Singapore Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Marina Bay Singapore

Singapore is a global metropolis that regularly tops must-visit lists. As a major transport hub, the city receives a huge number of business and pleasure travelers each year who come to experience the fascinating destination for themselves. From the famous Marina Bay to Universal Studios and everything in between, there’s no denying that Singapore delivers as a vacation destination. 

Singapore offers everything you would expect from a global city–world-class entertainment, delectable cuisine, and luxurious accommodation. You can shop til you drop, visit the cultural attractions, or simply immerse yourself in the buzzing atmosphere. The best part is that Singapore is one of those places that is great for all ages. Take the family, travel solo, or make the most of your business trip.

fountain at Merlion Park

9 Best Ways to Experience Singapore in 2024

Singapore is a truly unique place like no other on earth. There’s so much to see and do here that you could spend days if not years exploring all it has to offer. But if you want a knowledgeable local guide to help you experience some of the best of what Singapore has to offer, look no further. These companies can help you get the best out of the city whether you’re here for a couple of days or for a longer stay. Drop off your bags off at a Bounce luggage storage and dive deeper into what makes Singapore so special.

Best way to discover the local cuisine — Wok 'n' Stroll

This company could just as easily win the award for the best punny name. But what really sets them apart is their in-depth tours of Singapore’s incredible culinary scene. As the meeting point of different cultures from around world, Singapore has assimilated and adapted recipes from all over the planet. Explore the fascinating food of Singapore with more than 20 tours, each devoted to a different aspect of Singapore’s food culture. Stroll the wet markets of Little India, visit Singapore’s legendary hawker stands, enjoy incredible street food, or go deeper with a farm-to-table food tour. Contact Wok 'n' Stroll at or 6583383571.

Best way to see the hidden side of Singapore — Everyday Tour Company

There’s nothing everyday about these tours. Everyday Tour Company specializes in showing you a side of Singapore that most tourists never get to see. If you’re craving a more authentic experience in the city, this is the company to call. With a tour that combines street food and street art to see the city’s vibrant counterculture, an art and architecture tour celebrating Singapore’s artistic achievements, or a public housing tour that lets you see what real life is like for many residents of this crowded city, Every Day makes sure you’ll come away with a deeper understanding of what makes this chaotic city work. You can book a tour at or 6587494007.

Best way to see the highlights of Singapore – The Walking Singapore

If you only have limited time in the city and want to make sure you see all the essential sites, this is the tour for you. This company offers trips that will take you to the city’s top attractions and explain their history and significance. Walking is a great way to see most of what makes the city so special, and it will also help you burn off some calories so that you can enjoy Singapore’s famous cuisine guilt-free. You can contact The Walking Singapore at or 6583393989.

Best Segway tour of Singapore — O-Ride Singapore Mini Segway Tours

While they never really took off as a popular form of transit, Segways have become an essential tool in tourism. These two-wheeled vehicles are intuitive to ride and allow you to cover more ground as you explore the city. O-Ride offers one-hour and two-hour tours that use Segways to get around some of the city’s most popular areas so that you can get a real taste of Singapore in a short time. These tours are perfect for anyone who wants to see the best of the city as quickly as possible, or for those who just want to do something different on their vacation. Contact the company at or 6591577634.

Best free tour —Tour About Singapore

If you’re on a limited budget but still want to explore the city, this company offers fun walking tours that will take you to all the major sites and explain their history to you. These tours are completely free, though you should at least tip your guide for giving you a memorable experience. The company also offers more extensive walking and bike tours. So if you like the service they provide, consider booking one of those tours to get a deeper understanding of the city. You can contact them at or 6596992799.

Best hiking tour — SneakPeek Singapore Walking Tours

As a city, Singapore has enough to keep you occupied for a few days or a lifetime. That doesn’t mean you should neglect the surrounding area. While it’s known as one of the world’s busiest and most vibrant cities, the surroundings of Singapore also have some fascinating more natural experiences. SneakPeek Singapore offers an unforgettable hiking trip to the ruins of Mount Faber. This former British fortress makes a fascinating place to explore just outside the city. Or if you’d prefer an adventure on the water, the company also offers incredible kayaking trips around Palau Ubin. You can reach them at or 6596221961.

Best photography tour — Caroline Pang Travel Photography

With so much going on and so many fascinating neighborhoods, Singapore is a photographer’s dream. If you want to brush up on your skills and capture unforgettable mementos of your trip, contact Caroline Pang and embark on a photography tour. This professional photographer offers workshops where you can learn to take better photos, including a popular night photography workshop. She also offers instruction in travel and street photography. And you don’t need an expensive camera, either. She also offers classes in phone photography. You can contact her at

Best tour for Singapore residents — Hello Singapore

Often, when you live in a city, you start to take it for granted. When a place is home, it’s easy to forget how unique it is. This is as true for Singapore as it is for anywhere else. But who says you have to be a tourist to enjoy a tour? Even if you’ve lived in Singapore for a long time, Hello Singapore can show you a different side of the city. Their informative tours help you understand more about the history and culture of the city, and even long-time residents can learn something new. Of course, if you’re just a visitor, they also offer food and history tours that will give you a crash course on Singaporean culture. Contact Hello Singapore at or 659630862.

Best bike tour — Bike Around Tour

In a city as crowded and fast-paced as Singapore, the best way to get around is often on two wheels. As you’ll soon see, many of Singapore’s residents use bikes to get around, since they are such a great way to cover more ground. Bike Around uses the range and maneuverability of bikes to see sites that many walking and bus tours can’t get to. For instance, they can take you to the rainforest of Palau Ubin and help you explore this lesser-known part of the city. You can also combine a street food tour with a bike tour to enjoy some of Singapore’s tasty treats. Contact Bike Around at or 6598536285.

A weekend in Singapore

Singapore has a lot to offer, so it can be difficult to narrow down your itinerary to a mere few days. That being said, don’t despair if you only have a weekend in this bustling city. There’s a few major attractions to visit to be sure you’ve seen the best Singapore has to offer. Make sure to utilize luggage storage in Singapore so that you don’t waste a second.

  • Marina Bay: It would be remiss of us to talk about Singapore attractions without mentioning Marina Bay. This iconic Singapore destination is what you see on television and postcards, and it is certainly worthy of the hype. Home to Marina Bay Sands, a luxury hotel, the views of Marina Bay are unforgettable and particularly impressive at night. 
  • Universal Studios: One for the family or for movie lovers, Universal Studios Singapore will impress and mesmerize visitors. With a collection of rides and movie-themed amusements, it’s the perfect place to create memories.
  • Merlion: Another Singapore icon is the Merlion statue, a monument with the head of a lion and the body of a fish. Head here for your typical tourist photo or to indulge in some people watching. 

Singapore Lockers

Avoid being stuck with your luggage by using Bounce bag storage in Singapore. It’s a service designed specifically for travelers to take the hassle out of your trip. Whether you are traveling for business or for leisure, there’s a good chance you’ll be faced with the inconvenience of getting stuck with your bags at some point. Bounce solves this problem by offering flexible storage so you can drop your bags and pick them up when it suits you.

Off the beaten path in Singapore

Singapore has a range of popular tourist attractions that are known the world over. If you are looking to get away from the crowds and uncover some hidden gems, consider paying the following sites a visit.

  • Chek Jawa Wetlands: Most people think of modern luxury when they think of Singapore, but the Chek Jawa Wetlands offers a completely different perspective. You’ll get an idea of what the area was like 50 years ago, all just a 10-minute boat ride from the city. 
  • Chinese Garden: Ditch the crowds at the Botanic Gardens by heading to the Chinese Garden instead. You’ll be rewarded with beautiful landscaping, koi ponds and interesting architecture, but won’t have to battle for a view.
  • Southern Ridges Walk: This walk is the perfect combination of urban environment and natural landscape. Various walking tracks cut through the greenery with metal pathways, providing you with the best of both worlds.

What to do alone in Singapore

lighted towers at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Singapore is a safe destination and caters well to tourists, making it the perfect place for solo travelers. Luggage storage service in Singapore also contributes to the city being especially solo-travel-friendly. Many people head to this city alone as part of a business trip or individual adventure. Either way, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable time!

For ideas on what to do alone in Singapore, consider the following:

  • Wander the streets of Chinatown: With outdoor market stalls and bright colors everywhere, Chinatown will transport you to another place as you navigate the cobblestoned streets. The perfect place to grab a bite to eat or pick up some souvenirs!
  • Visit Jurong Bird Park: Get up close and personal with some colorful, feathered friends at Jurong Bird Park. It’s a great place to relax and take a walk, while admiring the impressive range of bird species. 
  • Walk around the Riverside area: This part of Singapore has a buzzing atmosphere. With bars, restaurants and epic views, there’s always something happening here. Make some friends or simply enjoy the good vibes.

The best souvenirs in Singapore

Most people hope to pick up some small mementos of their trip or gifts for family and friends while in Singapore. For unique items from spices to jewelry, head to Chinatown. Bugis Street Market is another good choice with a huge range of cheap tourist items available from the outdoor stalls. For Singapore produce like tea or chocolates, try Mustafa Centre, a shopping center open 24 hours a day. If you’re struggling to carry all of your purchases, check your bags into a luggage locker in Singapore. You’ll be able to continue shopping without the inconvenience of lugging your bags!

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