Golden Gate Park Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California

Golden Gate Park first opened to the San Francisco public in 1870 and with well over twenty million visitors annually, it's become one of the USA’s most visited parks. The one thousand-plus acres of recreational space are located in the northern suburbs of San Francisco. There, the three-mile-long strip of green nestles between the Inner Sunset and Richmond districts, and its western border is edged by the broad, sandy expanse of Ocean Beach.

The park is much more than gardens and hiking trails and contains a multitude of attractions ranging from Ferris wheels to polo fields, pagodas, and museums. Golden Gate Park is considerably larger than Central Park in New York and not somewhere to go when you've got luggage with you. Drop your bags at a luggage storage locker near Golden Gate Park and you'll be able to enjoy this exceptional space to the absolute maximum.

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Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, USA

Bag policy at Golden Gate Park

There are no restrictions in place for taking bags into Golden Gate Park. That said though, if you plan on entering some of the park's attractions like the deYoung Art Museum or the Conservatory of Flowers or are planning on taking a ride on the SkyStar Wheel, you won't be able to if you have a large bag with you. While you may be able to take bags into the park, you definitely won't want to if you're going to take a leisurely wander around the six-mile-long Golden Gate Park Loop or along the Ocean Beach shoreline.

Food policy at Golden Gate Park

The options for finding food in Golden Gate Park are limited to whether or not you're carrying a picnic with you. If you have packed something, you'll find several dedicated picnic spots with tables, benches, and barbecue facilities as well as lots of grassy areas where you can spread a blanket. If you don't have a picnic with you then you'll need to leave the park precincts and head down the surrounding streets. There's a varied choice of eateries near the park in the Inner Sunset district which serve up everything from burgers to Italian, Japanese, traditional American, and just about every other type of worldwide cuisine you can think of.

Camera policy at Golden Gate Park

You are permitted to use your camera in Golden Gate Park as long as you remember to abide by the rules of the data protection and privacy act. That means not snapping shots of strangers unless you've asked for permission first. Flying a drone to catch some aerial pictures is strictly prohibited. If you're planning on shooting a movie, and there's been some pretty good ones shot in the park, or having your wedding photos taken by a professional, you'll need to ask for permission first and pay the corresponding fee to the San Francisco parks department.

Rules at the Golden Gate Park

The Golden Gate Park is managed and maintained by the San Francisco Parks Department and as with all parks in the city, has a comprehensive set of rules in place for its usage. Disorderly conduct or being intoxicated can lead to removal from the park as can swimming in the fountains or ponds or littering. Dogs, cats, and horses are allowed in the park but must be kept under control at all times and not taken into areas where their entry is prohibited. If your cat is not in a carrier then it must be on a leash.

Lockers at the Golden Gate Park

There are no facilities at the Golden Gate Park for storing your luggage, so if you don't want to hump your bags around with you, you'll need to stash them before you go. That's a lot easier than you might think.

You'll find Bounce luggage lockers near Golden Gate Park as well as at more than twenty other suitcase storage sites around San Francisco itself. Most of the Bounce luggage lockers are conveniently located close to the city's major attractions. Hire a Bounce bag locker in San Francisco and all you pay is an economical daily fee per bag. The fee includes protection coverage for your bag and belongings for up to $10,000.

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