Paris Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Eiffel Tower

One of the world's most popular tourist destinations, France's capital city Paris barely needs an introduction. The City of Light is a place where the history not just of France but of the world has been shaped. And as one of the world's few megacities, Paris continues to be important today.

The Louvre. The Champs Elysees. The Arc de Triomphe. The Eiffel Tower. Paris’s most popular tourist attractions are instantly recognizable to people from around the world. Paris is also home to some of the world’s best restaurants, finest museums, most luxurious shopping experiences, and everything else you expect from a true world city. And yet, what most people remember about Paris is not the must-see attractions but the ineffable charm of the city. Whether you’re visiting on vacation, for business, or are lucky enough to live in this fabled city, you’ll never run out of things to do here.

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10 Best Ways to Experience Paris in 2024

Whether you know it as the City of Love or the City of Light, this has to be one of the cities that makes it onto most traveler’s bucket lists. Parisians are profoundly proud of their art, but then again, they are equally proud of their fashion, gastronomy, architecture, and culture. 

Whatever it is that draws you to Paris, don’t allow your heavy bags to spoil your visit. Bounce luggage storage services have made this easier for you by teaming with trusted local businesses so you can store extra luggage without any hassle.

Best Wine Tasting Tour – Wine Tasting in Paris

If you want to make a French person indignant, try suggesting that France does not have the best wines in the world. Thierry will educate you on exactly why this is the case as he takes you on a wine-tasting adventure. The tour takes two and a half hours and includes wine from six different estates. 

To gain a glimpse into this integral part of French culture call 33-676-933-288 or email at

Best Pastry Tour of Paris – Sweet Secrets of Paris

When they are not making the best wine in the world, the French are baking the best pastries. If you don’t believe me, ask Michelle who will be your guide and is also the owner of this little tour company. Trained at Ferrandi, the most prestigious culinary school in France, what better person is there to guide you to some of the city’s most delicious sweet treats? You are guaranteed to come away with a far deeper respect for the pâtissier’s skills, and perhaps slightly wider hips.

To find out more, email

Best Street Art Experience – Street Art Tour Paris

Street art has suddenly become quite mainstream, but this company were into it long before the big companies even thought it had potential. Many of the guides are artists themselves, and they will not only be able to take you to the most iconic images, they will also be able to offer in-depth knowledge about the works and the artists who created them. Good street art is more than just a picture on a wall. It must also convey a message and from time to time, that will need to be interpreted or put into context. This is the company to do just that. Email

Best Historic Food Tours – Le Bon Paris Tours

This company is convinced that food is just as important a part of the culture as the monuments the city displays. Go on one of their many walking tours, and you may come to the same conclusion.

Learn what goes into a good macaron and where to find the best ones, or discover something of the history of beer in France while visiting some great craft beer bars. As you wind your way along one of their gastronomic tours, you will also be meandering through some of the loveliest parts of the city. 

To book a tour or find our more call 33-652-553-829 or email at

Best Walking Tours in Paris – A Journey in Paris

There is so much to discover in this city that you will need a guide with in-depth knowledge if you are to find the best of Paris's hidden gems. This company offers an array of walking trips that last for three hours and with a maximum of eight people. Whether you are into lifestyle experiences, themed walks, or food adventures, this company will have a tour that is suitable for you. 

To find out what their full range of tours consists of call 03-607-691-023or email them at

Best Classic Car Tours – City Wheels Paris

What could be more nostalgic than gliding through the picturesque streets of Paris in a classically chic Citroen Traction? This is the sort of tour that leaves lasting memories. You can opt to be guided to some of the city’s most remarkable sites by your driver/guide, or you may prefer to view the lights of the city as you roll through it on a nighttime cruise. 

Whichever of their tours you opt for, you can be assured that you will travel in style and step back in time. Call 33-768-799-937 or email at

Best Tours of Hidden Paris – Visit the Hidden Paris

There is more than one side to Paris. There are other aspects that most tourists never see. Ellen is a guide who likes to show her clients a completely different aspect of the city as she guides them to some of the places where normally only the locals go. If you fancy a walking tour with a small group and want to visit the real Paris, Ellen will be more than happy to put together a tour based around your personal interests.

To find out about themed tours or to discuss a purpose-made tour of your own email ellen@VisitThe or call her on 33-687-912-499

Best History Tours of Paris – Paris Balade

Here is a company run by people who love nothing more than to stroll the streets of their city while showing visitors some of the historical sites that other tour companies might not get to. Learn about the very different lifestyles on each side of the River Seine or pay a visit to some of the castles both in and near to the city and delve into their incredible histories. This company can get you there in style in one of their collectable automobiles dating back to the sixties.

Find out more about what Partis Balade can do for you by emailing or by calling 33-658-192-558

Best Night Tours of Paris – Le Paris de Sophie

After studying history and politics at the Sorbonne, few people could be better qualified to guide you through the streets of this city than Sophie. She offers an eclectic range of tours, each stamped with her unique approach and insights. Her night tour will wind you through some of the most romantic suburbs and pay a visit to one or two of her favorite bars. You can be assured that you will experience the genuine Paris as seen through the eyes of a true Parisian. 

To discover the full range of tours, email Sophie at

Best Architectural Tours – Eye Prefer Paris Tours

If you are as amazed by Parisian architecture as most visitors are then you may want to consider a tour that is not a straight cookie-cutter tour. Richard is a native New Yorker who has lived in Paris for years and has a greater insight into the city than many Parisians. He likes to guide small parties on what will seem more like an informal walk than a tour. On one of his walks, you will visit royal palaces, medieval castles, and other architectural wonders.

Richard offers a range of tour options so call 336-311-286-20 or email at


Arc de Triomph

A weekend in Paris

If you only have a couple of days in Paris, you’ll be kept busy just seeing some of the city’s top attractions. As one of the world’s most touristed cities, crowds will be virtually unavoidable. That’s why it’s a good idea to drop any heavy bags at a luggage storage shop  in Paris before you head out to see the sights.

  • The Eiffel Tower dominates the Paris skyline. Take a ride in the elevator up this wrought-iron masterpiece and enjoy an unparalleled view of the city. Large bags are not allowed, so make sure you drop your belongings off at a bag storage location in Paris first.
  • See the artistic masterpieces of the world at the Louvre. One of the best-regarded museums on the planet, this institution is home to the Mona Lisa, along with thousands of other priceless works of art.
  • Get creeped out in the Paris Catacombs. This unique attraction is a vast network of tunnels under the city that houses the artfully arranged bones of millions of former Parisiens. Not for the faint of heart, this attraction is nevertheless a must-see while in Paris - if you can handle it.

Paris lockers

Besides its famous attractions, Paris is well known for its unique atmosphere. In fact, one of the best things to do in Paris is to take a walk and explore its many neighborhoods. Whether you're taking in the view from Montmartre or enjoying the vibe of the Latin quarter, taking a walk in Paris is a highlight of any trip. Make things easier on yourself by dropping your heavy bags off at a Paris luggage storage locker. The lighter you travel, the more you'll enjoy exploring this iconic location.

Off the beaten path in Paris

Paris' tourist attractions barely need introduction. But once you've seen what the guidebooks tell you to, there's lots more to experience in the city. Drop off your bags at a Paris luggage storage service and try some of these lesser-known attractions.

  • The Jardin Luxembourg on the Left Bank of the Seine is a fantastic place to get a breath of fresh air. The city park is home to a grand palace and a celebrated Lake for toy boats that has been in operation for over a hundred years. Check out the monument to the New York terrorist attacks of 9/11, or grab a partner for a game of tennis on the many courts.
  • Visit the largest antiques market in the world at Les Puces. This vast fleamarket covers 17 acres, and there’s no telling what you’ll find in the fascinating stalls.
  • See the most beautiful movie theater in the city, if not the world, at La Pagode. This stunning Japanese pagoda has an authentic Zen garden that makes the perfect place to relax before or after catching a movie.

What to do alone in Paris

Paris building

Paris is known as a romantic city, but that doesn’t mean you need to bring a partner with you to enjoy what it has to offer. Sometimes, solo travel can be even more rewarding.

  • Check out one of the world's most iconic bookstores at Shakespeare and Company. In the shadow of Notre Dame, this English language bookstore has been an institution in the city for generations.
  • Learn to make macarons. These colorful cookies are an iconic French dessert, and some of the best in the world are made in France. Learning to make them for yourself is a fun activity, and a great way to meet other travelers as you learn together.
  • Treat yourself to a meal in one of the city's legendary bistros and restaurants. Dining alone in France carries none of the stigma it sometimes does in other locations, and you probably won't be the only person at a table for one.

The best souvenirs in Paris

As a tourist city par excellence, you'll find plenty of miniature Eiffel Towers and other kitschy trinkets in the thousands of souvenir stores in the city. If you want something a little more unique, head to Pierre Herme and pick up a  box of brightly colored macarons. Or if you're really looking to impress, swing by Van Cleef and Arpels and pick up some luxurious perfume or jewelry. A Paris legend since 1896, this high-end store sells products that make the perfect memento of an unforgettable city.

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