Alamodome visitor guide: everything you need to know

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Alamodome visitor guide

The Alamodome is a multi-purpose venue that is located in San Antonio, Texas. This venue is on the outskirts of San Antonio, and it offers access to San Antonio Brahmas games as well as XFL events and more. The University of Texas at San Antonio Roadrunners also calls this venue home. The Alamodome was built in 1993 and offers a wide array of luxury and box seats, as well as general seating.

If you are planning to head to the Alamodome for an event during your time in San Antonio, you need to make sure that you don’t bring luggage and other items with you into the stadium. Making use of the Alamodome luggage storage offered by Bounce can make your visit to a game or event much more fun.

Alamodome bag policy

Alamodome bag policy

The Alamodome bag policy follows the guidelines that are in place for most stadiums around the US. You will be allowed to bring in a clear vinyl or plastic bag that is 12” x 6” x12”. A one-gallon plastic freezer bag can be used in place of this other bag style. Bags that are not clear will be allowed as well, but they will need to be 5.5” x 8.5” or smaller.

Medically necessary bags and diaper bags are permitted but are subject to search at the gate. Folding lawn chair bags, plastic shopping bags, seat cushions of certain sizes, and tripods and monopods are not allowed to come into the stadium with you.

There are no lockers at this venue, so you will need to make sure to store your non-allowed items with Bounce before you attempt to enter the stadium.

There are walk-through metal detectors and screening devices located at each gate. You will be required to pass through these devices to be given entry into the stadium. The Alamodome reserves the right to search all bags and remove any items that are not allowed for further examination. Those who are unwilling to comply with the bag policy will not be allowed into the stadium. There are no exceptions.

Alamodome food policy

The Alamodome food policy is clear in that there is no outside food or beverage allowed inside the stadium. You can bring in baby formula or special dietary food. These items will need to be discussed with and approved by stadium staff at the gate. Water, beverages, and food are offered inside the venue.

Unlike NFL stadiums, there are not as many food and drink options within the Alamodome. You can count on SAVOR Black Tie to get most of your food and drink when you are attending a game or event here.

You can pre-order food and drinks for your group, which will be waiting for you when you get to the stadium if you use the food ordering app for the venue’s concessions.

How to get to the Alamodome

Alamodome transportation

Do you know how to get to the Alamodome? If not, it’s relatively easy. You can get to the Alamodome on the Line 26 bus. Taxis are also allowed to drop off at the Drop-Off Zone. Rideshares also need to drop off at this location. The set drop-off is Lot D by Tower of Americas Way. Rideshare and taxis can also drop off at the end of the pedestrian walkway in this area.

There are parking lots around the stadium. Parking tickets need to be bought in advance for your event. The entire stadium is cashless, so you will need to arrange for parking before you drive to the event.

Alamodome camera policy

The use of cameras on the grounds of the Alamodome varies per event. The staff will enforce the current and correct camera policy during the event that you are attending. Personal cameras are almost always allowed. However, any professional camera with a fixed lens that is longer than 6” is not allowed per the Alamodome camera policy.

Tripods, GoPros, monopods, and selfie sticks are not allowed into the stadium. You will also need to be sure not to take pictures or videos in a way that interferes with other people being able to enjoy the event. Those who are being disruptive to the game or other ticket guests will be ejected from the stadium without re-entry.

Things to do in San Antonio

Alamodome rules

Alamodome policies vary depending on the kind of event that you are attending. You will want to check on the rules that are required for your ticketed event. Some college events do not allow recording, while other kinds of events might be more lax.

The stadium is committed to providing a family-friendly environment that does not include fighting, inappropriate displays of language, or violence. You are only allowed to be seated in your ticketed seat. Any guest that is disruptive to other ticketed guests will be ejected from the game or event without re-entry or a refund of their ticket price.

Make sure that you can provide proof of your ticket for your seats at any time. This can be requested by staff to prove that you are seated in the right location.

No indecent images or slogans are allowed to be displayed on signs, banners, or clothing inside the stadium. Anyone who cannot or will not remove this kind of item or cover-up clothing that contains these images will be asked to leave the stadium without re-entry or refund.

Poles, sticks, or rods are not allowed inside the stadium. Banners and signs have to be approved at the gate to be allowed to be brought inside the stadium.


The Alamodome is a very cool location to head to when you are visiting the San Antonio area. There are so many things to do and see in this city, and getting a ticket to an event here can be the icing on the cake for your trip. Make sure to comply with all of the rules for the stadium so that you can have a great time during your event. Always use Bounce’s storage locations for any non-compliant items. That way, getting into the stadium will be a breeze.

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