Enterprise Center visitor guide: everything you need to know

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Enterprise Center visitor guide

Enterprise Center is an arena in St. Louis, MO, which can seat in excess of 18,000 people. This arena is home to the St. Louis Blues of the NHL, but there are other events that are held at the venue as well. You might get tickets to a basketball or pro wrestling event here, or you could get tickets to a concert as well.

No matter what kind of event you are going to be enjoying at this arena, you will need to be sure that you have your luggage safely stored before you try and gain access to the venue. Make sure that you let Bounce take care of your bags with safe and secure storage during your visit to the Enterprise Center. You will save money and time if you take advantage of our Enterprise Visitor Center luggage storage.

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Enterprise Center food policy

Enterprise Center bag policy

The Enterprise Center bag policy states that guests are encouraged not to bring bags of any kind to events at the venue. This means that backpacks, hard-sided bags, luggage, or anything that is larger than 16” x 16” will not be allowed inside the facility.

Clutches no larger than 4” x 6” x 1.5” are allowed after being visually inspected. All other bags are subject to search and to being X-rayed. You are warned on the Center’s website that bringing bags will potentially delay your entrance into the facility by as much as 30 minutes.

There are no lockers available at this facility, so let us take care of your bags in our secure storage before you head to the venue for your ticketed event.

Enterprise Center food policy

There are concessions located throughout the Enterprise Center facility. Both the Plaza and the Mezzanine offer access to food. You can eat at your seat, and you can enjoy alcohol and drinks there as well. This facility makes no mention of allergy-friendly food, so you may have to plan to eat ahead of going to your event if you have these dietary requirements.

Cans, bottles, and coolers are not allowed to be brought into the facility by guests per the Enterprise Center food policy. You will also not be allowed to bring in plastic beverage containers or food of any kind. This means that you will need to plan to eat and drink at the facility during your event. You might be allowed to bring in medically-necessary food with approval at the gate as an exception.

How to get to the Enterprise Center

Enterprise Center transportation

If you are worried about how to get to the Enterprise Center, you don’t need to fret. There are 6,500 parking spaces that are very close to the venue and a 1,270-car garage that is adjacent to the building. Surface parking is offered throughout the streets that are close to the center.

You can ride MetroLink to the Enterprise Center as well. You will find that there are many Park-Ride lots that are connected with the MetroLink lines, so you can park and just hop on the train. The MetroBus might also be able to deliver you to the venue as well.

Enterprise Center camera policy

The Enterprise Center camera policy states that no monopods, tripods, or selfie sticks will be allowed into the venue. You will also not be allowed to take pictures or capture videos for professional purposes without prior approval. No guests are allowed to take videos or pictures in such a way that other people cannot enjoy the ticketed event.

Laser pointers and pens are not allowed, and neither are video recording devices that are larger than a handheld device like a cell phone. Photos and videos must be taken in such a way that they do not interrupt the game or event.

No flash photography is allowed during the event unless specifically allowed per the rules of the event. You will need to verify if flash photography is allowed at your event based on the information you receive with your ticket.

Enterprise Center policies

Enterprise Center rules

Signs, banners, and flags must be related to the event in question and cannot contain offensive slogans or images. No clothing or other items can contain offensive imagery or slogans. Guests are allowed to bring binoculars into the venue.

Guests must have their tickets on hand when they show up at the gate. No exceptions will be offered for lost tickets or lost electronic tickets. No one will be allowed re-entry into the stadium if they exit before the end of the event.

Guests who are interrupting the game or event that is going on or interfering with other people’s experiences will be removed without re-entry. No refund will be offered.

Guests are required to comply with all COVID-19 regulations. These rules and regulations will match all federal and local guidelines as they change.

Third-party tickets cannot be reprinted at the gate. The Enterprise Center strongly recommends that you do not buy from a third-party vendor for any ticketed event that you choose to attend.

Guests with disabilities can apply for accommodation and support before their visit. There is a full guest experience group that handles these requests and can provide help to make your experience ideal.

Alcohol guidelines within the stadium match the state guidelines with regard to age. You will be required to display identification when asked. Guests must throw out alcohol that was purchased inside the venue before leaving.


Visiting the Enterprise Center can be a great way to add an element of fun to your trip to the St. Louis area. You will be able to visit museums, see cultural sites of various kinds, and take in a game or another event if your timing is good. This guide will help you to plan the perfect trip to the Enterprise Center.

Make sure that you let Bounce take care of any unneeded bags while you are traveling in the St. Louis area. We will keep your things safe and secure while you have fun.

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