Is Rome safe to visit? A comprehensive safety guide

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Everybody has heard of Rome, the Eternal City. It is the Italian capital city and one of the top tourist destinations on the globe. The city is famous for its ancient ruins, some of which date back to the 8th century BC. Beginning as a tiny city on the Tiber River, Rome has come a long way and was once the most powerful city in the Roman Empire.

The city's historical attractions bring in many tourists, and in fact, modern Rome stands as Europe's fourth most visited city and the fourteenth most popular travel destination in the entire world. The city center is home to over 4 million citizens, and on average 10 million people visit Rome every year. The peak tourist season is between May and mid-September, although the busiest months are between June and August, despite the hot and humid weather!

When you're traveling in a highly populated city like Rome it is always important to protect yourself and your belongings. Keep your belongings safe by leaving them with Bounce luggage storage in Rome. Feel confident knowing that your things are being kept under the excellent protection plan in place. Along with bag safety, we've compiled useful information about Rome safety in general. Read on to be informed as you explore this marvelous city.

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Is Rome safe to visit right now?

Overall, Rome is a safe city to visit, with Italy having a Global Peace Index of 32. Your most prominent danger will be petty crime as the city is not experiencing any safety advisories or travel restrictions, and the risk of natural disasters is very low. Your biggest threats will be pickpocketing and scams around the most popular tourist areas.

We'll do our best to prepare you for the potential safety threats that you might experience in Rome but keep in mind that the well-being of yourself and your items is your responsibility, and if you are a new traveler then you should do some additional research before going on your trip. We recommend all travelers check their government's official travel guidelines for the city and country they are visiting before heading off on their adventure.

As long as you are aware of your surroundings and follow these safety tips, you can definitely have an amazing time visiting Rome.

Top petty crimes and scams in Rome affecting tourists

If you're familiar with the most common crimes in Rome, you're less likely to fall for them. Below is a list of some of the typical crimes that can happen and information on how you can protect yourself against them.


According to Safe Travel Abroad, scam artists are very common in Rome and pose a high risk for unassuming visitors. Scams range from ATM fraud and fake charity petitions to counterfeit currency.

Remember to use an ATM in a safe location like your hotel or a bank. We suggest only taking out enough money for the day so that you aren't carrying a large amount of cash on you, and keep your credit cards safely tucked away in your bags.


Pickpockets mainly target tourists around the most popular attractions and public transportation hubs. They often strike when you are trying to figure out where you're going, with an even higher risk at night. In some cases, thieves work in groups with one of them being a distraction as the other steals your valuables.

The threats can easily be minimized by being wary when talking to people you don't know and keeping your wallet and most expensive valuables stowed deeply in your bag or, better yet, somewhere safe in your hotel room.

Taxi drivers

Some scammers might pose as fake drivers, and you should make sure that you only get in cars clearly marked as official taxis. Make sure that your taxi driver starts the meter as soon as you begin your journey or they might purposefully charge you too much or an overpriced flat rate.

Is Rome safe to travel alone

Solo travelers in Rome do not face any more dangers than those who are traveling in a group. Stay alert to what is happening around you. Italy is relatively safe for solo female travelers with a rating of 23 as listed on the Bounce Women Travel Safety Index, although you should stay aware of your surroundings, especially at night.

Safest neighborhoods in Rome

When choosing a place to stay, consider how safe the neighborhood is before booking a room. Keep reading to learn more about some of the best Rome neighborhoods.


Spagna is one of Rome's safest neighborhoods because it is where lots of tourists gather and security is high.

Campo dei Fiori

This Rome neighborhood is also popular among tourists. You'll be safe staying here, but do keep a travel safe mindset as you do while on any trip.

Although most of Rome is safe, there are some neighborhoods that you might want to avoid. They include San Basilio, Tor Bella Monaca and Ostia. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't visit these places, but be aware since petty theft and other crimes are more common here.

Is Rome public transportation safe?

Like in many cities, pickpockets frequent crowded places where they can get away with crime undetected and escape quickly. Unfortunately, train stations and other public transport hubs are the perfect environments for pickpocketing to occur so remain aware of your surroundings.

Places like Termini Station will have a higher risk of bag and wallet theft as well as scamming, which is why you should take certain precautions to protect yourself and your valuables when you're at the train station or other busy areas. Stay safe in Rome when using public transport by having ticket money accessible so that you are not pulling large amounts of money out of your wallet.

It's also wise to make yourself aware of your surroundings and where you plan to go. Looking at a map or guidebook in a transport station to help plan your route. If you need help when here, there is a tourism office open during daylight hours.

Important emergency numbers in Rome

If you ever feel as though you are in danger or need help from the authorities there are numbers that you can call that can help you stay safe. Keep a list of the ones mentioned below, and be aware of your embassy number when using your phone in Rome.

  • Italy's country code: +39
  • Rome area code: 06
  • European emergency number (police): 112
  • General emergencies contact: 113
  • Fire brigade: 115
  • Sanitary emergencies: 118
  • Tourist promotion services: 06 48 89 91
  • Emergency medical services: 06 57 06 00

Staying safe in Rome

As the seat of the Italian Government, law enforcement in Rome is high making it a safe place to visit. However, it is a large city and very popular among tourists which increases the Rome crime rate.

Staying safe in Rome is not difficult though, as long as you use common sense and exercise caution. Before booking yourself a hotel room, check out our guide on Where to Stay in Rome: The Ultimate Guide. As the largest city in Italy, navigating the streets can be complicated, so do some research on How to Get Around Rome before your trip as well.

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