Barclays Center Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Barclays Center, New York

It would be easy to think of the Barclays Center as just a basketball stadium and home to the famous Brooklyn Nets. The thing is, this center is so much more than that. It is also home to the WNBA team New York Liberty, hosts top NHL ice hockey games, professional boxing matches, and international gymnastics events.

On the music front, it played host to the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards and was said by Billboard Magazine to have gained greater revenue from music events and family shows than Madison Square Garden. Top that off with major martial arts events and professional wrestling, and there is no shortage of reasons for you to consider visiting this emblematic venue.

If you do plan a visit, here is something you might want to bear in mind: because it is right in the heart of Brooklyn, it has no parking facilities. With all of the public transport right on its doorstep, that is not too much of an inconvenience. That said, you may want to consider taking advantage of one of the numerous luggage storage services near Barclays Center if you are carrying bags.

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Barclays Center, New York City

Barclays Center bag policy

In this center, bags that are larger than 14'' by 14'' by 6'' will not be allowed entry. Smaller backpacks and drawstring bags are deemed to be acceptable but will be subject to X-ray examination by security personnel. You should expect delays in this regard and will have to build those into your arrival plans.

This might sound like an inconvenience, but it doesn't need to be. There are many luggage storage services within just a few minutes walk, and being freed from the hassle of carrying a bag can be a surprisingly liberating experience.

Barclays Center food policy

Though they offer a wide range of foods in the complex via their concessionaires, as far as bringing your own food in is concerned, the rules are simple. You can't. That includes drinks and beverages, though exceptions can be made for people with special medical needs.

Fortunately, there are plenty of both concessions, and high-end dining establishments in the center,  and they will cater to most tastes and dietary requirements. If those don't suit your style, within minutes of the center is a wide variety of restaurants serving everything from pizzas to tacos. Brooklyn is a cultural melting pot and you will find food options from all around the world.

Barclays Center camera policy

When it comes to taking photos, the center has some strict rules. You may not use any camera with interchangeable lenses, telephoto lenses, or flash devices. You will not be allowed to enter with a bipod, tripod, or video recording equipment of any kind. The rules against the use of sound recording equipment are equally strict. If you decided against that storage locker, you may want to reconsider.

Barclays Center rules

The rules at this center share a lot in common with the rules at many other large-scale public venues; and then some.

  • No weapons of any kind
  • No signs, flags or banners
  • No balloons or balls
  • No coolers
  • No large umbrellas or umbrella with a pointed end
  • No Drones
  • No lasers pointers

Barclays Center lockers

Luckily, it is easy to rent a locker in close vicinity to the center, and that really can make your visit so much more pleasant. Not having to lug a bag or worry whether it conforms with security requirements can be a liberating experience. Near to the center, it is possible to rent a luggage locker, and even to do so online to avoid the disappointment of finding there are none available when you get there. Look out for companies that can provide comprehensive protection as this will increase your peace of mind while you are enjoying your visit.

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