Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Rome

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The ancient city of Rome is an incredible place to see and has also been the capital of Italy since 1870. An amazing place to take a vacation, there really is lots to do around town, from participating in cultural events to visiting museums. There are lots of nice art galleries to stop by as well as some historic landmarks that you just have to see.

Aside from all of the museums and historic places to visit, Rome is a great place to do some shopping. The first shopping mall ever built in the city was way back between the years of 107 A.D. and 110 A.D. It was made by Emperor Trajan and was where locals could go to buy food and items of all kinds. Today there are many modern places and outlets for you to explore, and this shopping guide will tell you exactly where to find them. Before you start your shopping spree, leave your heavy bags and backpacks at a luggage storage facility in Rome. This way, you can easily carry your fantastic finds!

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Shopping Malls and Outlets in Rome

La Rinascente

This shop is a large department-style store that has some great things for you and your home. The complex is full of designer stores and has multiple levels full of luxury items like clothing, home décor, beauty products, shoes and accessories.

The store is found in central Rome between the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps. The six floors cover 14,000 square meters of space dedicated to some of the top brands in Italy and from around the world, including Gucci, Michael Kors, Tod's, Swarovski, Lacoste, Stone Island and Fendi. The building has just recently welcomed a store called Alexander McQueen which sells outfits for men, women, and children, and La Rinascente also has a rooftop terrace and food court selling gourmet meals.

Galleria Porta di Roma

The Galleria Porta di Roma is one of the biggest shopping malls in the city with over 220 shops and restaurants ready to serve you. It is a bit further away from the inner circle of the city but is well worth the extra travel time.

The kids will love this place because aside from shopping, this complex has a huge multi-level movie theater with 24 different screens. The shops in the mall can be found on several different floors and it has stores selling things for men, women and children. They have everything that you might need like clothes, accessories, shoes, sports equipment, home décor and more. As for food, you can find anything from fast food to fine dining in this mall.


If you find yourself in the Prati neighborhood and are looking for some new haute couture, you can take a trip to the COIN department store. This shop is similar to La Rinascente as it has several big brands all located in one huge shop. You can find COIN along Via Cola di Rienzo.

This outlet store is a one-stop shop for anything that you might need while shopping in Rome. There are several floors selling different things like clothing, houseware, makeup, perfume, accessories or shoes. You can find most of the things from Rome's high street right in this one outlet.

Designer Stores in Rome

Dolce & Gabbana

This shop is the embodiment of high Italian fashion, selling trendy clothing for both men and women. The store is actually owned by a couple who began their career in a fashion atelier in the 80s. They later opened their own shop in 1982 which quickly gained popularity and has become known around the whole world.

This is one of Italy's top designer stores located right inside of Rome. You can find their store at the Piazza di Spagna so be sure to stop by if you are in the area. Their clothing is flashy, colorful and perfect for trendsetters.


Borsalino is a designer store in Rome specializing in hats and headwear. You will find this store at several locations hidden around the city; behind the Pantheon, inside the Piazza del Popolo and by the Trevi Fountain.

This shop was first opened in 1857 and their hats are made using a technique that dates back almost 100 years. The hats here are truly unique and stylish, and have been popular among locals, tourists and even some celebrities. It won't be uncommon for you to see others walking around the city wearing a Borsalino hat, and it can be a nice fashion piece to bring home with you as well.

La Perle SRL

This Italian brand is known all over the world and is a nice spot for women to buy intimate clothing and lingerie. They have some gorgeous bras, underwear or sleepwear and have recently added their fragrances for men and women for purchase in-store only. They have also made a new partnership with Jean Paul Gauthier, a talented designer who is hard at work creating beautiful new designs for La Perle.

This brand is known all around the world but you can shop at their original location here in Rome. Treat yourself to something glamorous from this local designer store.


This shop is one of the city's top places for finding unique home décor and they have a large selection of accessories that you can use to transform your home. From hand painted and screen printed wallpaper, tea sets and colorful couch cushions to candelabra and cutlery, Lelli sells some things that you won't be able to find back at home.

If you are looking for some more familiar brand names you can also find products from Colefax and Fowler, Pierre Frey and Designers Guild in this shop. They have a nice showroom downstairs which is also worth checking out.

Antica Cartotecnica

You will find this independently owned shop in the area between the Pantheon and Piazza Navona. This store is unique both inside and outside of Italy, as it sells mostly ballpoint pens, paper and stationary equipment.

Desk sets, leather notebooks, world globes, old typewriters and more can be found in this charming store. They first opened in 1930 and are a family run business that is now owned by its third generation. They even sell their own line of journals that can be great diaries or gifts for someone back home.

Castelli Profumerie

Castelli Profumerie is another small designer store that is only found in Rome. They are a historic beauty and skin care store that sells vintage fragrances, shampoos, makeups and lipsticks from unknown brands or more popular companies.

Their countertops also hold shaving creams, nice smelling soaps and even wigs or toupees. Even if you don't think you need anything from here it is worth a stop, as you can't find this store anywhere else in the world.


When it is time for some shoe shopping you will have to take a look at Marini. This is one of Rome's best small shoe shops that is family owned and run. Everything that they sell is handmade and of the best quality, boasting the experienced craftmanship of the Marini family.

If you choose to buy a pair of shoes you will have to be measured so that they can be properly fitted to you, and afterward, your measurements are written down for the next time that you buy from them. Some well known names have already been serviced by Marini, including Robert de Niro, Anna Magnani and Marcello Mastroianni.

The Best Shopping Areas in Rome

Via del Corso

By far one of the top places to find Italian brands and boutiques is at Rome's high street, Via del Corso. This area is quite lively and a fun place to visit even if you don't buy anything. Walking along the street you will find department stores with accessories and clothes as well as nice trinkets and souvenirs.

The stores here are perfect for any fashionistas who are looking to find a new outfit from a local designer or a big chain brand. Aside from some of the best shopping in Rome, this street has some nice restaurants and beauty salons too.

Rione Monti

The neighborhood of Monti is a great place to do some window shopping in the small boutiques found nearby. This part of the city is one of the oldest dating back about 2,000 years and is quite cute and charming. There are only small boutiques here as well as cafes and coffee shops.

There are some great antique dealers in the area that can be fun to explore. The best streets in this neighborhood include via dei Serpentine, via del Boschetto, via Panisperna and via Urbana. Most weekends this area has flea markets open to the public where you can find some unique keepsakes. See where to stay in Monti in our neighborhood guide here.

The Spanish Steps

The area of the city around the Spanish Steps has lots of stores for you to discover. There are all kinds of shops around here, from high-end international brands like Gucci or Prada and Armani to smaller independent boutiques that can only be found in Rome, like Fausto Santini. This is also a great place to go shoe shopping.

The stores here vary in affordability so everyone can find something within their price range. Most of the surrounding streets have fashion clothing shops, antique stores selling vintage items and small businesses with unique trinkets, so take your time walking around the area to see what is available.

Near Piazza Navona

If you need to do some retail therapy you can visit the area near Piazza Navona for some of the best shopping streets in Rome. The whole area is gorgeous and offers some great shopping choices no matter what your style is.

There are some shops directly behind the Piazza, but two of the streets located just beside it are where you should go. Via del Governo Vecchio has some nice artisanal shops, one-off boutiques and vintage shops. Close by is via dei Coronari which is home to some of the best cafes, more antique stores and small shops.

Near Vatican City

The via Cola di Rienzo is a main shopping street in Vatican City, and the Prati neighborhood found nearby has some great options too. The street is long and wide and has some of your usual chain stores and department stores. The COIN department store and Tiffany's are some of the shops that you can find here.

Walking along the streets among the big buildings by the Vatican is pleasant and is also where a lot of agencies and businesses set up shop. There are both big and small stores as well as designer outlets, so it is a good spot for both luxury shopping and cheap shopping.

Porta Portese

Porta Portese is a weekly flea market that is the biggest of its kind in the whole city. The market stretches over several streets and is a great place to do affordable shopping for souvenirs and unique items.

You can often find people selling old artwork, stunning jewelry, furniture, books, and who knows what else! Even if you don't buy anything the area is quite picturesque and you can spend a nice Saturday afternoon browsing the small shops.

An Insider Guide to Shopping in the Eternal City

We hope that this Rome shopping guide helped you to find where to find some stores near you. Every area in the city has somewhere worth visiting, whether you are looking for affordable clothing boutiques or other brands that have a bit of an extra cost. You can do some outlet shopping to buy clothes from internationally known shops or find custom designed dresses made by original Italian brands, depending on your style and what you like.

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