Layover in Moscow – the ultimate guide 2024

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Moscow, Russia

If you find yourself on a stopover in Moscow, it can be very tempting to make the most of your time by getting out and seeing some of the city. Sheremetyevo Airport, also known as Pushkin International Airport, is connected to Moscow by the Aeroexpress train which takes around 35 minutes to make the journey from the airport to Belorussky Station close to the heart of Moscow. That means is possible to see at least some of the city even on a relatively short Moscow Airport layover.

If you’re pressed for time, it’s a good idea to leave your bags behind at a Bounce luggage storage in Moscow. That way, you’ll be able to move more easily through the Russian capital. Not carrying more than you need to means you can really enjoy your Moscow layover.

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6 hour layover in Moscow

Depending on your nationality, a six-hour layover may not give you enough time to explore Moscow. Citizens of many countries around the world require a visa to visit Russia, and if you don’t have one, you won’t be able to leave the airport. In that case, you’d be better off staying at the airport itself to make sure you don’t miss your connection.

As Russia’s biggest airport, Sheremetyevo has a few things to do that will kill time while you wait for your flight. The airport hosts rotating art exhibitions that are worth checking out, and you’ll also be able to shop or spend some time in an airport lounge. There are even showers where you can freshen up in Terminal D, so you can make sure you’re ready for the next leg of your journey.

  • Pushkin International Airport has a good train connection with Moscow, but a six-hour layover isn’t enough time to get a transit visa to allow you outside the airport.
  • Instead, spend your time in an airport lounge or take a shower to prepare for your next flight.
Moscow University, Moscow

8 hour layover in Moscow

if you have a little longer to spend in Moscow, it might be worth your time looking into the possibility of getting a transit visa so that you can leave the airport and head into the city. Eight hours gives you enough time to get to Central Moscow and see some of what it has to offer. For instance, if you take the Aeroexpress train to Belorussky station, it’s only a short walk from there to the Russian Impressionism Museum. This museum, located in a striking modern building, is home to hundreds of works of Impressionism by Russian artists from the 19th and 20th centuries.

If art’s not your thing, you could take your taste buds on a journey around the world by visiting Depo Moscow FoodMall. This massive indoor foodcourt offers 75 different places to eat, and also hosts regular markets and food-based events.

  • Take the Aeroexpress to Belorussky station and visit the Russian Impressionism Museum.
  • Alternatively, sample Moscow’s food scene at Depo Moscow FoodMall.
Moscow, Russia

10 hour layover in Moscow

With 10 hours to spend on your Moscow layover, you may want to venture deeper into the heart of the city. After dropping off your bags at a Moscow luggage storage, you can take Metro line M2 from Belorussky Station to Teatralnaya Station, a journey that will take around five minutes. From there, it’s only a nine-minute walk to one of Moscow’s most iconic locations: Red Square.

This massive monumental square has witnessed some of Russia’s most historic events and contains cultural treasures like St. Basil’s Cathedral and Lenin’s mausoleum. Depending on how you’re doing for time, you may not be able to visit all these attractions and still make your next flight. But the Square is a fantastic place to get photos and just enjoy the vibe of the city while you soak up some history.

  • Take subway line M2 from Belorussky Station to Red Square.
  • Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of one of the city’s iconic locations and take lots of photos.
  • If you have time, you can visit St. Basil’s Cathedral or Lenin’s mausoleum.

12 hour layover in Moscow

With an extra couple of hours to spend Moscow, it wouldn’t be hard to use up your extra time more fully enjoying what Red Square has to offer. But if that’s not enough, it’s only a short walk from the Square to the Kremlin. This iconic and colorful building is an icon of the country and is the seat of Russian power both past and present. A ticket to the Kremlin lets you visit Cathedral Square, which is surrounded by four different cathedrals, and wander the gardens of this unique fortress. Russia’s history is long and fascinating, and this is the ideal place to explore it. For security reasons, large bags are not allowed inside, so make sure you leave yours behind at a Moscow suitcase storage before you visit.

  • Take a short walk from Red Square to the Kremlin to see the seat of Russian power.
  • The unique architecture and fascinating history of the building mean you could easily spend a couple of hours or more here.
Moscow, Russia

24 hour layover in Moscow

An overnight layover in the Russian capital means you can really get to grips with what it has to offer. An overnight stay means you could, if you’re lucky, spend an evening enjoying world-class performances at the legendary Bolshoi Theater. This theater harks back to the grandeur of Tsarist Russia, and remains one of the world’s top venues for opera and ballet to this day. 

Before your flight the next day, check out the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts. While the collection here is dominated by Russian artists, this museum also houses works by famous artists from around the world, and you could easily spend three or four hours admiring these cultural treasures before heading back to the airport to catch your flight.

  • See if you can get tickets to the Bolshoi Theater to enjoy world-class performances.
  • Enjoy some of Russia’s best nightlife in Moscow’s lively bars and clubs.
  • Admire world-class works of art at the Pushkin State Museum.
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