Shanghai Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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The Bund, Shanghai, China

The global financial hub that is Shanghai offers an iconic skyline and stunning waterfront area. Located on the central coast of China, Shanghai is a bustling tourist destination for both business and leisure travelers. The cultural destination is known for its beautiful urban landscapes, exceptional food, and its famous landmarks. Whether you are interested in cultural attractions, nightlife, or sightseeing, Shanghai has something to offer. You are guaranteed to have a great time in this diverse, modern city, so add Shangai to your bucket list now!

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Night sky over Shanghai, China

8 Best Ways To Experience Shanghai In 2024

Any trip to China is one that should be enjoyed to the absolute max. When you're in Shanghai, don't hang around your hotel, but get out and about as much as you possibly can. You can do that much more easily by dropping off your unneeded bags at a Bounce luggage storage in Shanghai.

The companies detailed below will help you to make your visit to Shanghai one that will live on in your memory for the rest of your life. Whatever you choose to do while there, be it immersing yourself in the city's diverse history, touring by bicycle, or even learning the craft of calligraphy, it'll be one vacation you'll never forget.

Best Private Tour – Jenny's Shanghai Tours

Whether you do it in person, or virtually, going sightseeing in Shanghai is a pleasure with Jenny's Shanghai Tours. You'll be treated like a VIP from the outset by this team of guides if you do it in person no matter which of their eight days out you decide to go on. They cover all the highlights of Shanghai, Beijing, and Suzhou and will also let you in on more secretive spots only a local would know.

Get ready to explore Shanghai with Jenny's Shanghai Tours by emailing them for more information or give them a call on 86-186-2171-9434.

Best Layover Tour – Shanghai Lily Tour

Being on a layover doesn't mean you need to sit in the airport waiting for your flight or hang around the cruise terminal waiting for your transfer transport to turn up. Contact Shanghai Lily Tour and they'll send you a driver-guide who, after picking you up from wherever you are, will show you what there is to see in the city in the time you have available. The longer you have the more you'll get to see. These layover tours are great if you find yourself on a lengthy flight delay too.

Get in touch with Shanghai Lily Tour by emailing or give them a call on 86-191-4598-7274 for more details.  

Best Food Tour – Shanghai Foodie

Chinese food can be complicated to understand. There are so many dishes with unusual ingredients it's quite common to not have much of an idea what you're eating. Forget tourist spots because on a Shanghai Foodie tour you'll be taken to places where only locals eat. Go by day or at night and you'll be introduced to traditional Chinese cuisine by experienced guides who specialize in the country's food and drink.

Start preparing to eat your way around Shanghai with Shanghai Foodie by giving them a call on 86-180-1727-5892 or by emailing

Best Bike Tour – Culture Shock Tours

Cycling is as much a way of life in China as it is in the Netherlands. Get out and about in Shanghai on two wheels with a guide from Culture Shock Tours and you'll see parts of the city you never expected to see. You'll go off the beaten path and into districts where you'll ride through open-air markets, past Buddhist temples, and through parklands where the locals practice their daily tai-chi. It's an early start but one that’s more than worth setting your alarm for.

Contact Culture Shock Tours by email at or call them on 86-135-2495-9628 for information and availability.

Best Walking Tour – Shanghai Lander-Day Tour

There's really only one way to get to grips with the atmosphere of a city and that's to pound its streets following in the footsteps of a well-informed guide. Go on a walking tour of Shanghai with one of the Shanghai Lander-Day Tour company's guides and you'll finish the day knowing as much about the city as they do. They'll also provide you with a private guide for several days should you need one.

Plan your walking tour with Shanghai Lander-Day Tour by calling them on 86-139-1731-6531 or drop an email to for more information.

Best Educational Tour – Cook In Shanghai

Add a learning curve to your vacation by taking lessons in Chinese cookery or in calligraphy with Cook in Shanghai. If you want to cook traditional dishes they'll take you around the wet market first where you'll be shown how the locals choose the ingredients, then head back to the classroom for a hands-on practical lesson. If you decide to try calligraphy, don't expect to master it after one class. It's an art form that takes years of practice.

Get in touch with Cook in Shanghai by emailing them at or call 86-186-2178-2428 for dates and availability.  

Best Sightseeing Tour – Shanghai Private Tour

If you sailed into Shanghai on a cruise ship and only have half a day to enjoy the city and the surrounding area, try a tour with Shanghai Private Tour. This company will arrange to collect you from the cruise port then take you around all the main sights before going out to Water Town. Night layovers could include a street food tour and a river cruise if you wanted one.

Get in touch with Shanghai Private Tour by calling 86-137-3541-1378 or email for more details.

A weekend in Shanghai

Only got a couple of days to spend in Shanghai? While you could easily fill a week or more in this eclectic city, a weekend is just long enough to get a good taste of the city and everything it has to offer. To make the most of every second, prioritize a few must-see attractions and make the most of local services like luggage storage in Shanghai. With such a short stay, you really don’t have a minute to waste looking after your luggage.

With a limited itinerary, it’s hard to work out what to include. Check out these famous attractions during your Shanghai weekend vacation.

  • The Bund - Shanghai is known for its waterfront promenade and no visit to this city is complete without a stroll along this picturesque stretch. You’ll want to experience its beauty in the day and at night when all of the lights come on.
  • Oriental Pearl TV Tower - This spectacular building is a prominent feature of Shanghai’s skyline. Head to the top to admire the impressive panoramic views over the city.
  • Disneyland - There’s nothing like the magic of Disney. Head to Shanghai Disneyland for some all-ages fun.

Shanghai Lockers

Shanghai is the type of city that buzzes with energy, just calling out to be explored. Don’t be delayed by a late check-in time and having to look after your luggage. Instead, make the most of every moment and utilize luggage lockers in Shangai. The service caters to tourists, offering flexible storage for your belongings so you can enjoy your trip exactly as you deserve. 

Off the beaten path in Shanghai

Shanghai is a diverse city, so it’s worth getting away from the main tourist haunts to see a different side to this urban metropolis. We’ve put together a list of hidden gems to get you started.

  • Te Li Ming Teahouse - Many teahouses in China have become very tourist-centric. However, this one retains a sense of authenticity. You’ll find it in Lu Xan Park.
  • Huangpu River Ferry - While many tourists will succumb to popular river tours, if you are serious about getting off the beaten path, jump onboard the ferry instead. You’ll still get great views, but you’ll be amongst locals.
  • Former French Concession - This area is sought after by wealthy locals and a wander around the streets will show you why. Spend some time immersing yourself in this residential area and admiring the architecture.

What to do alone in Shanghai

Shanghai is a wonderful city to visit as a solo traveler. Whether you are here on vacation or for a business trip, it’s very easy to navigate around Shangai and also to meet people if you desire. With a range of facilities like Bounce suitcase storage in Shanghai, you will have a great time when visiting the city alone.

Here are some things you can enjoy as a solo traveler in Shanghai:

  • Nanjing Road - This is the main shopping strip in the city and a place you will definitely want to check out. Indulge in some retail therapy, then grab a bite to eat and do some people-watching!
  • Shanghai World Financial Center - This massive skyscraper offers impressive views of Shanghai. You can also choose to have a meal in the tower if you are looking for a unique dining experience.
  • Yu Garden - Looking for some greenery amongst the concrete of the city? You can’t go past the famous Yu Garden.
Skyline of Shanghai, China

The best souvenirs in Shanghai

Not sure what to buy loved ones back home? Or maybe you are looking for the perfect item to remember your Shanghai trip? Either way, Shanghai has you covered.

For people who appreciate beautiful things, consider some Shanghai silk. You’ll be able to find a great range of fabrics in market stalls or stores. For something iconically Chinese, pick up some calligraphy or artwork from Nanjing Road. Alternatively, you could get some jade jewelry for yourself or the special someone in your life!

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