Best Brunch In Toronto: The Definitive Guide

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No matter whether you are in Toronto on business or pleasure, you have to eat so it is good to know where the best food is. In Toronto, you can find a plethora of brunch restaurants from small cafes with the basic brunch classics to luxurious banquet halls with an extensive brunch menu.

From breakfast sandwiches to fried duck eggs, you can find just about anything on a brunch menu in Toronto. The definition of brunch differs in certain areas in Canada so you may find that you can order off a brunch menu at one establishment while you have to order from the lunch menu at others.

Most of the Toronto eateries serve breakfast and lunch for a certain period of time, mixing breakfast sandwiches with comfort food like burgers and home fries.

The brunch menu at some of the Toronto eateries may just have a few items to choose from like pancakes, eggs, and challah French toast while others will serve you avocado toast with corned beef and other savory dishes.

Some of the more luxurious hotels also do brunch menus but a lot of them only serve weekend brunch. The best brunch spots are not always found in high-class cafes or restaurants. In fact, some of the best brunch spots in Toronto are the hidden hole-in-the-wall places.

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Mildred's Temple Kitchen

Satisfy your sweet tooth at Mildred's Temple Kitchen. The weekend brunch here is famous for its Mrs. Biederhof's Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes. You will also find sweet food items like pecan squares with chantilly cream and caramel and Mildred's World Famous Profiteroles filled with Lindt chocolate.

You may pay more at the popular Liberty Village institution but it is worth it for all the delicious savory options like eggs bennies and rosemary bacon in large portions with friendly service.

Dirty Food Eatery

You may not know it by their name, but the Dirty Food Eatery on Dundas Street West is the perfect brunch spot whether you are looking for fried green tomatoes, brisket benny sandwiches, or salmon jonnycakes.

Their extensive menu includes breakfast, brunch, and even vegan options at nice low prices. They consider brunch the most important meal of the day and with all the dishes they serve, you will be sure to get a good one.

Emma's Country Kitchen

One of the most popular brunch spots in Toronto is Emma's Country Kitchen on St. Clair St. W. where you can get some of the most delicious eggs bennies in Toronto for a nice price.

They are well-known for their Canadian comfort food like cinnamon bun pancakes, waffles, and buttermilk biscuits as well as sweet and savory dishes for brunch. Every meal you get at Emma's comes with a smile and a cup of coffee as well.

Lady Marmalade

On a budget in Toronto and taking advantage of the free things to do? Well, you can get breakfast on the cheap all day at Lady Marmalade on Broadview Avenue in Toronto. They are renowned for their eggs Benedict in six delicious flavors like pulled pork, mango, and salmon.

They even have a veggie benny. You can also try this eggs Benedict many other ways, from pork to mango. Their bread pudding is filled with fruit and topped with maple syrup and their multigrain porridge is completely organic.

Hello123 Restaurant

In a trendy spot on Queen Street West, Hello123 Restaurant boasts serious brunch foods made by experts who know how to layer flavors for a delicious meal.

On their breakfast menu, you can find omelets with greens, breakfast sandwiches, and breakfast bowls with whatever you want to eat. The almond and banana French toast is one of the favorite brunch items. Stop in for a meal and some great company. The prices are a bit more but every meal is worth it.

Early Bird Cafe

Grab brunch at the Early Bird Cafe on Bloor Street West where you can get a marinated manchego cheese served with a smile for a nice low price. In fact, all of their brunch foods are priced relatively low, proving you don't have to pay a bunch of money to get amazing food in Toronto.

They have the classics like eggs ben and avocado toast as well as falafel burgers and aguachile ceviche with both shrimp and whitefish. Even if you've stayed out late the night before, you can still eat at the Early Bird Cafe.

Starving Artists

With several locations in Toronto, you can find Starving Artists on Queen St. E., College Street, Danforth Avenue, and Mount Pleasant Road.

They are known for having over 20 different flavors of waffles on their brunch menu. Some of the favorites include eggs benny waffles, waffle sandwiches, and dessert waffles but you can also get grilled cheese, fruit and yogurt granola, or an omelet. All for a decent price as the name implies.

Kensington Market

Kensington Market can be found in Toronto's Old Town between Dundas St. W., Spadina Ave., and Bathurst St. W. Rather than a cozy cafe, this market is a walkable space filled with cafes, eateries, and restaurants with a variety of brunch foods.

Some of the brunch spots you can find include Egg Bae, Knockout Chicken, Taco Gus, and Sweet Hart Kitchen.

Piccolo Piano Pizzeria

Previously known as Café Cancan, Piano Piano is located on Harbord St. E. and Spadina Avenue and has made a name for itself in the brunch niche by offering a steaming brunch banquet of eggs Benedict, pastries, and pancakes alongside burgers and poutine.

The pastel colors and decor make this brunch spot a favorite on Instagram. But the chef, Victor Barry, is also known for his blueberry buttermilk crepes, waffles, and French toast.

Bonjour Brioche

You have to check out the brunch menu at Bonjour Brioche on Queen St. E. if you are a fan of French classics. The prices are not the best but their food is, so go ahead and have a seat and grab a brunch menu for a meal like you cannot get anywhere else.

The Croque madame toasted brioche, quiche with mixed greens, blueberry buttermilk pancakes, and roast beef sandwiches are all sublime. They also have vegan options and it is all served with a baguette.

Victory Cafe

Is your idea of the best brunch a slice of pizza or a burger? Victory Cafe on Bloor St. W. is one place that serves a variety of pizza flavors and toppings all day long. Besides pizza, other good eats on the brunch menu include the Victory burger with cheddar cheese, fish n chips, and roasted chicken.

They also serve fried calamari, grilled salmon, and steamed mussels for the seafood lover. What else makes this the best brunch spot for pizza is the fantastic prices and friendly atmosphere in a cozy space.

Dim Sum King

Located on Dundas St. W. in the heart of Chinatown, this is where to go if you want a table of dim sum for brunch. The huge menu includes all sorts of Asian food like spring rolls, dumplings, and fried rice along with lobster fried noodles, roast duck, and suckling pig with jellyfish.

Choose from a variety of fresh food pushed around on carts or order from the mid-priced menu. Their baked oysters with ginger and onion is one of the specialties of the house so you have to try it.

Old School

This laid-back diner serves breakfast all day as well as lunch and dinner items. If you want some black 'n' blue flapjacks in Toronto, you have to go to school.

Another great eatery on Dundas West, Old School is known for its comfort foods like chicken and waffles, mac 'n' cheese, sweet and savory pancakes, and golden hashbrown poutine. It is also a great place to enjoy patio dining.

Fuwa Fuwa Japanese Pancakes

Bloor Street is a popular spot for brunch as you will see that Fuwa Fuwa Japanese Pancakes is also found on Bloor St. W. in the Annex.

If you have never had a Japanese souffle pancake, you really have to try these, with nine different flavors like Nutella banana, tiramisu, and blueberry cheese. For a vegan choice, try the matcha and red bean pancake.

The Good Fork

The Good Fork is an airy and bright bistro with a bar full of crunchy and lunch dishes. It is located on Dundas West and Sheridan Avenue and features a great selection like the breakfast tostada with eggs, beans, and salsa and the bibimbap with gochujang sauce, bavette steak, and steamed egg.

Their breakfast sandwich features egg, bacon, gouda, and pickled onion. All of the prices are nice and affordable and the atmosphere is cozy and friendly.

Rosedale Diner

For great food at great prices, check out the home fries, fresh fruit, and waffles at the Rosedale Diner on Yonge Street. Their brunch menu features dishes like eggs Benedict on challah toast, lox 'n' bagels with vodka smoked salmon, and steak 'n' eggs with fries and flat iron steak.

Besides all that, they serve lunch food like burgers and sandwiches. Or just try the breakfast plate with eggs, toast, bacon, and sausage.

La Palma

If you are looking for a cozy cafe-type atmosphere with a bottomless cup of coffee and soft music, La Palma on Dundas St. W. is perfect for you. Their prices are nice but they only serve weekend brunch. Some of the dishes include baked eggs smothered in tomato garlic sauce.

The breakfast pizza served with Laughing Cow cheese is amazing and the crispy potatoes are extra crispy and flavorful. For dessert, try the dark chocolate torte covered in candied hazelnut cream sauce.

The Best Brunch Menu

Finding the best brunch in a new city can be daunting, especially if you have never been there before. With this guide, you should now have at least some idea of what brunch in Toronto is like.

Whether you want something sweet like pancakes or waffles or you are looking for more of a lunch food like burgers and fries, you can find all that and more in Toronto, whether it's Downtown, in Chinatown, or in one of the trendy neighborhoods.

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