheonette

The kids will love this place after a fun morning of activities. This brunch spot serves some great Jewish-inspired meals that just about anyone will enjoy. They are one of the oldest brunch spots in the city and their location on the corner of Mont-Royal makes it the perfect spot to stop by before or after sightseeing.

They have classic dishes including pancakes, salads and sandwiches as well as some unique specialties. We suggest trying their bagel lox platter or the tasty mish mash omelette which is made with hot dogs, fried onion, green pepper and salami.


This spot opened in 2010 and quickly became a favorite among locals and tourists in the Mile End. It is a popular spot for people who feel that they drank a bit too much last night, and the friendly staff know exactly how to help cure your hangover. The restaurant is open and lets in some fresh air which helps too.

They have a big menu with lots of brunch options like poutine made with home fries, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce or a Japanese-style pancake served with bacon, mayo, egg, cabbage and otafuku sauce. If you want a more traditional dish you can stick with an eggs Benedict, breakfast sandwich or try one of their great omelettes.

Café Parvis

Café Parvis is situated in the Quartier des Spectacles and their bright dining room is usually filled with workers from the nearby office buildings or people coming from one of the events in the city. They are quieter on the weekends making it a great spot for a Sunday brunch.

On their menu, you will find great Italian-style dishes made with fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection. You will have lots of meals to choose from but some of their best include the endive salads with mozzarella di bufala cheese, their egg tacos or gravlax platters. You can even have a breakfast pizza made with leeks and bacon béchamel if that's what you're craving.


Foiegwa took over an old diner and gave it a new life creating an elegant and enjoyable place to grab a bite to eat. The food here is affordable and tasty and brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:30 am to 3 pm. They are located in Montreal's Saint-Henri neighborhood so pay them a visit if you find yourself nearby.

They have most of your favorite brunch choices and for a small extra fee, you can add foie gras to any meal. Try their fluffy ricotta pancakes or a breakfast chia bowl, and order a tasty milkshake to wash it all down.

Montreal's Top Brunch Spots

There is no doubt that Montreal has a talented food sector and whether you are in Old Montreal or the modern city center, there is something tasty to satisfy your cravings. It is hard to decide which restaurant has the best brunch since all of them are so good.

It is wise to do some research before deciding where to eat since this metropolis has so many different restaurants, cafes or bistros serving meals in the morning. You can go to a fancy restaurant for a three course breakfast or just grab a bagel and coffee to go while you are out exploring the town.

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