Salt Lake City Airport Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Salt Lake City Airport, Utah

Salt Lake City Airport is an international, domestic and military airport located in the city suburbs. After ongoing renovations were completed in 2020, SLC opened a new, state-of-the-art terminal to the public, replacing its outdated installations. The modern terminal took six years to build and contains two concourses where there are at present a total of forty-five gates. Another two concourses and forty more gates are expected to be opened by 2024.

Salt Lake City Airport is the US's twenty-fifth busiest airport and its four runways accommodate on average over three hundred and thirty thousand aircraft annually. Twenty-five million plus passengers board and disembark at SLC every year. That's a staggering statistic that means there's a daily crowd in the terminal of more than sixty thousand people coming and going. There's a lot to see and do in the terminal, so drop your baggage at a luggage storage point at Salt Lake City Airport to make exploring a pleasurable experience.

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Runway at Salt Lake City Airport

Salt Lake City Airport bag policy

All bags, both carry-on and checked, are screened by a computerized x-ray machine at Salt Lake City Airport. This means you need to declare any firearms or ammunition you may have packed before checking in your luggage. The maximum size for liquids in your carry-on bags is three ounces. Anything larger than that must be placed in your checked baggage or disposed of before going to the security screening area. That includes drinks, so don't get them until you're in the departure lounge. Liquids three ounces or less must be in a quart-sized, transparent plastic bag and kept separate from your carry-on until you're through the screening process.

Salt Lake City Airport food policy

There are cafeterias, pubs, and eateries on both Concourse A and Concourse B at Salt Lake City Airport as well as in the terminal plaza. Take a stroll around and you'll find specialist coffee shops brewing beverages from locally roasted beans, brewery pubs pouring craft beers and bistro-type restaurants dishing up classic meals. There are pizzerias and gourmet sandwich bars plus deli-style outlets for a quick grab and go snack if you're in a rush to get to the departure gate. Choices of food are broad and the quality excellent so make time to eat at SLC if you can.

Camera policy at Salt Lake City Airport

The internal design of the terminal at Salt Lake City Airport can only be described as eye-catching, so you may well feel inclined to get your camera out of its case and snap off a few shots. There's no reason why you shouldn't as long as you adhere to the standard data protection and privacy rules. That means not including someone in your photo without their permission. Make sure you don't point your lens at any of the check-in points, security areas, security cameras, or staff as that is not allowed. All pictures must be for personal use only and not published commercially without previous permission from the airport authorities.

Rules at Salt Lake City Airport

You can't go into the terminal of Salt Lake City Airport unless you are a passenger with a legitimate flight ticket. The only exception is if you need physical assistance, when one other person will be allowed to accompany you. Drop-offs and pick-ups are restricted to designated areas only. There are special meet and greet points where family or associates can wait for incoming travelers. Smoking is only permitted in the smoking area outside the terminal building. Pets are not permitted entry to the airport unless they are service dogs. Passengers traveling with pets must keep them in their pet carrier at all times.  

Lockers at Salt Lake City Airport

There are no luggage lockers or baggage storage facilities at Salt Lake City Airport. If you can't check in early and don't want to keep your bags with you then you will need to find a storage solution outside of the airport facility.

Bounce has a luggage locker service conveniently located in Downtown Salt Lake City where you can leave your baggage for as long as you need. You'll find using the Bounce suitcase storage economical and handy for the airport or for dropping your stuff off before going into the city. There is only a minimal daily fee charged for each bag which includes coverage for up to $10,000 in protection for your possessions.  

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