Changi Airport Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Changi Airport, Singapore

Fly to Singapore for a vacation or a business meeting and you'll more than likely be one of the seventy million passengers that land at Changi Airport every year. While the airport's annual passenger and aircraft statistics don't make it one of the busiest in the world, it is one of the best for efficiency and cleanliness, which is probably more important. That’s a reputation that has held steadfast since the airport first opened in 1981 and has garnered it over six hundred internationally recognized awards.

Changi Airport is situated in eastern Singapore along a stretch of coastline bordering Changi Bay. It's a scenic backdrop for the three runways and for the four terminals currently in use. It will be for the fifth terminal with its network of runways that's currently in construction as well. You won't want to deposit your bags in a luggage storage facility at Changi Airport to go and see a building site. You will want to drop them off, though, to go and view the incredible rain vortex in terminal three with its spectacular one-hundred and thirty foot high waterfall.

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Bag policy at Changi Airport

No matter how efficient an award-winning airport is, the check-ins for flights rarely open any earlier than two hours before a plane is due to take off. Unless you leave your suitcases in a luggage locker, you'll need to keep them with you at all times. 

All hand luggage being carried through Changi Airport is scanned when you pass through security so liquids must be removed and stored in a transparent bag. Electrical items such as phones and laptops should also be removed from your carry-on bag except if you're traveling from terminal four, in which case you won't need to take them out.

Food policy at Changi Airport

The choice of food and drinks available at Changi Airport is almost as spectacular as the airport's rain vortex. Distributed throughout the four terminals are more than one-hundred and fifty food outlets offering everything from gourmet cuisine to a basic sandwich. Forty of the eateries are open twenty-four hours of the day so even if you have a late-night layover, you'll be able to get something decent to eat. Decent is probably an understatement if you try the food at Le Shrimp Ramen, Saap Saap Thai, or The Kitchen by Wolfgang Puck. Be careful not to miss your flight if you decide to eat in any of those.

Camera policy at Changi Airport

Changi Airport is a place with some fantastic photo opportunities and you are permitted to use a camera there so long as your shots are for personal usage only. It's not allowed to take photographs of the interiors of the terminals or the rain vortex for commercial use without obtaining permission first. If you take a selfie at the waterfall, make sure not to include anyone else in the shot without seeking their permission first or they will be within their rights to request you to delete it. Security areas, the check-ins, and all airport staff are off-limits photo subjects too.

Rules at Changi Airport

The only pets permitted inside the public areas of the terminals at Changi Airport are service dogs unless you are traveling with them. If your pet is boarding a flight with you they must be transported in a pet carrier at all times. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas. Don't plan a big surprise greeting for anyone as flash mobs and large gatherings are prohibited. Using personal modes of transport like roller skates, skateboards, scooters or bicycles could see you removed from the terminal buildings or even arrested, so don't do it.

Lockers at Changi Airport

There are luggage lockers in all four terminal buildings at Changi Airport and in some cases more than one site at each. If you use the on-site airport facility to store your cases you will be required to pay for a twenty-four-hour period of storage. Fees are calculated by individual bag size as well as weight. Charges are incremented in stages if an item weighs more than 10kg or is bulky. All baggage is passed through a rigorous security check before being stored.

If you don't want to head straight to Changi Airport, you'll find Bounce has over a dozen convenient luggage storage sights near Changi Airport and in the Changi district close by. Bags can be deposited at a Bounce storage service for a small daily per bag fee which includes BounceShield™ protection.

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