Where To Find The Best Street Food In Paris

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When in France eat like the French do as they surely know how to eat well. The French capital is known not only for the best dining experience in their Michelin starred restaurants, but also for some of the best street food Paris has to offer. There is food for everyone and at any time.

From trendy food trucks and buzzing street vendors, to top food markets and of course, the Paris street food staple, crepes, here is how to find the best street food in Paris without wasting any time. But first things first, make sure to drop your bags at one of our Paris luggage storage spots, because for this street food tasting journey, you will need both hands, free.

The Best Street Food Vendors in Paris

Le Camion Qui Fume For Burgers

If you are looking for Paris street food, but the American style, you have to visit one of the best food trucks in Paris, Le Camion Qui Fume (The Smoking Truck). This is the first official food truck in Paris that opened for business in 2011, so it should not be missed.

Their extensive menu is packed with all kinds of burgers starting from the classic cheeseburger, chicken burger, hamburger and french fries, to cheddar chips, onion rings, coleslaw and a Caesar salad menu. If you like your burgers, then this street vendor is the king of burgers you should definitely try.

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La Cabane de Cape Cod For Seafood

There is a lot of international street food in Paris, and one such place that serves fish specialties from the East coast of America is the Le Cabane de Cape Cod. This food truck sells the best fish and chips in town, cooked the "French way."

For those who love seafood, this is where you will find some tasty Albacore tuna, fresh swordfish fillets, marinated salmon, lobster in all its forms, cod fish and chips and plenty of desserts too. Their menu changes according to season, but so does their location. If you want to find out where they are going to be the day you are looking for delicious fish and chips, make sure to check their website.

L'As du Fallafel For A Falafel Pita Bread And Sandwich

On the busy street Rue des Rosiers in the heart of the Jewish quarter, you will find The Ace of Falafel, or L'As du Falafel, serving the best falafel in town. Even Lenny Kravitz eats his falafel here. Don't let the long queues put you off as once you taste their delicious falafel sandwich served with eggplant and hummus dip you will realize it is worth the wait.

If you are not a fan of falafel, try some of their other equally delicious Middle Eastern recipes such as the sweet potato, shawarma or kebab. Grab a takeaway and continue walking around the city. The large portions will surely fill you up for at least a few hours of shopping time.

Street Bangkok For Thai Food

On those days when you want a change from French cuisine and looking to try something more exotic with a little Asian taste, head down to Street Bangkok near Canal Saint-Martin (make time to shop here as well) for some inexpensive and excellent street food in Paris. Although small, this place offers large servings and is known for its good and fast service. Be prepared to wait in long queues as it gets quite busy. However, it is worth the wait.

Surprise your taste buds with the sour and spicy papaya salad or the green tofu curry. For meat lovers, the pork stew and the ribs with smoked BBQ sauce are a must, but no one should leave the place without trying their Pad Thai. This dish is the most popular Thai dish made with rice noodles topped with a tangy sauce, vegetables, peanuts, and scrambled eggs.

L’Avant Comptoir For Crepes

This small place sells savory and sweet crêpes every tourist should give a try. Whether you are looking for a breakfast treat or a tasty dessert, L'Avant Comptoir will serve you the best crêpes you will find in town. Try the savory crunchy crêpes with cheese, ham and eggs, or the homemade chocolate and banana if you prefer your crêpes sweet.

Whichever you go for, rest assured that one will keep your stomach full for hours. Located close to Jardin de Luxembourg and the Odeon Metro Station, the L'Avant Comptoir is just the small branch of Le Comptoir, a small tapas bar next door that serves gourmet street food, ready to be shared with your friends.

Frenchie To Go For Pastrami Sandwiches

Located in the 2nd arrondissement you will find one of the best sandwich places in the city. Frenchie To Go uses only fresh and the best quality ingredients to keep their customers coming back. The place sells anything from classic street food and fried chicken to homemade desserts and drinks, but their take on American pulled pork and pastrami sandwiches can not be missed.

Try their Reuben pastrami sandwich with spicy and smoked beef, English cheddar, homemade coleslaw and baby spinach on toasted rye bread with some french fries on the side for less than $20.

Bodrum For Kebabs

Kebabs have been a part of the French gourmet street food since the 1980s when it was introduced by the Turkish immigrants. A kebab is made with grilled chicken, beef or pork shredded meat wrapped in a pita flatbread served with other ingredients such as tangy sauce, french fries, tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce, onion, or pickles.

For the best doner kebab in Paris, try Bodrum on Rue des Batignolles where for just under $5 you can have an excellent meal on the go.

Breizh Cafe For Galettes

Galettes are the second best street food staple in France after crepes. These Breton-style pancakes are easy to make at home too, but nothing beats the delicious galettes from Breizh Cafe. Luckily, Breizh Cafe can be found in five locations around Paris, with the most popular being on Rue Vieille du Temple in the Le Marais neighborhood.

Made from buckwheat flour and topped with usually a savory filling such as cheese, egg, meat, fish, and vegetables, this large, greasy and thin pancake will surely keep you full for hours. Whether you decide to have a galette as a breakfast meal or a late-night after party bite on the go, you will find most creperies selling fresh made galettes along Rue Mouffetard for less than $10.

Ari's Bagels For Bagels

Bagels in Paris can be found everywhere and you can get all kinds, served with sweet or savory toppings. But if you ask a local where to find the best bagels in the city they will send you to Ari's Bagels. This place was elected the "Best Bagel In Paris" two times. It can be found in six locations around Paris and all are pretty generous with their fillings.

If you want to taste a bagel baked to perfection, this is the place. If you are a meat lover, try their barbecue chicken or smoked turkey in their seasoned mixed seed bagels. Vegetarians can find plenty of choices from the Spanish Aubergine or the Afranchi on multiple choices of bagels such as poppy, sesame, multigrain or cheddar-jalapeno. For less than $10 you don't just get a bagel, you get an entire meal.

Fric Frac For Croque Monsieur

For those who wonder what croque monsieur means, it is simply a delicious sandwich made with ham and different kinds of cheese, topped with béchamel sauce and either toasted in the oven or pan-fried. This tasty on the go bite with melted cheese dates back to 1910 and can be found on almost every cafe or restaurant menu in France. If this is what you are looking for to satisfy your appetite when in a rush, then stop by Fric Frac in the charming Montmartre neighborhood.

If you are a vegetarian, don't despair as their delicious sandwiches made with avocado, capers, tomatoes, basil, mint, hummus and young asparagus on a buckwheat sourdough bread are to die for! These iconic sandwiches are not cheap, but they are filling. For less than $15 you get to eat one of the best street foods in Paris and you get something to write home about.

Where To Find The Best Paris Street Food Spots

Rue des Rosiers

The Jewish Quarter is filled with Jewish delis and restaurants selling anything from falafel and shawarma sandwiches to shakshuka and Matzah Brei. And the most famous street where you will find the best street food spots lined one next to another is Rue des Rosiers.

One of the oldest streets in Paris is busy any day of the week and offers the tastiest and cheap street eats starting with kosher pizza, Vietnamese specialties, falafel, and pastrami sandwiches to crepes, hot dogs, and sweet options like ice cream and croissants. So, when you are roaming around the city and looking to eat like the locals, Rue des Rosiers welcomes all hungry visitors for a quick bite any time of the day.

Marché des Enfants Rouges

Whether you are looking for international or local food made with organic and fresh ingredients, Marché des Enfants Rouges is a must. Located in the heart of the Le Marais district, this indoor market serves some of the best street food in Paris. Built in 1615, this is the oldest market in Paris selling a wide range of food such as Mediterranean, Lebanese, African, and Asian, as well as cheese, fresh fruit, and vegetables.

The large indoor market is filled with tourists and locals alike, munching away in a lively and inviting atmosphere in the center of the Le Marais arrondissement.

Rue Cler

If you are walking around the city center, and want to grab a bite to eat while looking at the Eiffel Tower, head down Rue Cler. This is one of the most popular food streets in Paris filled with cafes, flower shops, fishmongers and boulangeries that with its cobblestones, truly captures Paris of old as we see it in the movies.

Rue Saint Dominique

For those with a sweet tooth, look no further than a mix of traditional and trendy bakeries lined along Rue Saint Dominique. This street is every kid's dream, where with each step you can smell the freshly baked pastries and sweets of Paris starting from the iconic French croissants, macarons, meringues, ice cream, waffles, chocolate and much more!

Street Food Festivals in Paris

Le Food Market

Le Food Market has about 20 street food stalls that serve food from all around the world. Hungry tourists and locals alike jump from stall to stall presented with the difficulty of choosing from a wide array of food like Moroccan couscous, Mexican tacos, or Quebec poutine all for less than $12 a dish. If you are into food festivals like these, head down to Boulevard de Belleville every other Thursday and discover what is new in the culinary scene in Paris along with Parisians and tourists from all over the world.

Street Food Party

One of the best nights in Paris involves eating and dancing, but combining the best food trucks food in Paris served on a table along with clubbing, is surely a night to remember. Head down to the Le Salon des Miroirs, where for less than $25, you can choose from three starters and main courses, and then party until the early hours of the morning. For the clubbing part of the evening, if you get there before 1 a.m. you can get in for free and you also get a free glass of bubbles.

Choose a sandwich with blue cheese or delicious bakery fare

You are sure to find your favorite street food in this city full of incredible cuisines. Whether your taste is for the falafel or for a juicy burger, you're going to get to try it Paris style! Now that you know where to find the best street food in Paris, all you need to do is work up an appetite and show up with good company.

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