6 beaches near Padova: Where to go for sun, sand, and surf

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Beaches near Padova

Padova is located right by Venice, Italy, which means that enjoying a day spent at the beach during your vacation can be easy. You can head to the sand, sun, and sea without any issue if you are in Padova for a trip. Young people and those traveling with small children will be able to find the perfect beach spot in Venice, Italy, for a day of fun, but there are also some really lovely beach areas that are meant to be enjoyed by adults as well. Planning a day outside of Old Town lounging in the sun is easier than you might have realized.

Before choosing which beach spot you are heading to, make sure that you have a place for your luggage. Bounce helps you store your things in Padova and Venice so that you can navigate the cities easier and relax on the beach instead of worrying about your luggage. Here are some of the best beaches near Padova to add to your Italian itinerary:

Lido di Venezia near Padova

Lido di Venezia

This is one of the most beautiful beaches near Padova, and it is a popular location to head to for fun in the sea or lounging in the sand. Kids and adults alike will have a great time here, and there are many things to do and see besides the beach itself. Plan on things being a little busy with tourists here during the peak of summer. The soft sand, comfortable beach chairs, and amenities of this area will make it worth your time to arrive early and get a spot on the beach each day.

Lido di Venezia travel distance from Padova

Whether you drive or you choose to take the train from Padova Train Station, the trip to this beach location will take you about two hours.

Activity recommendations

Heading to this beach area promises that you will enjoy comfortable beach chairs and the shade of an umbrella, as well as access to various beachside eateries and bars. You can rent water sports equipment here, or you might just want to wander along the beach with your toes in the sand.

Head into the city and ride on a gondola or go shopping if you need a break from the sun for a while. The Old Town area is really picturesque, and there are various places that you can choose to stay if you want to spend more than an afternoon at this beach location. This is one of the best beaches on our list of places to have fun in the sun and sand while in Italy, and you should consider heading here for at least part of a day.

Bagno Perla near Padova

Bagno Perla

This lovely beach area is a resort spot that is well-known and loved by locals. You will need to plan to spend a little more money on everything here, but the beach is beautiful and worth the cost. You can choose to rent a spot to lay out that includes full service for drinks and food, or you can just elect to rent a chair and umbrella and sunbathe all day. There are lots of local amenities here, making this a great place to visit the sea even if you did not plan ahead before arriving in Padova.

Bagno Perla travel distance from Padova

You cannot ride the train to this beach location, but the drive here is only about an hour long.

Activity recommendations

This is one of the classic beach getaways that Padova locals head to each year. It is a resort-focused area with beautiful and well-kept beachside dining and shopping. You can rent a place to lay out, or you can just wander down to the sea and enjoy the beach itself. Tourists do come here in droves during peak season, but the beach is large enough that you will not feel too crowded.

This is the kind of beach that everyone thinks of when planning a beach visit in Italy. There are few places that are this beautiful anywhere near Padova. If you love nightlife right on the beach, this is also the perfect place to spend some time without kids, enjoying cocktails and dancing as the stars come out.

Best beaches near Padova

Stabilimento Balneare Manzoni

This is one of the most popular beaches near Padova, and it is the right location for sunbathing, beach nightlife, and activities like concerts. The sea is lovely here and perfect for swimming, and there is never any shortage of beach chairs or umbrellas to get comfortable on. You can enjoy access to lots of amenities here as well, and you might want to stay here for a few days to take advantage of the various events that are always going on during the summer.

Stabilimento Balneare Manzoni travel distance from Padova

You can ride the bus here, and the trip will take about an hour and a half, depending on connections. You can also drive here in about an hour.

Activity recommendations

While this is not going to be the ideal of these beaches for those who love peace and quiet, for people who head to the sea for nightlife, dancing, and having fun, this is the right beach to visit. This is also a fabulous beach area if you are worried about safety or about being too far removed from a town during your time at the beach. There are lots of great amenities, and you can walk right up off the beach to enjoy shopping, dining, and wine bars.

This beach is a great choice if you want access to bathrooms and changing rooms, as well as places to rent sports equipment or snorkel gear. You can paddleboard here, rent a kayak, or just choose to lounge in the sun all day with a drink in your hand.

Ca 'Savio Beach near Padova

Ca 'Savio Beach

There are few beaches near Padova that are as welcoming as this one, and fans of soft sand, peace and quiet, and lounging in the sun will want to head to this sea bathing location. Many people come here to windsurf or kitesurf, but there are more peaceful things on offer, like chair and umbrella rentals. You will also be able to get food and drinks right on the water here without any trouble at all.

Ca 'Savio Beach travel distance from Padova

This beach is about an hour and a half from Padova by car or about two hours away using public transportation, including ferries.

Activity recommendations

This is one of the family-friendly beaches on this list, and many people head here to play games in the sand with their kids or to enjoy the lovely turquoise water. With so many scenic beaches to choose from near Padova, it might be hard to pick, but this is a great option for any kind of beach day.

The cost of parking here is very affordable, and you will have no trouble finding a place to lounge in the sun when you arrive. Unlike some of the busier places on this list, this is one of the beaches where there is more space and less activity going on during most of the season. This beach is also close to a lot of other smaller beach areas, so you could choose to come here and spend most of the day visiting all the beaches.

Astoria Beach near Padova

Astoria Beach

Astoria Beach is one of three separate yet connected beaches in Chioggia near Venice. Known for its wide beach full of beach clubs and inviting blue water, this Italian beach is perfect for a day by the water.

Astoria Beach travel distance from Padova

It will take about one hour to drive to this charming beachfront area and closer to two hours by public transportation. There are no trains here, but you can make the journey using two buses and walking for less than 10 minutes in total.

Activity recommendations

Aside from the obvious pastime of swimming here, plan to relax and rent a beach chair and umbrella. That way, you'll have access to other amenities like bathrooms and changing areas. Grab a cocktail at a nearby bar and consider a rousing game of beach volleyball if you have the energy. There are also tennis courts here in case volleyball isn't your thing, and if you're traveling with your dog, there is a lovely dog area at this beach as well.

For the kids, there is an elaborate play structure where they can burn off some energy, and the adults will love the boardwalk area lined with palm trees, which is ideal for an evening stroll.

Rosolina Mare near Padova

Rosolina Mare

This beach is close to town, and it offers you access to an ideal place for kids to go swimming and for sunbathing. There are places to rent sun loungers here and an umbrella, or you might want to get a paddleboard and head out to try your hand at this activity instead. If you love shopping, you can easily leave the beach for some time spent enjoying retail therapy as well.

Rosolina Mare travel distance from Padova

You cannot get to this beach area on the train or by public transportation, but the drive is only just over an hour.

Activity recommendations

There are lots of resorts that claim sections of the beach here which can limit your access to some areas on the sand, but if you arrive early, you should have no trouble getting a spot to sit down and enjoy the sun. This is a really great place to go swimming since the surf is very gentle, and it can be the perfect place to try out something like paddleboarding.

You don't need to bring your own drinks and food here since the town is so close to the beach. You can head up off the sand to get a nice meal or enjoy a drink in the shade with ease. This is also a great place to head to if you want to relax for a few days outside of the city. Since this beach is so safe for children to swim at, you might want to choose this location above some of the others on this list for little swimmers.


If you're heading to Padova on a budget, these beaches are ideal day trips to save money. Other than umbrella and chair rentals and your refreshments, you won't have to spend very much to enjoy the natural setting. Additionally, beaches make fantastic weekend trips from Padova if you can spare the time and afford accommodations by the water. Many of these beaches can be part of your long weekend away from the city as well.

Enjoying a day of fun in the sun under umbrellas is easier than you might have realized when you were planning your trip. Relaxing in the sun and surf in Venice is possible with just a short trip by train or car. Make sure that you consider adding a day trip to Venice or one of the other beach areas in the vicinity of Padova so that you don't miss out on the beautiful beaches and delightful weather in this part of Italy.

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