Rome Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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With its intriguing history and an array of attractions for all ages, the Italian capital is an idyllic vacation destination. Sat on the River Tiber, Rome offers everything from remarkable monuments to chic shopping destinations to fascinating museums. 

When in Rome, do as the Romans do and explore the Colosseum, peruse the Pantheon, and stroll through the Forum. Whether you're in Roma for the day or for several weeks, you won't be short of excellent excursions to enjoy. This 2,500-year-old city still has plenty of secrets for intrepid adventures to discover. Book a spot at a Bounce storage locker in Rome, and get ready to explore this magical capital city.

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9 Best Ways to Experience Rome in 2024

Rome is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, and for good reason. The capital of Italy has been one of the world’s most important cities for thousands of years. Full of ancient monuments and ruins, it’s also one of the world’s great food cities and the perfect place to get to grips with modern Italy too. You could spend a lifetime in Rome and still never run out of things to do, but if you want to take a deep dive into what the Eternal City has to offer, the companies listed below can help. Drop off your bags at a Bounce luggage storage in Rome and immerse yourself in what these companies have to offer.

Best Colosseum tour — Roman Trips

The Colosseum is one of the world’s most iconic buildings and a true marvel of ancient engineering. But there’s far more to this building than what you can see by yourself. Roman Trips offers guided tours of the Colosseum that will take you to areas of this magnificent building most tourists never get to see. Additionally, they offer other tours to some of Rome’s top museums and allow you to skip the line and beat the crowds. Contact them at or 390645499477.

Best day tour — DI TOUR IN TOUR - Rome Magic Tour

Rome has plenty to keep anyone busy. But beyond the sprawling city itself, there’s much more to this region of Italy than just the capital. If you want to see more of the countryside and the region's rural life, this is the company to call. They offer over 20 different tours so you can enjoy the countryside, the history, the food, and the culture of Lazio. They even offer company and school trips if you’re traveling with a group. Contact them at or 39 320 037 0680.

Best Vatican tour — Maximus Tours

Technically a sovereign country within the walls of Rome, the Vatican is the heart of the Catholic Church and a truly unique place to visit. This tiny microstate can get extremely busy, but Maximus Tours can help you beat the crowds. They offer a variety of tours that will let you understand the history and art of the Vatican, including a private night tour which will show you a whole new side to this intriguing location. Contact them at or 39 320 270 9434.

Best family tour — Italy With Family

Ancient ruins and religious sites aren’t the kind of things that generally appeal to kids. If you’re traveling to Rome with the family, you’ll need to find something to keep little ones entertained. That’s where Italy With Family comes in. They offer ten different tours, including food and driving tours that focus on experiences families can enjoy together. The guides all have training in child care as well as a deep knowledge of the city, so they are the perfect guide for families looking to experience the city. Contact them at or 39 064 817 020.

Best walking tour — Tours of Rome

Rome is a surprisingly walkable city, and traveling on foot is the best way to see all of its major sites. After all, the streets of Rome were laid out long before anyone ever dreamed of a motor vehicle. Still, if you want a better idea of what you’re seeing, Tours of Rome can help. They offer tours that will take you to all the major sites and explain the historical and cultural significance. Rome’s history is a complex one, and a knowledgeable guide can be invaluable in helping you understand the forces that have shaped the city. Bring your headphones and set out on a tour that will help you understand more of this intriguing city. Contact them or 39 324 696 8498.

Best vintage car tour — Rome 500 EXP

Italy is the home of some truly iconic vehicles, and what better way to explore the capital than in a Fiat 500 or on a Vespa scooter? These exciting tours will take you around the city while you enjoy driving these classic Italian machines. Some of the tours are family-friendly, and kids will get a thrill out of seeing the city this way — as will their parents. Book a tour by contacting them at or 39 366 306 2906.

Best food tour — Savor Italy Tours

Italian food is legendary around the world. And beyond the usual tourist traps, Rome has some of the country’s best restaurants. Explore the best pizza in the city or dive into Italy’s long tradition of pasta making. This company has knowledgeable guides that know all the best spots in the city to get something authentic and delicious to eat. They will also point out interesting facts and historically significant monuments along the way. And if you’d like to leave Rome with a new skill, the company also offers Italian cooking classes. Contact them at or 39 338 297 5029.

Best bike tour — Eco Move

Exploring Rome on bike gives you the best of both worlds. You’ll be able to access parts of the city vehicles can’t reach, but still have the range to see more of what the place has to offer. Pedaling is also a great way to burn off the calories you’ll probably rack up at lunch, but this company also offers ebikes if you’d rather take it easy. Best of all, the tours are completely customizable. Let them know what you’re interested in, whether it’s history, food, art, or gelato, and they’ll put together an itinerary just for you. Contact them at or 39 06 4470 4518.

Best hiking tours — Rome Tours Hikes Walks

There are few better cities in the world to walk around than Rome. But Rome Tours focuses on longer walks that will take in more of the surrounding countryside. They can lead you on guided hikes that will show you sides of the city most tourists never see and let you stretch your legs in the Roman countryside while you’re at it. Contact them at or 39 392 747 5406.

A weekend in Rome

Jet setters planning a weekend away in The Eternal City will want to carefully plan their itinerary, with several world-famous attractions worth visiting. Maximize your time by stowing your belongings at a Rome luggage storage service and then swing by some of Rome's best sights.

  • Marvel at the famed Colosseum. Considered one of the "7 Wonders of the World", the Colosseum hosted gladiator fights and mock battles for over 50,000 Roman spectators.
  •  Sample delicious Italian delicacies at one of the dozens of classic eateries across Rome. Popular choices in the city include Pierluigi, Armando al Pantheon, and Ristoro Della Salute.
  • Delve into Roman history at the Pantheon. The best-preserved Roman structure in the world, the Pantheon dates back to the 2nd century and a spectacular unsupported dome roof.
  • Take a tour of St. Peter's Basilica. Located in Vatican City, St. Peter's Basilica is the biggest church in the world and boasts breathtaking religious iconography, including grand works by Michelangelo. 

Rome lockers

Rome is called the "City of Seven Hills" for a reason, with this sprawling, hilly metropolis being tiresome to traverse on foot. Be free to explore Rome's best attractions and landmarks without your heavy belongings by booking a Rome storage locker. Bounce has several conveniently located storage facilities across Rome, where you can unburden yourself of your suitcases before touring the city.

Off the beaten path in Rome

With millions of tourists every year, Rome can get a little crowded. If you get sick of the hectic streets, there are plenty of lesser-known attractions and green spaces around Rome where you can get some peace and quiet. Here are a few of the best places to get some respite from Rome. 

  • Enjoy scenic views of Rome from the Giardino Degli Aranci. Perched atop Aventine Hill, this 2-acre park features picturesque orange trees and stunning vistas across Rome's cityscape.
  • Laze around at Lake Albano. Take a 40-minute train ride from Rome's Termini station to this postcard-perfect spot for water sports or lakeside sunbathing.
  • Escape the city at the State Nature Reserve of Castelporziano. Situated about 15 miles southwest of Rome's center, this reserve covers around 15,000 acres of grasslands, woodlands, and coastal dunes encircling an ornate palace.

What to alone in Rome

street in romevatican city

If you're backpacking alone across Europe or happen to find yourself on business in the Italian capital, you might be wondering what the best activities are for solo sightseers. After dropping your bags off at a Rome luggage locker, check out some of these exciting attractions.

  • Toss a coin in Trevi Fountain. This revered 18th-century fountain is among Rome's most famous sights. Legend has it anybody who throws a coin in the fountain will always return to Rome. Just make sure you throw with your right hand over your left shoulder!
  • Peruse the collection at the Borghese Gallery and Museum. Considered one of the best art museums in Rome, the Borghese Gallery features a plethora of classical artworks by the likes of Titian and Caravaggio.
  • Browse the latest Italian fashion along Via Condotti. Considered one of Rome's main shopping streets, Via Condotti boasts dozens of high-fashion boutiques, including Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and Armani.
  • Step back in time at the Roman Forum. These ruins date back around 2,500 years and were the center of Ancient Rome. Like the Senate House and the Temple of Saturn, many of Ancient Rome's most significant landmarks were in the Forum. 

The best souvenirs in Rome

As a popular tourist city, you'll find plenty of places you can pick up a memento of your trip to The Eternal City. The MercatoMonti Urban Market is excellent if you're looking to buy some jewelry or vintage Italian clothing. Simultaneously, the Porta Portese Flea Market is great for picking up an inexpensive antique or nicknack to remember your travels. 

If you'll miss the food and drink in Rome more than anything, stop off at Castroni and order a case of fine wine or some classic Italian coffee. There are some great places to pick up panoramic pictures of this beautiful city, such as Trevimage just across from Trevi Fountain.

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