Best Brunch In Porto: The Definitive Guide

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Porto, whose Latin name translates to Portus Cale, is actually where the country Portugal received its name. Porto has an extensive history and is nicknamed Invicta which means "invincible" in Portuguese. It received this nickname from the times of the Civil War, when Porto remained unconquered and survived the siege for over a year. Today much of Porto's history can still be seen within the city streets and its historic city centre has been on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1996. With places like Ribeira Square near Sao Bento Station, it's true that history and beauty can be found on every corner.

As the second largest city in the country and a metropolitan area that has 2.4 million residents, you can only imagine how many restaurants the city must have. We've put together this list of the best brunch spots in town so make sure to stop by a few of them during your stay. You should also find the nearest luggage locker in Porto so you can keep your things stowed safely away while you eat.

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Do Norte Café

A great spot to start off our brunch list is Do Norte Café. It has rave reviews that show just how popular the restaurant is and it remains as one of the highly recommended places for brunch. The vintage aesthetic of the building's interior is friendly and homey making it worth a visit, even though their brunch menu isn't too long.

Some of your options include avocado toast or waffles paired with smoked salmon which tastes even better than it sounds. Add your choice of coffee or a cold drink like a smoothie to wash it down. If you go for an early lunch you can try some of the famous Porto wines or cocktails, or a soft drink if you don't want any alcohol. Visit them at Rua do Almada anytime between 9 am and 4 pm every day, or until 5 pm on weekends.

Garden Cafe Porto

For an enjoyable breakfast meal at a beautiful location make your way to the Garden Cafe Porto. They serve most of your usual brunch dishes like eggs, pancakes, muffins or smoothie bowls, and they even also brunch cocktails and matcha iced tea.

The staff here are friendly and welcoming so feel free to pay them a visit. The cafe can be found on Rua de Fernandes Tomás and are open daily between 10 am and 7:30 pm. You can even eat here before a night on the town in Porto!

Mr Brunch

Mr Brunch is a store selling tasty food and delicious things that are perfect for a late breakfast meal in Porto. The shop is run by the Miss Pavlova brand that was created by a designer named Ana Maio who began by selling her pavlovas at a local market in the city. They were so popular that she decided to open her own restaurant and it has been successful ever since!

At Mr Brunch, you can order fluffy and simple pancakes, yummy falafels or sweet potato chips served with a delicious homemade guacamole. Everything on the menu is worth a try but it would be crazy to visit this cafe without trying the pavlovas. This spot can be found on Rua do Almada.

Negra Café

This spot serves some of the best brunch meals in Porto and the bright and modern, yet old-school interior of the restaurant is sure to catch your attention almost as much as its brunch menu. Their meals are affordable too, making it one of your top brunch options in Porto!

Try their pancake stack served with crispy fried onions, bacon, avocado and fried eggs topped off with maple syrup. If you want a mini brunch you can just order a coffee or fresh orange juice with one of their pastries, like a croissant, and a fruit bowl. They are open every day from 9 am to 7:30 pm and have several locations around the city. Find them at Rua de Outubro or on Rua Guedes de Azevedo. You might also see them near the beach in Matosinhos.

Rosa Et Al

One of the great Porto restaurants for brunch is Rose Et Al. The meals are ready to choose à la carte or there is a brunch tasting menu if you want to try more than one dish. If you don't know what to choose we recommend their oat porridge, which is a common favorite.

Since this is one of the more popular brunch places you will probably need to book a reservation in advance, as it is usually full. You probably won't get in from just stopping by but if you want to give it a shot you can find them at Rua do Rosário in Porto.

7g Roaster

A great spot for brunch located in Vila Nova de Gaia is 7g Roaster. The restaurant is small and quiet so it is a nice break from some of the more busy spots. They offer several tasty options including rustic bread, scrambled eggs, and meals made with smoked meats like ham.

Most people who visit absolutely love their filter coffee and recommend trying the different options that they offer. Portions are big so you might want to split a dish among two people. Visit them at Rua Franca.

O Diplomata

O Diplomata is a lovely place for brunch in Porto and their specialty definitely has to be pancakes. They let you build your own pancake by choosing everything from the dough, the degree of crunchiness, the toppings, fruits and ice cream that goes with it. There are almost endless combinations and it is definitely the best stop for pancake lovers.

If that's not your thing then there is no need to worry, O Diplomata also serves toast, coffee, drinks like juices and other basic breakfast dishes including bacon and eggs. This restaurant is located on Rua de José Falcão and spots fill up quickly, so make sure to arrive in advance.

Zenith Brunch Bar Porto

One of the city's popular brunch restaurants is Zenith Brunch Bar Porto. Their menu is targeted towards the vegan community but everyone will enjoy the delicious food served here. Zenith serves a selection of breakfast and brunch choices and many of the dishes are customizable too, so you can make the meal exactly how you want.

Some of the food that you will find here includes veggie bagels served with mushrooms, hummus, beetroot, tomato and caramelized onions. Their tasty vegan shakshuka, famous banana bread, French toast and acai bowls are also worth trying. Choose a basic egg on toast dish and add your own choice of toppings like vegan cheese, pesto and tofu, or non-vegan options like ham and salmon. They are open between 9 am and 7 pm every day and you will find them on Praça de Carlos Alberto.

Swallow Decadent Brunch

If you are in the mood for some American style food then make your way to Swallow Decadent Brunch. The menu has six different dishes that are on the menu permanently plus two others that change every month so you will always have something new to try. Their brunch time menu has options like bacon fried in maple syrup, classic eggs benedict, pancakes or poached eggs.

Most servings come with fresh fruit and potatoes on the side. You can add your choice of a hot drink like coffee or a cold one like fresh juice. Their dining space is small so you might want to make a reservation if you are planning to eat here. Their location is on Campo dos Mártires da Pátria.

Nola Kitchen

Thinking about taking a local hike? A nice place for a healthy breakfast to give you strength is Nola Kitchen. They serve food made with organic ingredients and each dish is served with just what is necessary, meaning that there are no additives or processed ingredients.

They have some of the best pancakes with toppings like coconut, cashews and maple syrup giving it the perfect combination of sweet and salty. Toast or shakshuka are also viable options. Most of the menu is vegan or vegetarian and they are affordable as well. Go to Praça D. Filipa de Lencastre anytime between 10 am and 11 pm to try their meals.


 Época is one of the amazing places for brunch in Porto, especially if you are traveling with a vegetarian. It is a sort of hidden gem since it is located outside of the city center, but if you happen to stroll by then you are in for a treat. Although the menu isn't too extensive, everything is cooked to perfection and is made with healthy options.

Most of the choices on the menu are made to complement their famous sourdough but they have some other options as well. Their Turkish eggs are delicious and they also offer Mexican eggs, buckwheat pancakes, homemade granola and porridge or French toast. The cafe has a relaxing atmosphere with natural lighting and tables with seating for two or for bigger groups, making it a good spot for a date or family outing. Their location at Rua do Rosário is open from 9 am to 4:30 pm from Wednesday to Saturday and from 12:30 to 4 pm on Tuesdays.

My Coffee Porto

Although this place doesn't have many food options it does have some of the best coffee in the city. The cafe is cute and located in a spot with fantastic views of the city making it a good place to just sit and relax.

They sell some of the best specialty coffee drinks as well as refreshing smoothie bowls that are a favorite among the vegan community. As for food they have a couple of healthy options including salads, sandwiches and pastries. They are open daily from 9:30 am to 6 pm on a street called  Escadas do Codeçal.

Nicolau Porto

If you happen to pass by Nicolau Porto you are sure to notice them, as the shop is made with glass walls that let you see inside the building. The interior is decorated with hanging plants and it is a lovely destination for a relaxing brunch.

Aside from great food, like burgers, tacos, toasts, pancakes and salads, they also have a wonderful drink menu. Pair your brunch with a tasty cocktail and enjoy your morning in Porto! Nicolau Porto can be found on Largo Alberto Pimentel.

The Top Brunch Menus in the City

No matter where you stay in Porto you won't have to walk far to find brunch. Whether you want to be served at a fine dining restaurant or have a buffet style brunch at a casual sit down cafe, this city has you covered. While you are in town you should take advantage of the amazing food and try to eat at as many places as you can, so make sure to stop by some of the places on this list!

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