Wine Tasting in Singapore: 8 Places You Have to Try

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Wine tasting in Singapore

Singapore is a beautiful country with plenty of things to do. From its stunning natural scenery to its rich cultural heritage, there is something for everyone in Singapore. One of the best ways to experience Singapore is by walking through one of its many parks and nature reserves. The Botanic Gardens is a great place to start, as it is home to over 60,000 plants and flowers from all over the world. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then head to Pulau Ubin, an island off the coast of Singapore that is covered in lush greenery and home to a variety of wildlife.

Singapore is also home to a number of museums and art galleries, which are perfect for those who want to learn more about the country's history and culture.

If you are looking for something a little more active, then there are plenty of things to do in Singapore that will get your heart racing. Take a walk or ride on the cable car up to the top of the iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel for breathtaking views of the cityscape, or go for a swim at one of the many beaches that dot the coastline.

Once you've explored all the other attractions in town, it's time to relax a little and focus on wine tastings. You might want to check out our guide to nightlife in Singapore for some extra ideas, and from the wine bar locations to tastings that are offered outside the city, you will be able to try all the best wine that Singapore has to offer.

No matter what else you are planning to do when you are in Singapore, you need to be sure that you get your bags into secure storage when you arrive. Visit a Bounce luggage storage facility, and we will take care of your luggage while you head out to have fun at all the wine tastings in town.

Once your bags are securely stored, you will be ready to head out to have adventures and find the best wine that you can get in Singapore.

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Best wine tasting options in Singapore

Best Wine Tasting Opportunities in Singapore

When you need a break from sightseeing to have a meal and some drinks, the wine bar locations in the heart of the city can be the break that you have been looking for. You can enjoy access to wine flights, bottles, and more at these spots. You can also choose to take a day to head out of the city to make the most of the wineries that are located a little further afield.

Singapore offers you so much beauty and so many special events to enjoy that you will be able to have fun from the moment that you arrive. From incredible dining to really amazing wine and wine tours, there is no shortage of memorable ways to spend your time in this lovely city.

Singapore wine tasting

Petersons Wines Singapore

This location has been managed by the same skilled winemaker for more than thirty years, and this is one of the leading wineries that originally came from the Hunter Valley wine area of Australia. You will be able to try exceptional wines here, and you can even buy bottles if you want to have access to a drink when you are back in your hotel room. While the wines are not made with local grapes, this is still a really great winery-tasting location that offers you some of the best wine tastings in Singapore.

Australian wines are some of the best in the industry, and you will have access to a wide array of varieties to try here. You can taste by the glass if you want, or you can get flights of wine pairings to try. The winery offers a wine club that you can join to get new wines first. Three times a year, they deliver up to four different bottles for you to try.


22 Emerald Hill Rd, Singapore

Hire a Private Sommelier

If you want to have a really unique experience while you are in Singapore, various companies will let you hire a private sommelier to guide you through a wine tour that you cannot get anywhere else. This person might take you to some of their favourite restaurants to taste wines, or they could take you to have special tastings by the glass at tasting rooms around the city. There are many ways to plan these adventures, and you will love having a guide to help explain more about each of the drinks that you are trying.

Knowing more about the origins and the bouquets of each wine will help you to be a better-informed wine taster, and you will love that you can benefit from this instruction as well as the information that will help guide your wine tasting experience after the tour is over.


Various wine bars throughout the city.

World wines in Singapore

Fine Wines SG

This is actually a wine shop, but it offers wine bar benefits as well. You can schedule a tasting here and enjoy pairings with food during special events. This is a great place to head for informed wine tasting guidance by your hosts as well as unique bottles and wines by the glass. This location offers a special feel that you will not find in other wine-tasting locations in the city.

Heading here will ensure that you have access to a wide array of wine styles and types to try, and you can easily budget for a variety of different tasting experiences here as well. This is one of many wine shops in this city that offer private tastings that are truly excellent. While not a restaurant or a vineyard, this is a very unique tasting location that is worth a visit during your trip. Besides, you can pick up tons of new wines to take home.


114 Lavender Street, #02-60 CT Hub 2 (Lobby 2), Singapore

La Terre

La Terre will easily become one of your favourite restaurants in the city, and you can enjoy wine tours and tastings here if you plan in advance. Do not expect to walk in and get to sample wines, but you can do so if you book it first. There is a wide range of wine bar offerings here, and you can even have your wine tastings paired with each course of your meal. The atmosphere is lovely and comfortable, and you will wish you could sit here for hours rather than just for part of a night.

Guests will be treated to simple cheese and meat plates if they wish, or you might want to go ahead and enjoy the full restaurant experience. Come here for lunch and dinner, complete with a wine-tasting experience that you will not soon forget.


11 Upper Circular Rd, #01-01, Singapore

Champagne in Singapore

Grand Cru Wines

This location offers workshops and tasting training, but you can also head here for a wine bar experience complete with tasting. There are various wines to try at Grand Cru Wines, and you will have a lovely experience with a really engaging host. The Sensory Experience is the best of the wine tastings that they offer, and you will not regret signing up for this adventure.

This location can get busy on the weekends, so you might want to plan to do this on a weekday when there are fewer people in town. The staff here are really amazing at their jobs, and you will feel pampered and like you are getting the private attention that you have always wanted for this kind of experience. This will feel like a special occasion in so many ways, and you will have a lovely time when you come here to eat and try wines, even though the location is technically a wine store.


1 Fullerton Square, #01-07, Singapore

Wine Box Tours

This tour guide will offer you access to various curated wine tours, although since there are no vineyards in Singapore, you will be sticking to different restaurants, bars, and tasting rooms. You will love this if you have friends with you, but this can also be an opportunity to take a romantic tour with your other half.

These tours can be mixed and matched for your enjoyment, and you will love that you can try wines from all over the world on these tours as well. This is an adventure that you can enjoy for various different price points, so there's really something for every budget and experience level here.


Various around the city.

Best wine bars in Singapore

Wine Marvel

For a truly private wine tasting event, you need to head to this lovely spot. This is another wine shop and importer, but it offers lots of opportunities to sample the wares they sell, and you will feel like you are talking to an expert from each of the wineries they stock. Come here for well-priced tastings and for really lovely expert service.

This is a local business that you do not want to miss out on visiting, and you will love starting out your night here. This can be a great event to kick off a fun night, and you will have a great time doing your mini wine tour before continuing on to explore Singapore's nightlife scene.


318 Tanglin Road, Singapore

Praelum Wine Bistro

For fine dining along with a wine tasting, there is no better place to visit in the city than Praelum Wine Bistro. Guests will be treated to elegant surroundings, lovely meals, and many different kinds of wine tasting options. This business is the complete experience, and you can enjoy a unique dish with each wine in your tasting. The excellent food complements the selection of delightful wines, and this experience can be tailored for a large number of people if needed as well.

Ask your server for some recommendations if you're not sure what to order. The staff definitely knows enough to guide you through a tasting tailored to your preferences. Whether you like red, white, rose, or sparkling, they're sure to have a tasty option for you.


4 Duxton Hill, Singapore

Where to go for wine tasting in Singapore


Singapore is a very special place and one that offers you access to so many amazing experiences. You will be able to find places to try lovely wines and enjoy great food while also seeing incredible sights and enjoying immersion in the local culture. Learning more about Singapore is easy when you go wine tasting or even head to a wine bar here.

If you only have a short time to enjoy Singapore, don't fret! You can easily have fun in Singapore with a limited amount of time to stay. Check out our guide to 3 days in Singapore to ensure you will get the most out of your time in this amazing city.

The only downside to the wine tastings in Singapore is that there are no vineyards in town for you to visit for that direct experience of viewing the grapes and the production process. But, what it lacks in this area, the city makes up for in the sheer amount of variety the wine bars and tasting rooms provide. Instead of a focus on one region, you can find wine from all over the world here easily, although the most common varietals you'll find in Singapore will be from Australia. It could be worse, right?

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