7 beaches near Tokyo: Where to go for sun, sand, and surf

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Best beaches near Tokyo

No one thinks of Tokyo as a beach destination. This city of more than 35 million people is bigger by population than many countries in the world and is one of the most densely populated cities on the planet. But that kind of urban environment is all the more reason to consider getting away from time to time. And although it's sometimes forgotten, Tokyo does enjoy a coastal location on Tokyo Bay, meaning you don't have to travel all that far to enjoy some of the best beaches near Tokyo.

In fact, in this island nation, you never have to go too far to find a great beach. And fast trains can whisk you from central Tokyo via Tokyo Station to some really incredible coastal destinations. Like everything else about Japan, beach culture here is different than you'll find anywhere else in the world, and it's worth exploring while you take a break from the busy capital city.

Before you go racing off to the beach, though, don't forget to drop off your bags at a Bounce luggage storage in Tokyo. Bring only what you need on these trips to the best beaches near Tokyo, and you'll be able to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf the Japanese way.

Shirahama Beach near Tokyo

Shirahama Beach

One of the most popular beaches near Tokyo, Shirahama translates as White Sand Beach, so you know what you're going to get here. Shirahama Omaha is the main beach here, although there are two other beaches to explore. At only 700 m long, Shirahama is a fairly small beach that quickly becomes crowded in the summer. But its scenic beauty makes it a beach you can't afford to miss on your Japanese trip.

Travel distance from Tokyo

Sitting on the tip of the Izu Peninsula, Shirahama is 186 km away from Tokyo. The traffic you may encounter could mean a drive of three hours. You can also take a train to the neighboring town of Shimoda, which takes around two and a half hours, then catch a bus from there to Shirahama Beach.

Activity recommendations

Sunbathing: In beautiful surroundings like this, often the best thing to do is just stretch out on the sand and enjoy the scenery. Also, this is one of the less conservative beaches in Japan, so you can feel free to wear that bikini and let those tattoos show - something that is sometimes frowned upon at other Japanese beaches. There are plenty of places where you can rent beach umbrellas to protect you from the sun, making this one of the best beaches near Tokyo to just hang out.

Shinto shrine: One of the most famous landmarks on this well-known beach is the clifftop red gateway of a Shinto shrine. This landmark makes a perfect photo opportunity, giving incredible views over the turquoise water of the ocean, and it's a great way to connect with Japanese culture while enjoying the beaches near Tokyo.

Food: This trendy beach has an international vibe, and you'll find plenty of restaurants, beach bars, and food trucks set up to cater to the tourist crowd. You can find just about everything to eat here, from traditional Japanese seafood to Mexican fare, so enjoy a picnic on the beach and tuck into your favorite foods here.

Shirahama Beach gets very crowded in the summer, thanks in part to its small size. However, depending on the weather, this can also make a great place to visit in the off-season. Sure, some of the restaurants and activities close down, but you're more likely to have one of the best beaches in the area to yourself at these quieter times of the year, so consider exploring if you get a nice day in spring or autumn to see what all the fuss is about.

Onjuku Beach near Tokyo

Onjuku Beach

Reachable by an easy train ride from central Tokyo, Onjuku Beach is popular with surfers since it is known for having some of the best wave breaks anywhere near the Japanese capital. Like most places in Japan, this beach and the small coastal town surrounding it also have a rich and fascinating history, which you can explore if you want to break from the sun and the waves. Or you can just grab a board, head to the water, and surf the day away.

Travel distance from Tokyo

Part of the appeal of Onjuku Beach is how easy it is to reach. At only 100 km from the city, you can get here in around an hour by car. Alternatively, you can take a train from Tokyo Station to Onjuku Station, which will take about an hour and a half.

Activity recommendations

Surfing: Onjuku Beach is perhaps best known as a surfing destination. You'll find surfers here in any season since this wide beach has reliable swells and breaks that make it a great place for surfing. There are lots of businesses in town where you can rent a surfboard and take a class to learn the sport for yourself.

Saimyoji Temple: Founded in the ninth century, this Buddhist temple gave the city of Onjuku its name. It's a peaceful and serene place to explore now and a great way to enjoy the fascinating culture of this area of Japan while enjoying a beach getaway at the same time.

Isshiki Beach near Tokyo

Isshiki Beach

A lovely laid-back beach not far from Tokyo, this scenic location is a great place for families and anyone who wants a beach vacation without all the fuss. Located close to the popular Zushi Beach, Isshiki is every bit as lovely, offering views of Mount Fuji on clear days. But it's a lot less crowded, making it ideal if you want a more low-key day on the beach.

Travel distance from Tokyo

The town of Zushi is just 70 km from Tokyo, meaning you can reach it by car in about 45 minutes. You can also take the train from Tokyo Station to Zushi Station in just over an hour. From there, you can take a bus to Hyama and get off at the Ishiki Kaigan 色海岸 stop, then make the short walk to the beach from there.

Activity recommendations

Swimming: This sheltered spot is a great place for swimming, which is part of what makes it such a popular beach for families. The sandy beach slopes gently into the water, and the waves are often quite calm, so it's an excellent place for kids to play and adults to relax under the Japanese sun.

Blue Moon beach house: A great place for a meal or drink with an incredible view, this popular beach bar is made with recycled bamboo. Along with food and drink, they also offer spa services, so you can really treat yourself to an indulgent day here.

Atami Sun Beach near Tokyo

Atami Sun Beach

Another popular beach near Tokyo, Atami Sun Beach offers a 400-meter-long stretch of coarse sand, incredibly clear water, and even the curative waters of local hot springs. Understandably crowded in summer, this easily accessible local beach is a great option at any time of year.

Travel distance from Tokyo

At 100 kilometers from central Tokyo, expect the drive here to take around an hour and a half. This is one of those cases where the train is actually quicker, taking only an hour to make the same journey from Tokyo Station.

Activity recommendations

Swimming: Along with the inviting waters of the ocean, this resort beach also offers an artificial swimming area where the water is even calmer and warmer. This makes it a great place for kids to swim and one of the most popular beaches in the area for families.

Atami Marine Spa: Communal baths are a huge part of Japanese culture, and at Atami Sun Beach, natural hot springs have been converted into a three-story health and fitness facility right beside the beach itself. Enjoy incredible spa treatments or soak in the mineral-rich waters of the springs to rejuvenate yourself at one of the best beaches near Tokyo.

Southern Beach Chigasaki

Southern Beach Chigasaki

Located on the Shonan Coast, this is a well-equipped beach with great amenities like lifeguards and beach huts. However, the further you get away from the center of the beach, the quieter it gets, so if you're looking for relaxation, you can find that here, too.

Travel distance from Tokyo

This beach is only 66 km from Tokyo, meaning a drive of less than an hour. You can also reach it by taking a train to Chigasaki, then walking for around 20 minutes to the beach.

Activity recommendations

Surfing: Perhaps the closest thing Japan offers to the Hawaiian beach lifestyle, this laid-back beach is well-known to Japan's surfing community. Grab your own board or rent one from the many businesses in town and enjoy the Polynesian influence on this part of Japan.

Rental shops: This beach is well-equipped with rental shops that will rent you everything from a beach umbrella and a lounger to a boogie board or floaty so you can make the most of your time on this beautiful beach.

Zushi Beach

Easily reached from Tokyo, Zushi Beach is one of the most popular in the area, but don't let that put you off. This well-equipped beach has everything you need for a great Japanese beach day.

Travel distance from Tokyo

It only takes around an hour by train to reach Zushi Station from Tokyo. You can also get there by car and around 45 minutes.

Activity recommendations

Beach houses: The bars and beach houses of Zushi Beach make it a great place to visit for a relaxing trip. The beach houses offer showers where you can hose off before enjoying a drink or a delicious meal, and you may even get a view of Mount Fuji from here. Many of the beach houses offer activities like live music, dancing, and even movie nights, making this a year-round destination.

Windsurfing: When the wind is right, you'll find the water here dotted with windsurfers taking on the choppy waves. This is one of the best beaches near Tokyo for windsurfing, and because Zushi Station is so easy to reach from Tokyo, many of the city's outdoor sports enthusiasts come here.

Obaida Beach in Tokyo

Odaiba Beach

What this artificial beach lacks in authenticity, it makes up for with ease of access. This is the only beach within Tokyo itself, so if you want to enjoy water and sand without straying far from the city, this is the place to do it.

Travel distance from Tokyo

Odaiba Beach is well within Tokyo itself and easily accessible by public transit. For instance, you can reach Odaiba from Shibuya on the Metro system in around half an hour, and driving will take about the same amount of time.

Activity recommendations

Watch the sunset: The water here isn't great for swimming. On the other hand, the urban environment makes this one of the most unique beaches to enjoy the scenery. Watch the sun set between the towers of Tokyo, and enjoy this urban beach for what it is.

Beach Festival: In July, Odaiba Beach hosts a matsuri or festival that is a great cultural experience to take part in. The beautiful lanterns lit during the festival cast reflections in the water that are mirrored by the skyscrapers, making for an atmospheric and quintessentially Japanese experience.


Maybe you don't think of Tokyo as much of a beach destination, but the truth is, the city is absolutely surrounded by splendid beaches. These beaches make ideal destinations for day trips or weekend trips from Tokyo and provide the perfect way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Plus, visiting Tokyo doesn't come cheap. These beaches provide one of the best things to do when visiting Tokyo on a budget, making your holiday dollars stretch further. So drop off your bags at a Tokyo luggage storage and head out to explore some of the best beaches Japan has to offer.

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