Best Coffee Shops to Work From in New York

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Best Coffee Shops to Work From in New York

New York is the perfect place to head when you have fun things in mind. Peruse the best shopping in New York, arguably the best in the country, or visit one of the many intriguing museums. But what do you do when you head to New York for work or need to do a little work on your family trip? It can be daunting to think of having to stare at hotel walls all day while you work. You probably want to feel at least like you get to take in all of what New York has to offer, even if you are in town for work. This is where New York coffee shops come in! You can have a really nice workday at the best coffee shops in the city, and you will love that you are connected to the hustle and bustle of the city as you work.

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Work-friendly New York coffee shops

Coffee Shops to Work From When You Are in New York

Whether you want to work from a location near Times Square, or you just need to find the right coffee shop in your local area for a convenient commute from your hotel room each day, this guide will help. You will be able to find the best coffee shops for your needs on this list to enjoy your time working in New York.


This is a location as unique as the name. You will feel like you are working inside a Himalayan salt lamp when you sit down here. There is also a lot of bright light coming in through the front windows of this coffee shop. This is meant to be a meeting place, a hangout location, and something sort of like a pub in England. This means that the location can be noisy, but it is still a really fun coffee shop with great WiFi.

This location is a wine bar later at night, but in the morning, you can get a well-made coffee and a snack as you work. If you come later in the day, you can just close your laptop and start enjoying libations with your work buddies once all the work is done. This is one of the most unique coffee shops in the entire city.


1090 St Johns Pl, Brooklyn, NY

PLG Coffee House and Tavern

For a unique and kitschy coffee shop experience, head to this neighborhood meet and greet spot. This is a place with indoor and outdoor seating where you can enjoy iced coffee or cappuccino at a cozy coffee shop, and you will also be treated to all kinds of bagel offerings. This is actually a bagel shop that does a second tour of duty as a coffee shop every day.

PLG Coffee House is a busy coffee shop, but the service is excellent, and the coffee is really good. You will love the delicious food and snacks, and you will get a lot of work done due to the excellent WiFi. This is a great place to do your work if you want to get specialty coffee, delicious New York bagels, and lots more.


499 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Coffee shops for work in NYC

Prince Coffee House

Hovering at the entrance to Little Italy, this is a homey, comfortable, local spot where you can get a lot of work done. You will love this coffee shop for its great atmosphere, helpful staff, and delicious coffee menu. From freshly roasted coffee to handmade egg sandwiches, this is a great place to sit down and do your work all day. The staff is used to people coming into Prince Coffee House and working all day in the natural light, and they will let you hang out in peace.

This is the cutest little coffee shop, and its handy location near some of the best dining in the city makes it a great place to fold up your laptop and head out when the dinner hour rolls around. Even if you only need to spend a few hours working, this is a great choice for your working times.


2306 Arthur Ave, The Bronx, NY


This is a delightful little coffee shop that is actually advertised as a place where people should come and work. This is one of the best coffee shops in the city if you want to work in peace with an accompanying cold brew or tasty hot drink. While there is no outdoor seating at this location, their good coffee, delicious focaccia sandwiches, and peaceful atmosphere are more than enough for your workday comfort.

Be aware that this location is small, and you might not find seating if you show up later in the day. You will want to start your day off here bright and early to steal a spot for yourself.


260 Halsey St, Brooklyn, NY

Working coffee shops in New York

Kos Kaffe Roasting House

For baked goods as well as a full espresso bar, this is the right location to visit. They offer quality free wi-fi here as well as lots of outdoor seating. You can access the internet even at the outdoor tables, and you will be able to work in peace here throughout your business day. This spot is ideal if you don't want to give up your place to track down your meals, and they have a full menu that can cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner easily.

Kos Kaffe Roasting House is run by a husband and wife who are passionate about their craft, and you can feel this in every part of the experience.


251 5th Ave (between Carroll St & Garfield Pl) Brooklyn, NY

Little Skips

This busy little local shop offers you delicious food and yummy coffee when you stop in. This is one of the various laptop-friendly cafes that does shut off the free wi-fi on the weekend, so you will want to find another location to work from if you need to do some typing on a Saturday or Sunday. This place has minimal seating, but it is so chill, and the food and drinks are so good that you will want to head here and join the other remote workers as they sip coffee and tap away near the exposed brick walls.

While not the right vibe for everyone, this is a really great option if you want to get a little more local in your coffee shop choice. While there are lots of local coffee shops in the city, there are not many cafe options like this one.


1643 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY

Stumptown Coffee in NYC

Stumptown Coffee

This shop is more commercial, and Stumptown coffee is similar to Starbucks on the West Coast. This is the kind of reliable coffee shop that you can trust for free wi-fi as well as consistent coffees and delicious food. There are things like avocado toast on the menu here and other snacks and desserts that you can pair with your coffee as you work. Try the dough donuts, and make sure that you ask for allergen-friendly menu items if you need some accommodation. They have a full list of alternative milk and gluten-free food options for those who need these choices to be available.

While a bit commercial, this is a very polished and easy-to-count-on place where you can easily spend the entire day getting lots of work done.


30 W 8th St, New York, NY

The Roost

This little shop is a coffee shop by day and a bar at night. You will get excellent service here, and you can count on them to let you do laptop work in peace at the little tables that are clustered near the big windows at the front of the cafe. This is one of the classic NYC locations to work for those who are in the know, and you will love their excellent coffee as well as their tasty food.

If you stay long enough while you are working, you can just close your computer and order a beer to celebrate the end of the work day! This is a fun spot that is a very memorable New York experience, even if you have to work.


222 Avenue B, New York, NY

New York coffee shops

Ground Central Coffee Company

Located right by Grand Central Station, this is a New York-themed coffee shop with many locations besides this one to its credit. There is a train board-style menu here and lots of fun memorabilia on the walls. This is the kind of place that younger people love, and the hip atmosphere is really fun. This is usually a fairly peaceful cafe, and you will love the full menu of coffee shop favorites on offer here.

There is a huge list of pastries on offer here and nearly every kind of coffee you can dream up. From drip coffee to fancy coffees that can be purchased with daily deals, you will find everything you need here (and a little bit more).


155 East 52nd St, New York, NY

Milk & Pull

Milk & Pull caters to a younger audience and also offers you access to alternative milk and food choices if you have food allergies. You can head here for free wi-fi, comfortable seating, and there is even a big table that can accommodate a large group that might need to sit down for a few hours together. The coffee is really good here, and the service is awesome. You will love the light coming in from the large windows, and there are even a few little outdoor tables if you want to sit outside as you work.

This is a small chain of coffee shops, so you can pick the right one based on your location. They are all really nice and offer the same menu of food and drink, so you will know what to expect at their other locations as well.


181 Irving Ave (between Stanhope St. and Stockholm St), Brooklyn, NY

Coffee shop work spaces in NYC


If you have been trying to figure out how to make the most of your time in New York, even when you are in the city for work, you need to make sure that you pick one of these lovely coffee shops for your working hours. Whether you are looking at the upper west side, the west village, or downtown New York, there are plenty of great cafe options where you can sit down and work in peace. There tends to be more work-friendly spots outside of Manhattan, though. Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx are excellent NYC boroughs to aim for.

You will love getting to work alongside local New Yorkers who are also looking for a break from the four walls of their office cube or their home, and being able to sip on the finest coffee and eat a dessert or pastry can be just what the doctor ordered for your days in the city. These shops are some of the best coffee shops in the city, but this is not an exhaustive list by any means. You will find coffee shops and stops all over New York, and you can have your pick of them. In a city as big as New York, you're bound to find the ideal coffee shop work environment in no time!

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