Citizens Bank Park Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Citizens Bank Park is a baseball park situated in the South Philadelphia Sports Complex. Built in 2004, this ballpark can seat 43,500 fans. Of course, as with many modern ballpark, Citizens Bank is not only about baseball.

During the winter months, it plays host to some major ice hockey events, and throughout the year there are concerts and community events taking place on a regular basis. Some of the big names who have performed there include Billy Joel, Justin Timberlake, and Bruce Springsteen, to name but a few.

The park is within very easy walking distance of the NRG station. Trains leave from City Hall every eight to ten minutes, meaning that access is easy and so is exploring some of Philly's many other attractions. You might enjoy the Philadelphia Museum of Art or The Museum of the American Revolution. There are no storage lockers located in the ballpark, but there are many luggage storage facilities nearby. Drop off your bags and free yourself to make exploring easier.

Citizens Bank Park Bag policy

In keeping with many other large public venues, the bag policy at Citizen Bank is strictly enforced. You are allowed one bag that is no larger than 16'' by 8'' by 8''. Purses or medical bags are acceptable, providing they have only a single compartment. Soft-sided coolers are fine but don't even try to get in with a hard-sided one.

It is worth noting that there are express lanes at some of the gates for people not carrying bags. This is another good reason for dropping your bags at a storage facility while you visit. If you do have a bag with you, be prepared for it to be searched by security staff.

Citizens Bank Park food policy

Always a good one to know about in advance; CBP does not allow glass bottles or cans, though you are allowed entry with one clear plastic water bottle per person. It must be factory sealed. You may not bring in alcohol, and it is worth remembering that this is a non-smoking area.

You are welcome to bring in your own food provided it is in a soft-sided container that conforms to their bag policy. If taking your own grub isn't up your street, there is a wide choice of foods available from the many on-site concessions. There are kosher and vegetarian options to choose from too. You might like to try the famous Bull's BBQ which is situated to the left of the scoreboard. Just across the road from the park, Xfinity Live offers bars, restaurants, and entertainment.

Citizens Bank Park camera policy

While you are encouraged to bring digital cameras and handheld video equipment, you will not be permitted the use of professional sound or video recording gear. If you carry your equipment in a multi-pocketed bag, then you need to be aware that this will contravene the Park's bag policy. Drones and other aerial photography equipment are also prohibited, so it’s best to leave them at a luggage locker near Citizens Bank Park before you visit.

Citizens Bank Park rules

All major public venues have their rules these days and CBP is no exception.

  • No weapons. This covers everything from guns to knives and anything else that may be regarded by security personnel as being dangerous. Off-duty police officers carrying firearms may drop them at the Police Room.
  • Umbrellas do not fall foul of the weapons policy, but you are asked to keep other fans viewing pleasure in mind when using one.
  • No spectator may interfere with a ball in play. If it becomes a foul ball and you are lucky enough to catch it, then you may keep it as a trophy of your visit, and your good fortune.

Citizens Bank Park lockers

This is an iconic ballpark at which to take in a game, but which offers easy public transport access to the city area at the same time. Its popularity is underlined by the fact that two million people pass through its gates each year. Unfortunately, despite all it does have on offer, there are no on-site storage lockers.

The inconvenience of hauling bags, combined with the CBP's strict bag policy, means that hiring a luggage locker is something to consider seriously. That option is made all the more attractive by the fact that there are several luggage storage facilities available to you. Some of the better ones offer an online booking facility and include insurance for total peace of mind.

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