Providence Visitor Guide 2024: Everything You Need To Know

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Providence, Rhode Island

Located on Rhode Island off the east coast, Providence is one of the oldest cities in the United States. The capital of the state, Providence is also the cultural hub of the region. Along with all its historic charm, you'll find plenty of more modern attractions and activities to do here. Plus, as the home of Brown University, the city has a youthful student atmosphere that makes it well worth exploring.

Drop your bags off at a Providence luggage locker, and you'll be free to see what the city has to offer for yourself. Whether you're visiting for a weekend, a daytrip, or a longer stay, you may find yourself surprised at what Rhode Island has to offer.

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Providence, RI

A weekend in Providence

A weekend in Providence is a good amount of time to see some of the city's major attractions. With only a couple of days at your disposal, you can make things easier on yourself by dropping off unneeded bags with a Providence luggage storage service. The less you have to carry, the more you will get to see.

  • See some of Providence's best historic architecture along the Benefit Street Mile of History. This famous street is home to many of the city's most impressive Victorian homes, and a stroll down the street feels like a step back in time.
  • Visit one of Providence's most unusual attractions at Waterfire. Eighty bonfires rise from the river in a long line that makes an impressive sight as evening falls.
  • Brown University has been an important part of Providence since 1770. Home to the impressive John Hay Library and the David Winton Bell Gallery, the atmospheric campus is the best place to delve into the cultural life of this University City.

Providence lockers

Providence is a great place to explore by itself and is the gateway to seeing more of Rhode Island. You'll have a much better time if you don't carry more than you need to. Drop off your unneeded bags at a Providence suitcase storage and pick them up later. Your belongings will be safely looked after while you're off having fun, and traveling light makes it easy to see more of the city.

Off the beaten path in Providence

Providence gets its share of tourists thanks to its historic importance and impressive architecture. But if you want to see a lesser-known side of the city, you don’t have to go far. Step away from the main attractions and delve into the more unusual side of the city for an unforgettable trip.

  • See one of the grandest homes in Providence at the Governor Henry Lippitt house. Built in 1865, this sprawling mansion was home to the state's governor. It's now open to the public on guided tours explaining the history and importance of the house and its owner.
  • Visit one of Providence's quirkiest museums at the Culinary Arts Museum. Dedicated to all things food, the exhibits here contain period cookbooks and re-creations of famous restaurants. You can see how people cooked and ate in ancient Rome or visit a stagecoach tavern from the nineteenth century.
  • Explore Italian-American culture on Federal Hill. Providence has been home to a large Italian community since the nineteenth century, and a stroll through this neighborhood will make you feel as though you've been transported to Europe. Try excellent food and shop for unique items in the family-run businesses of the area.

What to do alone in Providence

Whether you're traveling on business or vacation, seeing Providence by yourself is a pleasure. Drop off your unneeded bags at a bag storage in Providence and focus on what you want to see.

  • See the oldest Baptist Church in the entire United States. Dating back to 1638, the First Baptist Church of Providence is still in use today as a house of worship, but you can visit and admire the history of religion whether you're a believer or not.
  • Downcity is both the historic and commercial heart of Providence. The mixture of old and new buildings makes it a fascinating place to explore for architecture fans. It's also home to many of the city's best bars and restaurants, so you're sure to have fun here.
  • See the oldest shopping mall in America at The Arcade. Dating back to 1828, this impressive granite building is home to a selection of fascinating shops that make great places to buy souvenirs and gifts.

Best souvenirs in Providence

It's no surprise that The Arcade is one of the best places for unusual shopping in Providence. Visit Carmen and Ginger for antiques and vintage items, or the Lovecraft Arts and Sciences Council to delve into the world of legendary writer H.P. Lovecraft. On the other hand, if you want to commemorate Providence's Italian heritage, Constantino's Venda Ravioli is one of the best places in the city to pick up imported foods. Copacetic Rudely Elegant Jewelry sells quirky jewelry and other items from local artists, and Craftland is the place to pick up printed T-shirts, notebooks, bags, and other unique objects made by Providence artists.

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