Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Paris

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Vegetarian restaurants in Paris

Paris is known throughout the world as being one of the most incredible locations for dining you could possibly visit. French cuisine and cooking techniques are famous throughout the world, and every top chef must sooner or later serve an apprenticeship in France before they can truly be considered masters of their craft.

For that reason, Paris makes an incredible location for foodies to visit. But one thing you may find surprisingly lacking is good vegetarian restaurants in Paris.

The reasons for this are complex. Firstly, the history of French cuisine is based on meat. Dishes like Boeuf Bourguignon and coq au vin are legendary, and it's difficult to vegetarianize these classics without losing something in the process.

Furthermore, many French people still see vegetarianism as a fad, and are not willing to spend money on what they see as an inferior product.

However, there are a few vegetarian restaurants in Paris that are definitely worth checking out. Finding exclusively vegetarian restaurants in Paris isn't easy, but it does seem to get a little simpler each year. Plus, you'll find vegetarian dishes propping up on menus throughout the French capital more and more, and if you're lucky, possibly even some vegan options.

Plant-based cuisine isn't nearly as popular in the French capital as it is in other major cities around the world, but Paris is becoming home to more vegan and vegetarian restaurants all the time. Leave your bags behind at a Bounce luggage storage in Paris and track down some of these vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants in the City of Light. It may take a little research, but you'll be glad you made the effort.

Best veggie restaurants in Paris

Le Potager du Marais

What's it like

In a big and cosmopolitan city like Paris, it's not that hard to find vegetarian and even vegan food. But often, vegetarian-friendly food in Paris tends to come from other cultures. And while Middle Eastern and Indian food are delicious, vegetarian friendly, and readily available in Paris, what you miss out on by visiting vegetarian and vegan restaurants is an encounter with traditional French cuisine.

Le Potager du Marais aims to fix that with a menu of French classics slightly tweaked to bring in more plant-based cooking. The menu here changes with the seasons, as is so often the case with the best vegan restaurants in Paris. But you can expect traditionally inspired dishes like French onion soup, a vegan take on beef bourguignon, and a vegetarian cassoulet. They also offer veggie balls and vegan lasagne, among other offerings.

Our recommendation

French cuisine traditionalists may argue that there's no market for vegetarian French food in Paris, but the popularity of the vegetarian and vegan menu at this French vegan restaurant demonstrates they may be wrong about that. Make a reservation, even for lunch, because this casual and funky space fills up fast.


26 rue Saint Paul 75004 Paris


What's it like

Paris is in many ways the home of fine dining, and if you want a high-end meal that's heavy on meat, you'll have practically endless choices. But if you're looking for vegan restaurants in Paris that boast celebrity chefs and those all-important Michelin stars, you'll have to look around.

However, L'Arpege offers a taste of the high life for vegetarians in Paris. This Michelin-starred restaurant is run by chef Alain Passard, and features an all-vegetarian menu. The dishes are incredibly inventive and use the finest seasonal ingredients. This famous chef took on the challenge of cooking purely with vegetables more out of an artistic desire to test his skills than any ethical considerations, and it shows in the inventiveness of his cooking and the quality of his ingredients.

The dining room at L'Arpege is a long way from the more casual vegan cafés you'll find in other cities serving up vegan hotdogs and vegan burgers or health food and smoothies. This upscale restaurant is a place to dress up and enjoy legendary French hospitality, and you can expect your dinner here to take several hours. The 12-course tasting menu here costs an eye-watering €490 per person, and that's before you factor in the wine pairings. But if money is no object and you want a classically French dining experience, you absolutely should try incredible food at this award-winning restaurant.

Our recommendation

This is fine dining at its most refined. Reservations are absolutely essential. The restaurant doesn't serve a la carte, and the tasting menu is the only option. You'll want to factor in a good chunk of time for this once-in-a-lifetime dining experience.


84 rue de Varenne 75007 Paris

Best vegetarian dining in Paris

VG Patisserie

What's it like

Paris is rightly famous for its patisseries and bakeshops where you can sample delicious pastries like éclairs, macarons, and pain au chocolat. And like so many Parisian restaurants, the patisseries of Paris are available to vegetarians. However, thanks to the French reliance on eggs and dairy products in their pastries, it's harder for vegans to enjoy this essential part of French culture.

Harder, but not impossible. At VG Patisserie, you'll find all of the classic French pastries you love, made without any animal products whatsoever. The cakes and cookies here are so good that even non-vegans will be impressed, and the range of vegan pastries on offer means you can enjoy a different treat every day. You can even get vegan croissants for a classic Parisian breakfast.

There are also savory options like quiche, sandwiches, and salads available if you need something more substantial. But let's be honest, you're really here for the pastries.

Our recommendation

This is the perfect stop for a quick snack or a light meal. The pastries are all vegan, but they're also mostly gluten-free. So if you have dietary restrictions, this is a great place to eat in Paris.


10 rue Vielle du Temple 75004 Paris

Le Cinq

What's it like

Located in the ridiculously upscale Four Seasons George V Hotel in Paris's ritzy Golden Triangle, Le Cinq is not a vegetarian or vegan restaurant per se. However, it does offer some vegetarian options on its menu. Ask nicely, and the three Michelin star chef may well prepare you an entire tasting menu of vegetarian food. After all, you'll certainly be paying for the privilege.

The Regency-style dining room of this Grand Hotel is an attraction all by itself, and just watching the highly trained staff at work is an unforgettable experience. This is the hautest of haute cuisine, and the surroundings, like the meal itself, simply drip elegance and luxury. The tasting menu will cost you just under €500 without drinks, and the wine list is longer than the Constitution of most countries. But if you want a taste of the high life while in Paris, this is a great place to try.

Our recommendation

There is a dress code at this restaurant. A jacket is required for men, and semi-formal dress is expected of women. If you're in doubt about what to wear, ask the host when you make your reservation. Because you will need to make a reservation.


31 Ave George V, 75008 Paris

Plant-based restaurants in Paris

42 Degres

What's it like

Given the lack of vegan restaurants in Paris, you may not want to handicap yourself further by adding even more restrictions to what you will and won't eat. However, 42 Degres is not only one of the best vegan restaurants in Paris. It's also one of the only raw food vegan restaurants in the entire city.

Organic. Gluten-free. Raw. Vegan. This casual vegan restaurant can meet the requirements of even the pickiest eaters. Visit on Sunday to take part in the all-you-can-eat brunch, and you'll be able to sample some of the best vegan food in the entire city at one of Paris's most popular vegan cafes. Dishes like the portobello mushroom burger, Thai salad, and vegan cheese plate are likely to have you coming back for more. And the laid-back coffee shop atmosphere makes this vegan restaurant welcoming to just about everyone, vegan or not.

Our recommendation

There's so much to try at this exceptional vegan restaurant that it's hard to choose just one or two dishes to settle on. That's why committed herbivores should try to visit on Sunday for the all-you-can-eat brunch to see and try almost everything on offer at one of the best vegan restaurants in the city.


109 Rue du Faubourg Poisonniere, 75009 Paris


What's it like

French culture may not be completely ready to accept widespread vegan restaurants yet, but plenty of other cultures around the world are. And because Paris is such a multicultural place, it's not hard to find cuisine from around the world that celebrates vegetarian and vegan cuisine from every corner of the globe.

Every vegetarian knows that Asian restaurants of all descriptions are usually a safe bet for plant-based food. But for something a little different, head to Maafim, an Israeli diner that offers exceptional vegetarian and vegan-friendly cuisine. The falafel is excellent here, as is the eggplant arancini and the incredible babka. But really, you can't go wrong with any of the dishes on offer here.

Our recommendation

Dining out in Paris can quickly get expensive, especially if you're limited to vegan-friendly restaurants. Maafim offers a lunchtime prix fixe menu that makes it cheaper to sample a variety of their dishes and see what they're all about.


5 Rue des Forges, 75002 Paris

Best Paris vegetarian restaurants

Wild & The Moon

What's it like

This romantically-named eatery is widely recognized as one of the best vegan restaurants in Paris. Check out the acai smoothie bowls and konjac seaweed noodle bowls to find out why. This affordable restaurant concentrates on health food and offers cold-pressed juice and smoothies along with a regular hot plate each day. Something of an anomaly in Paris, Wild & The Moon offers a fully vegan menu that takes inspiration from around the world. The juice bar makes it a great place to visit for those who are trying to eat healthily, and there are several gluten-free options on the menu.

Our recommendation

If you're flagging after an exhausting day spent exploring the many tourist sites of the City of Light, nothing offers a better pick me up than one of the vitamin-packed smoothies on offer at this restaurant.


Several locations in Paris

Abbatoir Vegetal

What's it like

This vegan restaurant operates out of a former butcher shop and leans into its theme. This is a great place to find meat replacements like vegan hot dogs and burgers served with sweet potato fries. But they also offer more substantial meals like the gluten-free Golden Curry. The restaurant itself is casual and unpretentious and offers a welcoming environment for vegans in Paris.

Our recommendation

France's legendary cheeses are something vegans would usually miss out on in the city, but not at Abbatoir Vegetal. Try the vegan blue cheese as part of an animal-free cheese board, and you won't forget for a minute that you're in Paris.


61 Rue Ramey, 75018 Paris

Vegan restaurants in Paris


For all its culinary sophistication, Paris has often lagged behind other cities when it comes to embracing vegetarian food. However, more and more restaurants in the city are turning away from their reliance on meat, and they range from casual diners and fast food joints to the most upscale of Michelin star restaurants. So whether you're a vegan, vegetarian, or just curious about plant-based cuisine, there's an option for you in the City of Light.

Don't miss out on trying some of the best vegan food in Paris! Head to one of these great restaurants and enjoy a meal that's delicious, nutritious, and guilt-free.

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