Shinjuku Station Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Shinjuku Station, Tokyo, Japan

Shinjuku Station is a key part of Tokyo’s impressive public transport infrastructure. After all, in a city with a population of nearly 40 million people in its greater metropolitan area, public transport is an absolute necessity. Shinjuku Station connects subway, commuter rail, long-distance rail, and bus routes, making it a major hub for passengers in Tokyo.

Shinjuku is regarded as the busiest railway station in the world, serving around 3.6 million passengers each and every day. With such staggering numbers, it should come as no surprise that the station is an exceptionally busy place. Make your visit easier on yourself by dropping off any unnecessary bags at a luggage storage service near Shinjuku Station. The less you have to carry in this extraordinarily busy place, the easier it will be to navigate the neighborhood and the wider city.

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Shinjuku Station, Japan

Shinjuku Station Bag Policy

Large bags are allowed in Shinjuku Station. Since this station connects Tokyo with the rest of the country, you often see people carrying lots of bags with them. Baggage carts are available to make it easier to carry your belongings. There are also luggage lockers inside the ticket gates, by the East exit taxi stand, and by the West exit parking lot. However, since the station is so busy, it can be hard finding an available locker that is not currently in use. Plus, the largest lockers are only 843×355×575mm in size. If you have large bags, it may be a better idea to track down a luggage locker near Shinjuku station that can handle bigger bags.

Shinjuku Station Food Policy

Food is permitted inside Shinjuku Station. However, the bustling concourses of the station aren’t the best place to plan a picnic. And Japan’s crowded train system isn’t the ideal place to have lunch either. It might be easier to get any food you need from one of the many restaurants and stores in or near the station itself.

The Odakyu department store is connected to the station and offers an impressive range of grab-and-go food, including Japanese, Chinese, and Western options. The station is also home to dozens of restaurants and cafés that will keep your belly full as you pass through. And just outside the station itself, you’ll find the famous Memory Alley, a shopping area that is absolutely packed with cheap and delicious places to grab a bite to eat.

Shinjuku Station Camera Policy

Japan is a nation of camera lovers, so it’s not surprising to find that Shinjuku Station has a permissive attitude toward cameras. You’ll find plenty of camera stores within the station itself where you can pick up new gear and supplies.

However, in a place this busy, it makes sense to be considerate of others. Don’t set up a tripod in the middle of the busy station, and don’t take people’s pictures without asking. Be especially conscious of secure areas and security personnel. Taking their photo can leave you with some awkward questions to answer. If you want your camera to stay safe, the best course of action is to drop it off at a luggage locker near Shinjuku Station.

Shinjuku Station Rules

  • Smoking is prohibited in Shinjuku Station and in the streets surrounding it. Smokers will need to make use of designated smoking areas close to the station entrances. However, some old-fashioned cafés still allow indoor smoking in Tokyo.
  • Drinking alcohol is generally permitted inside Shinjuku Station, provided you’re above the legal drinking age of 20. However, pay attention to signs to ensure you’re not breaking the rules. Alcohol consumption is allowed on long-distance trains, but not on the subway or local public transport.
  • You can reach Shinjuku Station from Narita Airport by way of the Keisei Skyliner train which will take you to Nippori Station. From there, the JR Yamanote train brings you to Shinjuku.

Shinjuku Station Lockers

Shinjuku is an area of Tokyo that’s well worth exploring, full of fascinating nightlife and great bars and restaurants. Plus, the station is almost an attraction in its own right due to its sheer busyness. It’s not often you get to say you’ve been to the busiest train station in the world. Besides, with its excellent transportation links, Shinjuku Station is the ideal point of departure to see more of what Japan has to offer.

But in a place this busy, it makes sense to travel light. Dropping off your bags at a luggage storage near Shinjuku station can make your travels far easier. And while the station does have its own luggage lockers, thei small size and popularity mean they may not always be the best option. Instead, Bounce can help you find a place to store any size of bags for as long as you like what you explore this fascinating city.

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