MetLife Stadium Bag Policy 2024: The Ultimate Guide

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MetLife Stadium, New Jersey

MetLife Stadium is one of the premier entertainment facilities in New Jersey. Located in East Rutherford, the stadium is just five miles from New York City and all the entertainment options that the city provides. MetLife Stadium is home to both the New York Football Giants and the New York Jets, making it one of the country’s foremost arenas for professional sports.

There's plenty to do near the stadium besides its many sporting and entertainment events. The New Meadowlands fleamarket that takes place outside the stadium every week is a great place to shop for unique items. Or you could get your thrills on the roller coasters at indoor amusement park The American Dream. And of course, New York City is not far away, with world-famous attractions like the Statue of Liberty and Times Square. This area has a lot to offer. So drop off any heavy bags with our MetLife Stadium luggage storage partners and start exploring.

Beer at MetLife Stadium, NJ

MetLife Stadium bag policy

You can bring small bags into MetLife Stadium, but according to the MetLife Stadium bag policy, that's about it.

You cannot bring backpacks, computer bags, tote bags, diaper bags, fanny packs or camera bags into the MetLife Stadium.

Can you bring a bag into MetLife Stadium?

Yes, you can. Bags need to be 12" by 6" by 12" in size or smaller in order to be allowed into MetLife Stadium, and they need to be clear bags. Only one clear plastic bag (or similar material) is permitted per person. Small purses of 4.5"x 6.5" are also allowed with a similar one-per-person limit, and these do not have to be clear (think the size of a clutch bag, or any other bag bigger than 4.5" x 6.5").

If you do bring a bag into the MetLife Stadium, you'll need to be checked at security. So, if you're carrying anything bigger than a small backpack, you'll probably need to drop it off at a luggage locker near MetLife Stadium. Not only will this help you avoid trouble with the stadium security, but it will make it easier to move around the stadium and enjoy your event.

MetLife Stadium lockers

Although not technically in New York, MetLife is the home of some of the city's top sports teams, making it a popular place to visit. Whether you're going to MetLife to watch the New York Giants or the New York Jets or to see a concert or other show, you can make things easier on yourself by dropping off your unneeded bags with our luggage storage near MetLife Stadium. Unfortunately, there are no luggage lockers available on site.

Dropping off unnecessary bags allows you to breeze through security at the venue and find your seat more easily. Not only will this allow you to enjoy your event more, but it will also make it easier to explore the many attractions and activities in the area.

MetLife Stadium Entrance, NJ

MetLife Stadium food policy

Outside food is permitted inside MetLife Stadium, which is good news if you have special dietary requirements or prefer something healthier than the stadium's own food vendors. Food must be contained in a clear plastic bag so that security can easily see it - think a ziploc bag or a freezer bag.

You're also allowed to bring your own water and soft drinks so long as they are in unopened factory-sealed plastic bottles and are less than 20 ounces in size. If you're using a refillable water bottle, it needs to be empty upon your arrival at security.

If you prefer not to bring your own food, MetLife Stadium has plenty of food vendors to serve you — 19, in fact. Nonna Fusco’s will serve you a classic New Jersey meatball sub, while Cheetos popcorn is a little more unusual.

You can also get pizza, burgers, doughnuts, pies, and even Korean barbecue.

MetLife Stadium camera policy

Cameras are allowed in MetLife Stadium so long as they have a lens no more than six inches in length. Camera bags are not permitted (remember the size limits in the bag policy), so make sure to leave those in a MetLife Stadium luggage storage locker before you visit.

A phone camera should be good enough to capture those all-important stadium food selfies, but you may want a camera to capture the views over the Hackensack River outside the stadium or the wildlife in nearby Hackensack Meadows Conservation and Wildlife Area. 

Other MetLife Stadium rules & information

Prohibited Items

  • Alcohol is not allowed into the stadium. Note that foreign visitors must show a valid passport as ID to purchase alcohol in the stadium. Driver's licenses or other forms of identification from countries outside the US are not accepted.
  • No seat cushions are allowed unless medically required.
  • No glass bottles, cans, or coolers are permitted.
  • Banners and flags are not allowed besides the official national flag of a country, and no flagpoles are allowed.
  • Pets or animals of any kind, with the exception of service animals

How to get to MetLife Stadium

  • MetLife Stadium is served by Meadowlands Sports Complex Station. Rail service to the station is provided for events with an expected attendance of over 50,000. Trains leave from Hoboken terminal. 
  • Bus 351 connects the Port Authority to MetLife Stadium on game days.
  • There are parking lots available for those who want to drive, with accessible parking and drop-off available in 3 of the lots.

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