Wine Tasting in Porto: 12 Places You Have to Try

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Wine tasting in Porto

There aren't too many places in the world that have their own variety of wine named after them. But that's the case in Porto. This Portuguese city located on the Douro River is famous throughout the world for the fortified wine known as port.

Port wine production in the Douro Valley dates back to at least the 17th century. Porto is full of port wine cellars where you can enjoy wine tastings and learn more about the port wine-making process. And as well as enjoying tastings in Porto, the countryside around the city is packed with wineries where you can go on wine tours and enjoy both port wine tastings and other types of wine produced in the area.

A port wine cellar visit or wine tasting tour is almost obligatory while you're in this city and is easily one of the best things to do at night in Porto. Drop off your bags at a Bounce luggage storage and get ready to enjoy some port wine tasting in this beautiful city.

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Best places for wine tasting in Porto

Lado Wines

Located in the heart of Porto, this tasting room is an ideal place to begin your wine tasting tour of the city. Lado focuses on port and Douro Valley wines with an emphasis on small producers, so you'll get to try port wines and other varieties that you might not get to try anywhere else.

Their standard tasting will take you through eight glasses over the course of an hour, giving you a great overview of the diversity and complexity of port wine. The tastings take place every day except Sunday. Lado also offers specialized port wine tastings, including a sample of premium ports and a wine tasting devoted solely to Douro Valley wine.

This is a great place to start for anyone with even a passing interest in wine and one of the top wine tastings to enjoy while visiting Porto.


R. da Fonte Taurina 89, Porto


The Sala de Provas tasting room is operated by ViniPortugal, an organization devoted to bringing Portuguese wine to the rest of the world. This organization puts on wine tastings and other wine events in countries around the world. Their Porto tasting room shares this mission, and if you're not the biggest fan of port, this is a great place to go, as you will be introduced to a variety of different Portuguese wines. A wine tasting here will take your taste buds on a wine tour of the country without leaving Porto, and the knowledgeable staff can tell you all about the best wineries to visit if you want to explore further.


R. das Flores 10, Porto

Reserva Wine Bar

This wine bar is located a little way out of town, but the oceanside setting near the beach of Praia de Matosinhos may make it worthwhile to head out there. They have an extensive port wine cellar and offer wine tastings, so you can try a variety of ports and other local wines while enjoying the sea breezes on a summer's day. As you might expect from the waterfront setting, they also offer some incredible seafood, and the knowledgeable staff can help you choose the perfect drink to pair with your meal, whether it's port or not. With delicious wines along with other drinks and great food to enjoy, Reserva offers a very pleasant wine tasting experience and a much more relaxed way to enjoy the flavors of Portugal.


Rua Herois de Franca 606, Matosinhos

Port tasting in Porto

Caves Calem

Caves Calem is one of the most famous and respected port wine producers in Porto. They offer a range of wine tastings, from a quick introduction to port wine all the way up to a comprehensive tour and tasting that includes premium ports and other wines. The latter option is quite pricey but will give you an in-depth look at both the Caves Calem winery and the port wine-making process.

The standard tour includes a visit to their cellars and a tasting of four different wines. This is a great option if you want to learn about port without spending too much money, and it's one of the more popular Porto wine tastings on offer.


Av. de Diogo Leite 344, Vila Nova de Gaia


This wine shop is a great place to visit if you want to explore some lesser-known gems of Portuguese wine production. As well as an extensive selection of port wines, Touriga offers other Portuguese wines and has one of the best selections in the country, so if you're looking for a special bottle to bring home, chances are good you'll find it here.

Touriga also hosts regular events, including a lesson in the production of port wine and a blind tasting game. These events are a fun way to learn more about the world of Portuguese wine, so you should definitely consider booking one for your trip to Porto.


Rua de Fabrica 32, Porto

Caves Ferreira

This is one of the most historic and well-known wineries in Porto and one of the best port wine cellars in the city. Founded in 1751, Caves Ferreira was once the largest exporter of port wine in the world. Today, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Porto.

Caves Ferreira offers various wine tastings, depending on your interests and budget. The most popular option is the traditional wine tasting, which includes four wines and costs €15 per person. This option is great for those who want to learn about the history of port wine and taste a variety of different wines.

If you are interested in learning more about the production process of port wine, Caves Ferreira also offers a winery tour. The tour costs €25 per person and includes a tasting of four wines.

No matter which option you choose, Caves Ferreira is a great place to learn about port wine and taste some of the best wines in Porto.


Av. de Ramos Pinto 70, Vila Nova de Gaia

Best Porto wine tasting places

Taylor's Port Wine Lodge

Taylor's is one of the most well-known port wine brands in the world, and their Port Wine Lodge is a must-visit for any fan of port wine. The lodge offers different wine tastings, depending on your interests. You can choose to taste a selection of their different ports, learn about the history and production of port wine, or take a tour of their cellars.

Along the way, you'll learn all about the history of port wine, from its production to its worldwide appeal. One of the biggest port wine cellars in all of Porto, this is an ideal place to enjoy not just a port tasting but also an encounter with the history of the city.


Vila Nova de Gaia

Tio Pepe Wine Cellar

For something a little bit different, head to this wine cellar and get acquainted with another famous Portuguese wine, Tio Pepe. The Tio Pepe wine tasting includes a tour of the cellars, where you'll learn all about how this world-renowned wine is made. You'll also get to try a few different varieties of Tio Pepe, making this a perfect activity for any fan of Portuguese wine.

This location also houses one of the best bottle shops in Porto. You'll be able to enjoy not just port wine tasting, but wine some across Portugal and around the world, and also beers, spirits, and just about everything else.


R. Eng. Ferreira Dias 51, Porto

Sandeman Port Wine Cellar

Another famous name in port, Sandeman operates one of the most historic port wine cellars in the city, occupying a building that dates back to 1797. Sandeman is a winery, museum, and tasting room all rolled into one and offers one of the best port-tasting experiences available in Porto. Tours are offered in multiple languages and finish with a tasting of five different ports. Yes, the experience at this usually successful company is a little polished and corporate for some tastes, but it remains a fascinating port wine tour and a great way to learn more about this legendary producer.


Largo Miguel Bombarda 3, Vila Nova de Gaia

Wine tasting in Porto, Portugal

Wine Lounge Museu do Vino

If you're going to call yourself a museum of wine, you'd better bring the goods. And this wine bar located in the historic heart of Porto certainly does. With an incredible view from the terrace, you'll be able to choose from a huge variety of wines by the glass, with options from all over Portugal and the world. The perfect place to relax after a day of sightseeing, this is a must-visit spot for any wine lover visiting Porto. The ambiance is relaxed and casual, making this a great place to pop in for refreshment after a long day exploring the city's historic heart.


Cais da Estiva 137, Porto

Graham's Port Lodge

You'll need to plan in advance for this one. This working winery can only be visited on a guided tour by appointment, but it's worth making the effort to visit the port wine cellars of another famous and historic brand. The tour includes a visit to the winery and a tasting of three different ports, giving you a great overview of the Graham's range. The tour lasts around 90 minutes, making this a perfect activity for an afternoon in Porto.


Rua do Agro 141, Vila Nova de Gaia

Riquito Tours

There are so many port wine cellars in Porto that it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Choosing the best ones to visit and finding time to see them all can be a challenge, especially on a shorter trip. That's where Riquito Tours comes in. They offer a variety of different tours around the city, including a port wine tour that will take you to some of the best port cellars and port tastings in Porto.

Along with port tours, they offer historical and other specialized tours so you can learn more about the history and culture of the city. These are great if you only have limited time to spend in Porto and want to maximize what you see on your visit. After all, although it may not always seem like it, there is more to this part of Portugal than port wines, and a tour with this company will help you see more of what the city has to offer.

Wine and food in Porto


It probably won't come as a surprise to find that port wine tours are big business in Porto. If you're a fan of this sweet red wine, you're in luck. There are practically infinite options for port tasting and learning more about the historic port wine houses of the city.

However, there is more to Porto than just port tastings. Check out our guide on how to spend three days in Porto, and you'll see that this is a city full of historic charm, along with the beautiful scenery of the Douro Valley.

By partnering with local businesses in Porto and in cities around the world, Bounce makes it easy to see everything this part of Portugal has to offer. Drop off your bags at a secure luggage storage, and you'll be ready to enjoy a port tasting, a historic tour, or any of the other fun things there are to do in Porto. No one ever regretted traveling light, so drop off your bags and get ready to explore the most charming wine bars, port cellars, and best wine tours Porto has to offer.

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