San Antonio Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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San Antonio skyline

Located in south-central Texas, San Antonio is one of the top ten biggest cities in the entire United States. However, it doesn't have the same reputation among visitors that places like New York, San Francisco, and LA do. That may be about to change. This vibrant city is also one of the fastest-growing in the country, and every year seems to bring more cool restaurants, interesting attractions, and fun activities to do in this still relatively undiscovered gem.

San Antonio began its life as a Spanish mission. The city is still known for its colonial heritage and mission-style architecture. It's also famous as the site of the Alamo, one of the most famous battlefields in US history. But San Antonio has more to offer than just its past. Visit for yourself and you'll find a place that's ready for the future.

A weekend in San Antonio

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fountain and path

A weekend in San Antonio allows you to see some of the major sites and get a sense of the city's vibe. But be careful. Once you've seen everything San Antonio has to offer, you may find yourself coming back again and again.

  • See a classic Spanish mission at Mission San Jose. Founded in 1720, this impressive church was built back when Texas was part of Mexico. However, the mission declined in the 19th century as Mexico cut its ties with the Catholic Church. Now, the stone arches and towers of the mission have been carefully restored, making it an atmospheric place to visit and get a sense of the Spanish history of San Antonio.
  • Remember the Alamo. For proud Texans, these words remain a rallying cry. The Alamo mission is now a museum that educates visitors on the famous battle fought here for Texan independence. Drop off your bags at a San Antonio luggage storage locker and see where history was made.
  • Visit one of the largest natural caves in the United States at Natural Bridge Caverns. As well as the famous natural bridge itself, the sprawling network of caves lets you venture into the earth and see the wonders of geology. It's a must-visit on any trip to San Antonio.

San Antonio lockers

From atmospheric missions to calm botanical gardens to historic attractions, San Antonio has plenty to offer. You'll be able to cover more ground and see more of what the city offers if you travel light. Leave any extra bags with a luggage storage service in San Antonio to make things easier on yourself. You'll have a lot more fun exploring if you're not weighed down with luggage or other bags.

Off the beaten path in San Antonio

As well as its better-known spots, San Antonio has plenty of quirky attractions. While the city receives millions of tourists every year, it’s not hard to find places that are still relatively unknown to visitors. Dig a little deeper at these lesser-known San Antonio attractions.

  • Visit a unique theme park at Morgan’s wonderland. Built by Gordon Hartman and named after his daughter Morgan, this amusement park is designed for children with special needs. Staffed by well-trained specialists, the park is perfect for those children who need a little extra help.
  • Step back in time at the History Shop. More than just an antique store, the shop also carries recreations of historical artifacts. It even has a light show dedicated to the history of the Alamo.
  • Have some true Texas-style fun at The Buckhorn Saloon and Texas Ranger Museum. As well as being a saloon and military museum, this attraction also features exhibits on Bonnie and Clyde, Buffalo Bill, Teddy Roosevelt, and includes a miniature natural history museum. Plus, there's a virtual skeet shooting game that's always a hit with kids.

What to do alone in San Antonio

city building at night

San Antonio is a great city to explore by yourself. Traveling solo will allow you to more easily move through the crowds and see exactly what you want to see. Whether you're in town on a solo vacation or traveling for business, drop off your suitcases at a San Antonio bag storage and see what this Texas city has to offer.

  • Take a trip to Mexico without leaving Texas at San Antonio Market Square. This is the biggest Mexican market anywhere in North America, including Mexico itself. You'll find everything from leather goods to sombreros to musical instruments and of course, delicious food.
  • San Antonio is an old town full of history, so it's not surprising that many people think it's full of ghosts too. Take a nighttime ghost tour through San Antonio and hear the stories of some of the most shocking events to have happened in the city. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, these tours are always informative and are a great way to hang out with other travelers.
  • Get some culture at the San Antonio Museum of Art. This institution houses artwork from all over the world, including classical Greek and Roman sculpture, Latin American art, and contemporary art. You could easily spend hours wandering the hallways of this impressive museum.

The best souvenirs in San Antonio

All of Texas is cowboy country, and San Antonio is no different. Just about any souvenir store in the city will sell you a cowboy hat or belt buckle. But if you're looking for something a bit more authentic, head to Outlaws Western Wear and treat yourself to some authentic cowboy boots. On the other hand, the market square is the place to pick up Mexican apparel and cooking ingredients to bring back home. A coonskin cap from the Alamo gift shop makes a fun if kitschy souvenir, or you can go a little more high-end at Tresor, where you can pick up gemstones and Native American-inspired jewelry.

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