Newark Airport Visitor Guide 2024: Everything You need to know

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Plane taking off at Newark Airport, New Jersey

Newark Liberty International Airport, to give the airport its full title, is located in New Jersey. Between Newark and Elizabeth, this airport was first opened in 1928, making it the oldest airfield in the entire United States. But most of Newark Airport’s 46,000,000 annual passengers don’t fly there to see New Jersey. Instead, it’s the airport’s proximity to New York City that makes it so popular. Only 16 miles from Penn Station, the airport is ideal for people wanting to visit Manhattan.

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Plane flying over Newark Airport

Newark Airport bag policy

There are no limits to the bags you can bring to the airport itself, but there are very stringent limits on what you can bring onto a plane. Consult your airline’s baggage rules and make sure you’re in compliance before you go to the airport.

Anything you want to bring onto the plane with you will need to pass through security and will be inspected and x-rayed. Remember that fluids more than 3.4 ounces (100 ml) in volume are not permitted, so be sure to get rid of those before you pass through security.

Newark Airport itself has no baggage storage facility due to security reasons. However, it’s not hard to find a luggage storage service near Newark Airport if you want to leave some bags behind. If you're only stopping at Newark Airport briefly on a layover, store your bags and check out our guide to layovers in New York City to give you some ideas about how to maximise your short stay.

Newark Airport food policy

You can bring food to Newark Airport if you want to. You can even bring your food through security and onto the plane with you, provided you don’t exceed the limit on liquids.

But if you're on a layover and you can't prep in advance (or food prep is just the last thing on your mind before you catch a flight), then there's no need to worry because Newark Airport has plenty of options within its terminals. Whether you want to grab a quick bite or enjoy a more leisurely sit-down meal, if you find yourself hungry before your flight, you won’t need to look far for something to satisfy your appetite.

Restaurants in Newark Airport

The airport food court is home to fast-food operations such as McDonald’s and Burger King, and also boasts sit-down restaurants such as Abruzzo Steakhouse and the Belgian Beer Café. Newark has three terminals, and while you might not find the same food in all of them, each one has an excellent selection. For example:

  • In Terminal A, you'll find pretzel and sandwich cafes as well as coffee shops and even a seafood restaurant.
  • If you're flying from Terminal B, you'll find coffee shops and duty-free stores as well as a selection of grab-and-go food outlets and sit-down restaurants serving everything from sushi to subs.
  • Or, if you're headed to Terminal C instead, you can take advantage of the airport cafeteria, several options for Italian cuisine and a beer garden. Just as with terminals A and B, you can choose between a sit down meal or takeaway options to suit the amount of time you have available.

Newark Airport lockers

Although it isn’t in New York, Newark Airport functions as a gateway to the city for millions of travelers every year. With excellent transportation links, it’s a good way to reach the Big Apple from anywhere in the country or around the world. However, this bustling airport is not a place where you want to carry more than you need to, and there are no luggage lockers inside Newark Airport itself.

Make your trip easier on yourself by dropping off any belongings you don’t need at a luggage storage spot near Newark Airport. That way, you’ll have peace of mind as you explore Jersey, New York, and elsewhere.

Additional information about Newark Airport

Where is Newark Airport?

Newark Liberty International Airport is located in Newark, New Jersey, just a short journey away from New York City. Traveling from Newark Airport by car, it takes about 30 minutes to reach Hoboken, NJ, between 30 -50 minutes to reach Midtown Manhattan, and just under an hour to reach Brooklyn. Be warned that these journey times could be much longer when there's heavy traffic. If you'd rather take public transport, it will take you just under 90 minutes to reach Brooklyn, an hour to reach Midtown Manhattan (you can take the Newark Airport Express), and 50 minutes to reach Hoboken.

Getting to Newark Airport

Wondering how to get to Newark Airport? If you're driving to EWR, you can find short-stay airport parking at the front of the airport, and long term parking near Terminal C. If you're taking a taxi or using a ride share app, the drop-off zone is immediately outside the front of the airport.

If you're taking public transport to Newark Airport, you have several options. The AirTrain is always in operation and brings you right into the Newark Airport station, and from there each terminal is less than 15 minutes away by foot. Alternatively, you can take the Express bus from NYC, which you can pick up from Grand Central Station, Port Authority Bus Terminal, or Bryant Park. The AirTrain runs every 3-5 minutes during the day and every 15 minutes at night, while the Express bus runs between 5 am and 1 am. Both operate every day of the year.

Which airlines fly from Newark Airport?

Dozens of airlines fly to and from Newark Liberty Airport every week. Amongst them are:

  • American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Air Canada, United Express: Terminal A
  • Delta Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Aer Lingus, Air China, Allegiant, and British Airways, plus some United Airlines flights: Terminal B
  • United Airlines: Terminal C

Make sure you check with your airline which terminal you'll be flying from before you arrive at the airport, just to be sure.

Newark Airport rules

  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside Newark Airport. Each terminal has a designated smoking area outside.
  • Unattended bags can be confiscated and even destroyed due to security reasons, so make sure to keep your belongings with you.
  • The Welcome Center in each terminal has a Travelers Aid volunteer who can help you get around the airport and find lost members of your group if necessary.
  • The AirTrain connects Newark Airport with NJ Transit, which can bring you into Manhattan.

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