Yankee Stadium Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Yankee Stadium, New York

Located in the Bronx, Yankee Stadium is so iconic that even people with no interest in baseball have heard of it. Home to the New York Yankees, a team with a legacy that stretches back over a century in New York's history, the stadium is an integral part of the city. The current stadium dates back to 2009 and was built at a staggering cost of over $2 billion. As a result, this state-of-the-art arena is the perfect place to enjoy a baseball game.

It's not just baseball either. The stadium is also home to New York City FC, the city's Major League Soccer team. Plus, the stadium also hosts concerts and other events outside of the sporting season. But it's baseball the stadium is synonymous with, sharing its name with one of the best-known teams in the world. Drop off your bags at a luggage storage locker near Yankee Stadium and see this iconic theater of sports for yourself.

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Baseball game at Yankee Stadium, New York

Yankee Stadium bag policy

Visitors to Yankee Stadium are allowed to bring one compliant bag and one small personal item. To be compliant, a bag must be no larger than 16" by 16" by 8". It also needs to have soft sides. The rules around personal items are vaguer, relying in part on the discretion of the security screeners. Note that every visitor to the stadium will be required to go through a metal detector, and bags are subject to search by security staff.

If possible, the easiest way to visit Yankee Stadium is by bringing nothing with you. Drop off your bags with a New York luggage storage service, and you’ll find you get through security much faster. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy the game more if you don’t carry anything you don’t need to.

Yankee Stadium food policy

Empty plastic bottles and factory-sealed plastic bottles of water are permitted inside the stadium. Small milk cartons or juice boxes are also allowed. No other drinks are permitted without medical exemptions.

Guests are allowed to bring any kind of food to Yankee Stadium, though the limit on bag size dictates how much you can bring (check out our nearby luggage storage options for your extra bags). Note that food such as apples that can be thrown must be sliced into segments before being brought into the stadium.

Yankee Stadium is all about tradition, and nothing says tradition like a ballpark hot dog. However, you'll find more than this classic treat at Yankee Stadium. There's also a Benihana, Jersey Mike's cheesesteaks, King's Hawaiian, a kosher deli, and a variety of other food and drink concessions.

Yankee Stadium camera policy

Cameras are permitted inside Yankee Stadium, and even zoom lenses are allowed so long as they don't interfere with the game or the enjoyment of other guests. Monopods and tripods are banned, as are large camera bags. If you have a lot of expensive camera equipment, the best thing to do is drop it off at a luggage locker near Yankee Stadium. That way, you know your belongings will be safely looked after while you enjoy the game and everything else New York has to offer.

Yankee Stadium rules

  • Nothing that could conceivably be used as a weapon is permitted inside Yankee Stadium. This includes hard-sided coolers, flagpoles, bottles and cans, and laser pointers. 
  • Banners and flags are permitted, but they must be baseball-related and not offensive.
  • Strollers are allowed inside the stadium provided they are collapsible and will fit underneath your seat. Umbrellas are also allowed, but must only be big enough for one person.
  • Parking near Yankee Stadium can be tricky on game days. The stadium has no official parking lot, and a private company operates the lots around the stadium. If possible, it's better to take public transit to the game.
  • 161st Street/Yankee Stadium Station connects the arena with the New York subway system. Lines 4 and D serve the station. Several city buses also connect with the stadium, including Bx1, Bx2, Bx6, and Bx13.

Yankee Stadium lockers

Yankee Stadium is an icon of New York. And its location in the Bronx means there’s plenty to explore both before and after you catch a game. The Bronx is an area of New York rich in atmosphere, and in recent years, it has become far more welcoming to visitors.

The best way to enjoy a baseball game at Yankee Stadium is to travel as light as possible. Not only will this make it easier to get through security, but it means you'll have your hands free for more snacks in the concessions or even to catch a fly ball if you get a chance. Drop off your unneeded bags with a bag storage location near Yankee Stadium and get ready to enjoy your event. Win or lose, the Yankees are part of the fabric of New York, and there's no better place to experience that than at Yankee Stadium.

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