Metropolitan Museum of Art Bag Policy 2024: Everything you need to know

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Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

If you're planning on visiting an art gallery while in New York then it really should be the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The museum is located on the Big Apple's 5th Street and isn't just the largest in the city, it's the biggest in the United States and also one of the biggest in the world. Forget making a brief tour of the two million-plus pieces of artwork on display, as just to walk through the museum can take up to five hours and that's without stopping to admire anything.

No matter what your predilection is when it comes to art, you'll find a masterpiece belonging to the relevant genre at The Met. The museum's diverse collections, which include works from artists such as Monet and van Gogh, are one of the reasons it attracts almost seven million visitors annually. Visitors are not permitted to enter the museum with large bags so make sure you use luggage storage near The Met before going there.

Bag policy at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Visitors to the Metropolitan Art Museum in New York are not allowed to enter the facility carrying large bags for security reasons. You will be required to pass through a security check to enter the building where any bag you may have with you will be either scanned or searched. It can be a slow process and there are often long queues at the museum entrance. Any drink or other liquid, as well as any food items you have in your bag, will be removed by security staff so avoid carrying any if you can.

Lockers at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Art Museum does not provide a luggage storage service, nor are there luggage lockers anywhere in the facility. There is a coat check at the museum where you can leave your outerwear as well as a small bag if you need to, but be aware there are often long queues. The coat check doesn't accept large bags for storage so you'll need to do that off-site before arriving.

Bounce has almost one hundred luggage locker sites around New York and several of those are near to the Metropolitan Art Museum. You'll find them convenient to drop your bags at as well as being an economical option for suitcase storage in New York. When you leave your bags at a Bounce storage locker service all you'll be charged is a small daily per bag fee which includes a security tag and full insurance to the value of $10,000.  

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Food policy at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

It can take literally hours to go around the Metropolitan Art Museum, so you'll definitely need a refreshment stop at some point during your tour of the artworks. There are a few options available inside the museum for the partaking of food and beverages. One is The Eatery which is located on the ground floor and serves meals made from eco-friendly farms. Another, the American Wing Cafe, is on the first floor and there you can relax over a hot drink and snack while viewing sculptures. There are also lounges specifically for patrons and members of the museum as well as a roof garden bar for the general public.

Camera policy at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

There are certain rules applicable to using your camera inside the Metropolitan Art Museum. You can take photographs of the galleries and the artworks in them unless there's a notice stating otherwise. You may also use a tripod so long as you keep well away from the paintings and sculptures. All photographs taken must be for personal use only and not be published commercially. Anyone wishing to take photos for professional usage must contact the museum for permission prior to visiting. Taking videos with either a camera or phone plus the use of flashes or selfie-sticks is not permitted inside the museum.

Rules at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Before visiting the Metropolitan Art Museum in New York you are required to make an online reservation. You will be issued with a ticket stating the date and time of your visit which you will need to scan at the entrance. No food or drink other than a small bottle of water is allowed past the security checks. Touching any of the artworks is strictly prohibited. If you want to sketch or take notes about the artworks you see on your tour, you will need to use a pencil as pens of any description are not allowed.

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