Tokyo Station Guide 2024: Everything You Need To Know

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Tokyo Station, Tokyo

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is a destination like no other. This huge city is one of the most densely populated in the world, and no matter what you’re into, you’ll find it here. For many visitors, Tokyo station is their first glimpse of the city outside of the airport. Used by more than 500,000 people every day, the busiest station in Japan is as big and bustling as the city it serves.

Tokyo station dates back to 1914, not long after the city first became the capital of Japan. Most of that original structure was destroyed by bombing during the Second World War, and the current station is much more modern. Continually expanded through the years, Tokyo station is now home to modern offices and shopping areas as well as a subway station and more than 20 platforms.

Tokyo station bag policy

As you’d expect in a busy train station, bags are permitted in Tokyo station. However, the constant crowds mean the station isn’t an ideal place to carry more than you need to. Tokyo station offers its own luggage lockers where you can drop off your bags, but thanks to the stations busyness, these lockers fill up quickly. If you want to leave big bags for longer periods of time, the best bet is to track down a Bounce suitcase storage near Tokyo station where you can leave as many bags as you like for as long as you need while you explore the city.

Tokyo station food policy

Japan is a notoriously etiquette-based society, and you will almost never see Japanese people eating outside of designated restaurant areas. If you want to fit in, it’s a good idea to do the same. Luckily, Tokyo station has plenty of good places where you can grab a bite to eat.

T’s Tan Tan is a great spot for vegetarians. Combining Chinese, Japanese, and Western cuisine, this restaurant located in the station serves only vegan and vegetarian food. On the other hand, if you’d prefer a taste of Paris while you’re in Tokyo, check out Monna Lisa. Enjoy classic French dishes in the heart of the Japanese capital.

Tokyo station camera policy

Tokyo station is public property, and so photography is permitted. The impressive architecture of the station that combines old and new is well worth a few photographs, especially when it’s lit up at night. However, remember the Japanese respect for etiquette. Don’t take photos of people without their permission, and especially don’t take photos of police and security guards unless you want some difficult questions to answer.

Tokyo station rules

  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the station.
  • Pay close attention to markings on station platforms. Some platforms have conductors who will make sure you’re standing in the right spot to line up for the train, while others have automatic barriers. At busy times, the station gets extremely crowded, making it all the more important that you follow appropriate train etiquette.
  • Make sure you don’t litter. Littering is a bad habit anywhere, but it is seriously frowned upon in Japan.
  • Two pieces of luggage per person are allowed on trains. The bags are limited to 30 kilograms in weight. If you’re worried you’ll fall foul of the weight limit, drop off unnecessary bags at a luggage storage near Tokyo station to make sure you comply with the rules.

Tokyo station lockers

As the heart of the city’s transit network, Tokyo station is almost unavoidable on a visit to the Japanese capital. And in its way, it’s worth seeing as a glimpse of the real life of Japanese people. But with half a million passengers traveling to the station every day, it can be overwhelming. Tokyo station is definitely a place where you want to travel as light as possible.

Tokyo station’s own luggage storage lockers can be a useful option for a short trip. Be aware that you will need either the correct change or a prepaid cash card to operate the lockers. Also, the amount of passengers the station receives means at busy times, it can be very difficult to find a locker you can use. Make things easier on yourself by giving Bounce a try. With convenient luggage storage near Tokyo station, Bounce makes it easy to store as many bags as you want for as long as you like. Drop off your bags so you can start exploring Tokyo right away.

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