Porto Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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view of Porto overlooking a red roof

The Portuguese city of Porto is famous for its port wine production and grand bridges. As the second largest city in the country, Porto is a business hub that serves the region and country more broadly. Commerce primarily revolves around farming, with crops, vegetables, and grains grown in the area, in addition to timber and wine production.

As a tourist destination, Porto is simply charming. Its historic center, which has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status, boasts quaint, cobblestone streets and enchanting, medieval architecture. It’s located on the coast and therefore has a relaxed, coastal vibe, while visitors will wonder at the picturesque river that flows through the city center. From churches to museums and everything in between, Porto is a city that should be on everyone’s Portugal itinerary.

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9 Best Ways To Experience Porto In 2024

With an Old Town that's a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a history spanning centuries, first-class galleries, theaters, and museums as well as being the center for the production of one of the finest wines ever, Porto is every culture addict's dream city. All of the companies detailed below will help you to discover it in-depth and find out what makes it so special. No matter what you choose to do or how you decide to explore Porto, they'll make sure you have the best time possible and a vacation you'll never forget.

Best Porto Tour – Tuk Tour Porto

Sightseeing should be fun and it will be if you do it with Tuk Tour Porto. These tuk tuks are not a two-seater pedal-driven form of transport, but modern, with eco-friendly electrically powered motors and can seat up to four or five if you're traveling with kids. The driver-guides are fully qualified and know all there is to know about Porto. Day or night, it really is a great way to see the city.

Organize your tuk tuk ride around Porto with Tuk Tour Porto by emailing them at info@tuktour.com or alternatively, give them a call on 35-191-509-4443.

Best Off-The-Beaten-Track Tour – Porto Xperience

When you find out what's behind the ornate facades of Porto's buildings, you'll be surprised at what you discover. Go on a private, off-the-beaten-track tour with Porto Xperience and they'll show you an antiquated bookshop, take you around the harbor area, and include a great historical narrative while feeding you lots of local delicacies.

Find out how to join Porto Xperience on one of their tours by calling 351-912-291-652 or drop them an email at pxt@xperiencetours.pt.

Best Wine Tour – EFun Tours

There's no escaping the fact that Porto is world-renowned for its magnificent port wines. You don't need to be an expert or have a distinguished palate to appreciate it either. Go on a port wine walking tour with EFun Tours and you'll visit the caves where it's made and get to sample some pretty vintage stuff. If you prefer white to heady reds then you may enjoy their day out in the vineyards of the Douro Valley more.

Start sorting out your place on an EFun Tour by calling 351-220-945-375 or send an email to them at bookings@efungpstours.com.

Best Bike Tours – Sardinhas Oporto Rent Shop & Tours

Cycling around Porto is a great way to see this amazing city and an economical one too. Hire a bicycle from Sardinhas and they'll provide you with not only a map and a safety helmet, but a guide too if you want one. If you don't want to ride a bike and have the right license then they'll rent you a scooter or car instead. Go on a cycle tour though, and you'll find there's a fish lunch included which more than compensates for all the pedaling.

Get in touch with Sardinhas Oporto Rent Shop & Tours by emailing info@sardinhastours.com or give them a call at 351-934-431-224.  

Best Sightseeing Tour – Inbictvs Oporto Transfers & Tours

If you're going to go sightseeing in Porto then do it in style by going in a privately chauffeured car or limousine. As soon as you get into the luxury vehicle from Inbictvs Oporto Transfers & Tours, you're the boss for the rest of the trip. You can go where you want, stop when you want, and basically just pretend to be rich and famous tourists for the entire time. Don't forget to dress accordingly and practice your royal wave.

Book your limo from Inbictvs Oporto Transfers & Tours by emailing them at info@inbictvstours.com or give them a call on 351-912-217-592 for more details.

Best Photography Tour – Pictury Photo Tours

A photography tour of Porto with Pictury Photo Tours is a combination of sightseeing and photography lesson. You'll be taken to some amazing places, be told details about what you're seeing, then learn the best way to shoot it before snapping off some shots of your own. It's a fun way of touring and ending up with some great souvenir photos at the same time.

Get in touch with Pictury Photo Tours by calling 351-912-341-188 or by email at jsantos@picturyphototours.com.

Best Running Tour – Porto Running Tours

Keep fit and see Porto at the same time by joining a running tour organized by Porto Running Tours. They have runs for all levels of fitness so if it's not your usual thing, don't worry, you've no reason to keep making excuses as they'll work around it. You do get a chance to get your breath back when you stop at major sights and the running guide gives you an insight into what you're bent double looking at.

Get set to sprint around Porto with Porto Running Tours by emailing info@portorunningtours.com or give them a call at 351-914-601-010.

Best Food Tour – PortoVore Tours

The food scene in Porto is rich with Mediterranean flavors that are a total delight to indulge in. Learn all about Portuguese food by going on a food tour of the city with PortoVore Tours. You'll visit three different locations where you'll find out how to pair traditional food with local wine for a sumptuous combination that will rock your taste buds to the limit.

Tour Porto like a foodie with PortoVore Tours by calling them on 351-936-761-509 or email them at portovore@gmail.com for details and availability.  

bridge at dusk

A weekend in Porto

Porto is a compact city with a lot to offer tourists, making it the perfect place for a weekend getaway. If you only have a few days to spare in this enchanting city, you’ll want to do everything you can to maximize your time. We recommend utilizing a Bounce luggage storage service, the best place to store suitcases in Porto. These suggestions will also help you to make a list of your must-see attractions so you don’t go home disappointed.

  • Luis I Bridge: Porto is known for its impressive bridges and the Luis I Bridge is an excellent example. This arched, metal structure is pretty to look at, but the views from upon it are even better. Head here at sunset for great views over the city.
  • Clerigos Church: This church is worthy of a feature in any fairytale. With exquisite architecture and a traditional bell tower, it’s worth climbing the stairs to see the view.
  • Ribeira Square: At the heart of the historic center, Ribeira Square is a must-see when in Porto. The views over the water are stunning and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time.

Porto Lockers

If you find yourself stuck with your luggage or overwhelmed by purchases while out shopping, make a stop at Bounce luggage storage location. It’s a service that provides luggage lockers in Porto that will take care of your belongings so you don’t have to. Simply drop them off when you need to and pick them up when it suits you. 

Off the beaten path in Porto

There’s plenty of opportunities to get away from the crowds and experience the true Porto. If you’re more interested in hidden gems than major tourist attractions, the following are for you.

  • Street art in East Porto: Many tourists don’t know about the impressive street art that lines the walls just Sao Bento Train Station. It’s a bit of a walk, but worth it if you want to see the art offered by local creatives.
  • Jardim de São Lázaro: Join the locals in the park at Jardim de Sao Lazaro, which was named after a leprosy hospital that operated in the Middle Ages. You’ll often find people playing cards here and it’s a great spot for a picnic.
  • Douro River in Foz: If you are looking for the perfect place to watch the sunset in Porto, this spot is it. It’s here that the river meets the sea and you will get some great snaps of the sun setting behind the Arrabida Bridge.

What to do alone in Porto


With charming, narrow streets, quaint cafés and a historic center that will take you to a different era, Porto is a great destination for solo travelers. Business and pleasure travelers alike will delight in the ease of visiting Porto alone, from the public transport system to the availability of bag storage in Porto. There’s plenty to keep individuals occupied in this great city.

  • Livrario Lello: This bookstore is one of the oldest in Portugal and should be on the itinerary of any book lover. With an appealing facade, visitors will be amazed by the collection of books and the stunning interior.
  • Jardins do Palácio de Cristal: With picturesque views of the river, perfectly manicured gardens and even peacocks roaming around, a walk through these grounds is a great way to experience Porto.
  • Bolhao Market: There’s something about a market that makes you feel as though you are truly seeing a country or city. Bolhao offers a window into Portuguese life and is worth a visit to pick up some fresh produce and people watch. 

The best souvenirs in Porto

Wondering where to find the best souvenirs in Porto? A book from Library Lello makes a great gift or memento for literary lovers, while some of Porto’s traditional port wine is perfect for anybody who enjoys a high-quality drop. There’s an array of souvenir stores in the city center, especially throughout the historic district, where you can stock up on Porto items from jewelry to chocolates to soaps.

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