Disneyland Paris Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Disneyland is a dream destination for people around the world. And Disneyland Paris is the only place in Europe where you can get a taste of that true Disney magic. As a result, Disneyland Paris is an extremely popular tourist attraction in what is already a heavily touristed part of the world. 

Located roughly 20 miles to the east of the French capital, Disneyland Paris draws around 12 million visitors each year, making it one of the top attractions in all of Europe. Plus, the city of Paris is so close, a trip to European Disneyland has something to offer just about everyone.

Make your trip easier on yourself by dropping off any unneeded bags at a luggage storage service near Disneyland Paris. Traveling light is the best way to enjoy everything the Magic Kingdom has to offer.

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Disneyland Paris, France

Disneyland Paris bag policy

Disneyland Paris enforces a maximum bag size of 55cmx40cmx25cm. Bags larger than this will not be allowed inside the park. If you do bring a bag that’s too big to be allowed inside, you can leave it behind at a luggage locker near Disneyland Paris. Strollers and wagons are allowed inside but must be less than 132cmx 92cm. Remember also that even if your bag does fit into the size requirements, it still may not be allowed in certain areas of the park.

Disneyland Paris food policy

Disneyland Paris is full of great places to eat, and so visitors are not encouraged to bring their own food. Although there’s no rule against it, you will struggle to find places where you can sit down and actually enjoy any food you bring that’s not a simple snack that you can eat on the go.

It’s easier just to get something to eat at the park itself. And you certainly won’t struggle to find something. Disneyland is home to more than 70 restaurants that cater to just about every taste. Bistrot Chez Remy offers classic French cuisine, while Billy Bob’s Country Western Saloon is as American as it gets this side of the ocean. Captain Jack’s offers an exciting pirate theme, while The Steakhouse is the place for a luxury meal in glamorous surroundings. Basically, you can find just about any type of food you might want in the sprawling park.

Disneyland Paris camera policy

Cameras are allowed inside Disneyland Paris, and it’s a good thing. You’ll want to take plenty of photos of this unique attraction. However, you should be aware that selfie sticks and other extension poles are not allowed. Nor is commercial equipment such as lighting.

If you’d rather not have to deal with the hassle of carrying heavy camera gear with you, be sure to drop it off at a suitcase storage near Disneyland Paris. That way, your valuable equipment will be protected until you’re ready to pick it up and you can concentrate on enjoying your stay.

Disneyland Paris rules

  • Disneyland Paris is firmly non-smoking, and smoking of both cigarettes and E-cigarettes is prohibited outside of designated smoking areas.
  • For security reasons, glass bottles, knives, toy guns, and any other dangerous objects will not be allowed inside the park.
  • Disneyland Paris has a dress code that mandates top and bottom garments and shoes must be worn at all times. Also, visitors over the age of 12 are not allowed to wear masks except for medical necessity.
  • The Magical Shuttle bus travels from Paris and its airports direct to the park. Alternatively, the Marne-la-Vallee/Chessy train station is just outside the park skates, connecting it with Paris’ excellent public transport infrastructure.

Disneyland Paris lockers

Even the Magic Kingdom has its rules. Disneyland Paris may be a magical place, but you’ll still need to follow their baggage restrictions and security requirements if you want to visit. Make things easier on yourself by dropping off your noncompliant bags at a baggage storage near Disneyland Paris. Traveling light is the best way to experience what the park has to offer. Bring as little as possible with you, and you’ll have much more fun. Plus, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your belongings are being safely looked after while you enjoy yourself.

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