9 easy must-do weekend trips from Seoul

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Weekend trips from Seoul

Seoul is the capital and largest metropolitan area in South Korea. With a population of almost 10 million permanent residents, Seoul is also the cultural hub of Korean culture. Here you’ll find everything from upscale modern dining as well as traditional Korean bars and restaurants. There are also many amazing Buddhist temples and historical landmarks to enjoy. But city life can be hectic, especially in a bustling metropolis like Seoul. 

Getting out of the city for a weekend getaway can be a deeply restorative activity. Luckily, South Korea has countless destinations for getting out of Seoul for a few days. Being a peninsula, South Korea boasts miles upon miles of beautiful coastline to enjoy and numerous islands to visit as well. The South Coast, Muuiso, Nami, and Jeju Island are all popular destinations for a weekend getaway, many of them even have a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Doing a little planning is all you need to set yourself up for a wonderful trip. Arranging accommodations, planning how you’ll get there, and finding luggage storage are all ways to make sure your weekend is perfect.

Here are the best weekend trips from Soul, South Korea: 

Andong weekend trips from Seoul


One of the best places in South Korea to experience traditional culture, Andong is one of the favorite weekend trips for families and older travelers. This coastal city has multiple Buddhist temples along with some other historical landmarks to visit. 

Our activity recommendations 

Experience some morning calm at the Bongjeongsa Temple and learn about this fascinating religious tradition. If you're traveling with the whole family, visit the Andong Hahoe Korean Folk Village or the Hahoe Mask Museum. 

Distance from Seoul

It takes about two hours to drive from Seoul’s city center to Andong. 

Best season to visit 

Andong is beautiful to visit any time of year. 

The DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) 

The Demilitarized Zone is a large swathe of land that separates South Korea from North Korea. It is essentially a no man’s land located along the final lines of combat from the Korean War, and it stretches the span of the peninsula. The militaries of both countries are still stationed and at the ready. This is a politically charged place with a complex history, and perhaps a little heavier than your run-of-the-mill UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It’s also one of the most fascinating places for a great weekend getaway. 

It’s only a little more than an hour from Seoul, and no trip to Seoul (or South Korea) is complete without experiencing the DMZ. There are tours of the South Korean side of the DMZ that will take you through the history and current situation that will fascinate even travelers less interested in historical or political activities. 

Our activity recommendations

The DMZ Tour is the best way to experience this place because it takes care of most of the logistics. There will be a bus that takes you from Seoul out to Imjingak Park, Dora Observatory, the 3rd Infiltration Tunnel, and Dorasan Station. These are the main recreational areas that are accessible to civilians. The tour lasts a few hours and will be highly informative to both history buffs and those unfamiliar with the Korean War. 

Distance from Seoul

It only takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to drive to the DMZ from Seoul. Its proximity makes the DMZ an easy day trip from Seoul.

Best season to visit 

The DMZ is great to visit just about any time of year except for winter. During the colder months in South Korea, it can snow frequently, but there are enough indoor activities to make it a comfortable weekend getaway. 

Daegu weekend trips from Seoul


If you’re curious about Korean history and industry, the nearby town of Daegu is a great place to visit for a weekend getaway. The city was once the center of the electronics industry in South Korea but has now settled into a quaint and remote place that’s ideal for a relaxing weekend trip for families or older travelers. Cable car rides are not the city's only claim to fame, but there are plenty of other activities.

Our activity recommendations

There are plenty of outdoor activities in Degu, so visit Apsan Park, Daegu Arboretum, and Palgongsan Mountain to appreciate some nature. Ziplining is very popular with families, as is taking a cable car ride. Hiking, cycling, horseback riding, and picnicking are all popular.  

Gyeongsang Gimnyeong Park is a historic landmark featuring traditional Korean architecture. For cultural activities, Seomun Market, Jeonju Hanok Village (a particularly cute Korean folk village),  and Donghwasa Temple are other popular places to spend an afternoon. For history buffs, Daegu National Museum is famous for its well-preserved Buddhist relics. 

Distance from Seoul

It takes about an hour to drive from Seoul to Daegu, but there is also a 90-minute train ride that is very convenient from downtown Seoul. 

Best season to visit  

Because of its outdoor activities and nature, Deargu is delightful to visit during spring and summer. 

Weekend getaways to Incheon from Seoul

Ganghwa Island

Tucked away in the Yellow Sea off the western shores of South Korea, Ganghwa Island, known locally as Ganghwado, is an idyllic place filled with natural beauty. It’s not far from Seoul, which makes it a popular weekend getaway destination for outdoor enthusiasts, families, and couples looking to escape the city for a few days. 

Our activity recommendations

There is a lot of terrain for hiking, especially mountains and mudflats. Other notable attractions are the Haeden Museum of Art, Yonghe Punggung Palace, Huae Dondae, and the Royal Dog Mural. The Haeden Museum of Art is a well-regarded curator of contemporary and traditional Korean folk art and certainly a must-visit for art enthusiasts. 

 Distance from Seoul

Ganghwa Island is very close to Seoul, so the drive only takes about 50 minutes from the city center. Depending on your travel plans, you can even take a taxi there. 

Best season to visit  

If you want the full experience of outdoor activities and recreation, it’s best to visit Ganghwa Island during spring or summer. 


Incheon International Airport, which is the busiest travel hub in South Korea, is located in this coastal city. Incheon is a bustling nightlife and cultural center that has a distinctive vibe compared to the lively international metropolis of Seoul. It’s very modern, as it has been built more recently. It’s a short drive, making it perfect for a quick weekend trip. 

Our activity recommendations

While there are great attractions and landmarks like Sorae Ecology Park, the main draws of Incheon are the culinary and nightlife scenes. There are a number of stylish restaurants to check out for a date night, along with numerous clubs and cocktail bars for a night out. In general, Incheon’s youthful vibe is what keeps visitors coming back. 

Distance from Seoul

Incheon is very accessible via public transportation. From Seoul Station, it takes less than an hour. A subway ride from City Hall Station to Ganseok Station takes exactly an hour and departs every 30 minutes.

Best season to visit 

Autumn is the best time to visit Incheon because of the changing leaves. The vast fields of reeds will also run a bright red, making a sunset view very beautiful. 

Jeju Island weekend trips from Seoul

Jeju Island

This idyllic island off the coast of South Korea is an amazing place for families or young couples to visit for a quick weekend getaway. The island is quiet and mostly unspoiled, which makes it perfect for hikers and campers to enjoy the natural beauty. 

Our activity recommendations

There’s an embarrassment of riches when it comes to tourist attractions on Jeju Island. There’s the Teddy Bear Museum and Love Land Amusement Park for families with small children. Osulloc Tea Garden & Museum and Jeju Folk Village are both lovely for exploring and learning about Korean culture. There’s also Crater Lake, Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls, and Jusangjeolli Cliff for adventurous outdoor enthusiasts. When the weather is nice, Jungmun Saekdal Beach is the perfect place to unwind in the sun. 

Distance from Seoul

It takes just over three hours to drive from Seoul to Jeju Island, including the ferry. 

Best season to visit 

Without a doubt, the best time to visit Jeju Island is summer, when the weather is perfect for all the hiking and sightseeing you’ll be doing on your weekend trip. 

Muuido Island

Ask veteran travelers where their favorite weekend getaway in South Korea is, and they will likely name a small island. While it’s hardly the only option, Muuido Island is certainly one of the best. It’s very close to Seoul, being across the water from Incheon International Airport. The proximity to Seoul also makes it a great destination for summer day trips from Seoul. 

Our activity recommendations

For spending time on the water, head to Hanagae Beach, Silmi Beach, or the even smaller Silmido Island, which is a short boat ride from Muuido. The sandy beaches are comfortable for swimming and sunbathing during the summer, and there are other aquatic activities like paddleboarding and kayaking. The town of Kemuri has a wharf with delightful seaside, shops, bars, and restaurants that prove Korean seafood is certainly underrated.

Distance from Seoul

From the Seoul Express Bus Terminal, it takes about two hours to get to Muuido. If you’re driving or even taking a taxi for less than $100 each way, it will take you about an hour and fifteen minutes to get to Muuido from Seoul. 

Best season to visit 

The high season for Muuido Island starts in late spring when the waterfront and outdoor activities ramp up and lasts until the fall when the colors of the leaves change and sightseeing hits its peak. 

Weekend trip to Nami Island from Seoul

Nami Island

If you’re looking for a peaceful weekend getaway surrounded by pine trees and an idyllic rural setting, look no further than Nami Island. One of the most popular islands in South Korea, this island is perfect for couples to venture off for a secluded or introspective experience. Even better, this tranquil island is only about an hour's drive from Seoul, and that includes the ferry. 

Our activity recommendations

Nami Island has multiple tree-lined paths for hiking and walking. They’re all remarkably photogenic and romantic, which makes Nami Island popular with couples. Ginkgo Tree Lane, Central Korean Pine Tree Lane, and Metasequoia Lane are all the most popular Instagram snaps, so if you’re going to visit Nami Island, definitely head there for a quick hike. 

Distance from Seoul 

There are a few ways to get to Nami Island from Seoul. Driving only takes about an hour, including the ferry. Taking the bus from either Cheongnyangni Station or Yongsan Station to Nami Island is a little over an hour, including the ferry. Because of how close it is, Nami Island is one of the most convenient day trips from Seoul. 

Best season to visit 

The best time to visit Nami Island is summer because you’ll be spending almost all your free time outdoors. Spring and autumn are also suitable, but heavy rains or colder temperatures aren’t ideal for hiking the trails. 


One of the best places in South Korea for appreciating natural beauty, Namyangju is an outdoor enthusiast's dream. Between the resorts, the hiking, and a few attractions, this is a great place to bring the whole family. 

Our activity recommendations

The main draws at Namyangju are the numerous mountains and natural recreation areas. Mt. Cheonma, Mt. Chukryeong, Myojeoksa Valley, Bigeyk Valley, and Mt. Yebong are all the best places for hiking and picnicking. The Duk-so Natural History Museum is a great place to bring the kids, especially for its dinosaur exhibit and theme park. 

Distance from Seoul

Namyangju is only about 30 minutes from Seoul’s city center, which makes it an easy drive. If you don’t have access to a car, the taxi ride is affordable and convenient. 

Best season to visit 

Enjoying a weekend trip to Namyangju is heavily weather-dependent, so visiting during spring or summer is important is ideal.

The best weekend trips from Seoul


There’s nothing quite like a relaxing weekend trip to break up the monotony of city life. With so many amazing destinations for a weekend trip, whether it’s the gorgeous South Coast or a remote island, South Korea is truly a traveler’s playground. If you only have an afternoon to spare, looking into day trips from Seoul is another way to relax and get out of the city. However you plan on getting away from this bustling metropolis, there are dozens of amazing places to spend a relaxing weekend with a significant other or family.

But with so much to do in the city itself, if you only have two or three days to spend in Seoul, it's better to stay within the city limits and leave the weekend trips for another time.

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